Alexandros Peverell-Slytherin

After Harry's victory over Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry is stabbed in the back by the man he thought was the kindest and wisest man in the world. Puppeteering by Dumbledore, deceiving a friend, exploiting love. After death, Harry finds a beautiful rebirth. Advanced Chapters: pat reon.com/FanFictionPremium

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Two years of study

Two years later.

These two years were the most intense in Alexandros Peverell's life. Darius had taken a very responsible approach to his training, so every day, after dinner, he could only crawl to his room and immediately pass out from fatigue. His training was a sacred thing for the keeper, so there was no opportunity, no time, no energy, and he had to work hard. The first week was the hardest for the young lord, especially his morning training. Everything hurt after morning training, even the things that shouldn't hurt. Darius was understanding though, and increased the workload gradually. After training, the two of them would eat breakfast in the small dining hall and lock themselves in the library until dinner.

The Peverell Library was truly incredible. In terms of knowledge, it surpassed even the Hogwarts library.

For spells, transfiguration, runes, herbalism, and history, the pair decided to limit themselves to the Hogwarts syllabus. At least for now.

It came as a shock to Alex that he enjoyed learning about potions. Darius was more obsessed with potions than Snape, but unlike the Dean of Slytherin, he knew how to present the material properly, to arouse his pupil's interest in potions. Every important or complicated potion they took apart.

The man explained Transfiguration just as well. He told and showed them everything himself. They didn't take any of the Hogwarts programme books. Only once, after glancing at one of the Hogwarts programme books (which they had bought by taking one day off), Darius collected them and threw them into the fireplace

He was not as good as Flitwick, but the little professor knew his subject and knew how to present it, but he loved his subject even more.

They had bought the history books from the goblins, for the last time the Guardian had awakened six hundred years ago, and for one day, and much had changed since then. Goblins were a separate race, not subject to anyone like Dumbledore or the Ministry, so they kept a complete record of past events, unlike the books that were on the shelves in Goat Lane. 

Alex decided that he would leave his life as Harry Potter in the past, but continued to celebrate his birthday on the thirty-first of July in memory of it. Darius had surprised him by giving him a whole day's holiday in Mole Lane for his sixth birthday, and on his seventh birthday, having found out about Quidditch, had given him a golden snitch and a new broomstick, which was still no match for his Lightning Bolt. 

His mentor was good at everything but flying. But to his delight, the young lord pleased him greatly with his flying skills. After that, the pleased keeper changed the schedule, cutting out almost all flying lessons, leaving only a few. When Alex saw this and asked in surprise why not all of them. His teacher, smiling faintly, replied that his student sometimes just needed to unwind and take his mind off his studies. The boy laughed a little and hugged Darius in gratitude.

It was not even possible to hope that he would have some free time. The next day, instead of flying lessons, there were etiquette and dancing lessons. Etiquette and dancing became the young lord's headache.

With the words "Practice is the best teacher", Darius ordered the housekeepers to prepare a large dining hall, and instead of invited guests, created their illusions. Now Darius and Alex had a dinner party every night, with small talk that became a headache for Alex. After two months, the young lord was finally able to master the art of small talk.

Dancing was an even bigger problem. Alex flatly refused to learn to dance with Darius, arguing that he was a man and he was a boy and he was uncomfortable, plus he was much shorter than his... partner. His mentor, after thinking for a couple of minutes, agreed and with great reluctance on his face, began to transform into his six-year-old female version, thus shocking the young lord, and his mentor turned out to be a metamorphic mage. Even so, it took them three months to dance.

The free time they had left to study school subjects. 

The traditions and customs of the purebloods were something with something. They couldn't get through the first five lessons normally. Harry didn't understand all these customs and rules. He didn't understand why you had to keep a mask of indifference, he didn't understand the reason for arranged marriages, and when he heard about too closely related marriages he was horrified. True, after five lessons, a bunch of killed nerve cells, a couple of times snapped voice and having washed all the bones, the guy understood everything. And one of the most interesting and most important lessons was the lesson on the status of blood:


- My lord, what do you know about blood status? - Despite the fact that Darius was his teacher for the duration of his training, he still addressed Alex as normal. After thinking about the question for a moment, the young lord answered:

- By blood status, one usually determines who a mage is. He can be pureblood, half-blood, and muggleborn.

- Is that it? - Darius asked with some surprise. The young lord nodded affirmatively. The keeper only sighed tiredly in response. He did that every time, in every lesson, after he heard the answers to his questions.

- Your answer is only partially true," the man said. - Well, listen carefully and memorise," Darius said in a calm voice. - Blood in the magical world is of great importance. A lot of things are based on blood. The magical art called blood magic is based on blood. On the blood magic work various tests in goblins, as well as the defence of family estates. Blood status - to put it very simply, it is a concept that reflects the mage himself, his potential, his origin, his magic and his inherent direction of magic. You are right, blood status, according to which all wizards are divided into - purebloods, half-bloods, muggleborns, blood traitors and squibs. So, in order:

A pureblood mage is a mage whose parents and their parents were muggles, i.e. there was no Muggle blood infusion. Such mages are usually magically strong, mostly gifted in the same magical arts as their parents, as well as they have access to spells of the highest order. Wanting their descendants to be strong, purebloods began to intermarry with similar purebloods. And so, over time, purebloods were established. The older the clan, the stronger all their members. I'll tell you more about purebloods later. But for now, let's move on to the half-bloods.

These are mages who have one of their parents or one of their relatives is a Muggle. With proper training they can become strong, of course, they will not reach purebloods, but everything will depend on the mage himself. And here about the muggle-born, then everything is clear, they are much stronger, if of course the half-breed learns, and comprehends the secrets of magic. They have access to spells of the highest order, though not all of them.

Then there are the muggleborns. These are muggles who have both Muggle parents. They happen to be weak magically. They have no access to spells of the highest order. They may know the theory of magic perfectly well, but in practice they are inferior to half-bloods. And it's useless to compare them with purebloods. By the way, the concept of a Muggleborn and a Mudblood are completely different.

Then there are blood traitors. These are pureblood mages who have broken the laws of magic. This status gives only and only Magic. When a mage receives this status, a seal is placed on him, which can be seen with magical sight. The descendants of these mages are often not very nice looking, weak in health, weak in magic and can be dumb.

And lastly, the squibs. Magic is everywhere and our bodies are not an exception, usually in a child of mages by the age of seven is formed - the magical core. Squibs have magic, but too little of it to form a core. Squibs are born rarely and mostly in pureblood families. And their fate is not an enviable one, banishment from the family and burning from the family tapestry," Darius finished his story and looked at the boy. He sat there with his eyes wide open in shock. The story was written down with a pen that Darius had got for the boy.

- So they don't call them blood traitors because they don't shy away from muggles? - Alex asked, trying to cope with the shock.

- Who told you such nonsense? - The man was so surprised that he didn't even notice that he had switched to "you".

- Headmaster Dumbledore," replied the lord simply.

- Many purebloods have businesses in the Muggle world, and the proceeds are exchanged in Grigotts," Darius surprised the boy. 

- "And what are the differences between the words 'mudblood' and 'muggleborn'?" - The boy asked his last question.

- Purebloods are very conservative," Peverell Senior began to explain.

- Conservative? - The boy didn't understand, interrupting the keeper and causing him to sigh tiredly.

- To put it simply, they are adherents of the old rules, customs, and traditional values," Darius explained, then continued. - So, pureblood mages are conservative, that is, they adhere to the old laws that their ancestors followed. And this is where it all starts. Mudbloods are not called everyone, but only certain Muggleborns who do not want to adjust to the laws of the magical world. Even more, they want to remake the magical one into a Muggle one, with one difference, in the form of a magic wand, - at these words the image of Hermione Granger appeared before my eyes.

- I see," the boy nodded, pushing away the painful memories.

- Okay, that's it," the man announced, and then headed for the exit.

End of Flashback

Two long years went by at this pace, after which the first magical flashback occurred.

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