All New Sunspot (Marvel)

A man from our world, who is a comic book fan, goes to sleep one night and then suddenly wakes up as one of his favorite and, in his opinion, most underrated characters in all of Marvel. Now follow his journey as he makes a new life for himself in a world filled with superheroes, aliens, magic, etc. MC/Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke)/Daisy Johson (Quake)

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Chapter 1: I Am In Marvel?!

[A/N: Spoilers ahead for the X-men'97 series if you haven't watched it yet]

Picking up my remote I used it to exit Disney Plus on my television.

A satisfied expression on my face.

Since I have just finished watching the X-men'97 season finale, and I have to say it wasn't at all what I expected it to be.

No, it was much, much better.

The fight scenes, the character dialogue, not to mention that ending which confirms season 2 is going to deal with Apocalypse. I have to say Marvel really outdid themselves in regards to the show.

It's true what people are saying. This is one of Marvels greatest projects ever.

I'm sure the god of Marvel, Stan Lee must be smiling up in heaven right now.


Rest in peace Mr. Lee. You'll be happy to know your company finally got itself together. Considering how its been lacking in recent years. Especially in regards to the MCU.

Thor 4 and the Marvels, definitely not the Marvel companies best work.

But from what I hear they have acknowledged their mistakes and are actively working to fix them so that's good.

As I used my remote to open up Netflix my mind still couldn't stop thinking about X-Men'97. Specifically in regards to the introduction of Roberto Da Costa, aka Sunspot.

Who is actually my favorite mutant character in all of Marvel.

I mean he's rich, he represents minorities given his Afro-Brazilian heritage, cunning, and on top of all that is powerset is nothing to scoff at. Given all he can do I'm not sure why mainstream Marvel hasn't officially classified him as an Omega-level mutant threat yet. Because in my personal opinion he is.

Really, I think he's an amazing guy.

Which is why I'm glad the X-men show basically stayed true to his mainstream comic book source material, save for his horrible-ass mother, and didn't nerf him like they did when he appeared in the Fox X-men film, Days of Future Pasts.

Oh and the less said about those films the better.

I mean I watched them, but I'll stick with the cartoon versions of the X-men thank you very much.

Though I do love me some Hugh Jackman/Wolverine. He's my boy.

That's why I'm glad he came back, and can't wait to see him and Deadpool team up in Deadpool 3. I know it will be legend...ary. To borrow the phrase of a certain man.

Finding the show I wanted to watch on Netflix, which was Big Mouth, I put it on. I then enjoyed it while laughing my ass off.

Until eventually I ended up falling asleep without even realizing it.

Having no idea about all of the fucked up shit I was about to get caught up in when I did.



Releasing a yawn from my mouth I smacked my lips several times, while slowly working to open my eyes. Which I eventually did. I also stopped smacking my lips.

When both of these things were accomplished I stretched my arms into the air.

I then moved to get up, only to pause when I realized I was in bed.

"What?" I muttered.

Since I am definitely sure I fell asleep in the living room on the couch last night. Then again I was pretty tired given the long day I had. So maybe I went and climbed into bed without realizing it.

As I quickly reasoned this to myself I continued getting out of bed.

Then once I did I paused again. Since after taking a look around the bedroom I realized something extremely important.

It wasn't mine.

First of all it was much bigger than my single apartment bedroom.

Secondly, none of the stuff I saw around I recognized.

Wait, scratch that.

I did recognize some of the items in the room. It's just that it had been a long time since I'd seen them. Like the computer sitting on top of the desk in the left corner of the room. It's an HP model desktop from 2001. Which I hadn't seen since I was a kid.

"Okay, what the hell?" I asked out loud.

Because this situation just keeps getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

As I thought about my next move I suddenly fell to my knees. After doing so I moved my hands to either side of my head and grasped it, and began gritting my teeth as I got a massive headache that came out of nowhere.

While the seconds ticked by the headache got worse and worse. What's more, as this happened various images flashed through my mind.

Then as quickly as the headache and images began both of them stopped.

Simultaneously at that.

When this happened I stood back up to my feet. 

Having an immensely better understanding of my current situation.

Since those images that just flashed through my mind weren't simply images. No, they were memories. Memories of the person I had now become.

Which was none other than Roberto "Bobby" Da Costa. Otherwise known as the hero Sunspot from Marvel.

Somehow it seems I have become him.

Meaning not only have I been granted a chance to live an entirely new life, but I have been granted a chance to do so in a world that was once purely fiction in my eyes. I have been given a chance every weeb dreams of.

Realizing this I smiled, and jumped for joy.

That is until a major realization dawned on me.

I was now a person in the Marvel Universe.

Where world-ending threats happen every other week, and cosmic-entities who wield power akin to gods are commonplace.

As this information began settling in a single thought crossed my mind.

Oh shit, I might be royally fucked.

Because I'm in Marvel!