2 Inheritance

Today is July 30th 2011 and officially my first trip into the magical world of Great Britain. Of course I talked it over with Sebastian seeing as he is my current guardian he needs to be in the know of these things. As I stood before the Leaky Cauldron I can't help but feel a bit giddy.

Of course I wasn't just idle the last few days. I did my sign ins and got a pack of toothbrushes, some ripe bananas, a can of Pep C, and a three piece suit. So basically trash but whatever so they are just stored in the systems inventory for now. I also messed around with my new abilities and I gotta say I love being a metamorphmagus! The ability to shape shift is amazing! I could turn my nails into claws, make myself smaller or taller and even lengthen my hair if I wanted. It surprised Sebastian when I came up to him yesterday looking like an adult.

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Had some fun in the Gardens as well making flower bloom even more vibrant, made some vines grow, and even made one tomato even juicier. Shadows are interesting as I can make them move about, be solid, and even go into the shadows myself but it is really cold in them.

"Young Master are you sure we are in the right place?" Sebastian asked. Kinda forgot he wouldn't be able to see the place since he has no magic.

"Yes just take my hand and I'll lead the way" I grab his hand and head into the bar. Once inside we can see chairs stacking themselves, a mug being cleaned by a rag mid air, along with plenty of typical witch and wizard looking people.

"Follow me" I ordered before heading up to the bar. At the bar was an older man with a bald head who was missing several teeth. "Hello there, I just got my Hogwarts letter and was wondering if you might let me into the Alley as neither me nor my current guardian have a wand"

"Aye lad, you a muggle born then? Well let ol Tom open the way for ya then." He said before guiding us to the back and tapping on certain bricks with his wand "Welcome to Diagon Alley lad. You want to start by going to that big white building down there" he points "There you can get our wizard currency."

"Thank you Tom!" I replied with a smile before heading into the Alley. There were so many things to see! A shop with a cauldron on it that had color changing fumes coming from it, a store for brooms, a store with a lot of owls and other critters. "Amazing" I felt like a kid going into Disney Land for the first time.

"It is rather awe inspiring indeed Young Master." Said Sebastian who was looking around while also making sure there were no immediate threats to his Young Master within the area.

"Well you heard the kind but creepy old man, onward to the bank!" He say with a smile as I quickly head to the large building. There were two armored goblins by the doors holding spears along with a poem on the wall that I ignore since I already know it from the books.

Going inside I look around for a free teller before approaching one of the goblins who is name Bogrot from the name plate on his desk "Hello Sir Bogrot. I was wondering if there was any sort of inheritance test or something I can use to find out who my real parents are and if they left me anything"

He taps a nail on the desk "Muggle Born or Orphan?" He asked "Orphan" I replied "Very well follow me" He said getting down and leading me and Sebastian into the backrooms where we enter a room labeled Inheritance and Will Reading. "Sit another goblin will be with you shortly" he said before leaving without another word.

Soon enough anther goblin comes in and unfolds a piece of Parchment on the desk and pushes forth a silver needle "Just prick your finger and let your blood drip on the parchment" the goblin ordered impatiently not even giving his name.

Doing as instructed I drop my blood onto the parchment after pricking myself with the needle. My blood absorbs into the parchment and soon words start to write themselves on it.


Name: Alexander Sirius Black

DOB: July 31st 2000

Father: Sirius Orion Black

Mother: Lily Rose Potter nee Evans


Most Ancient and Noble House of Black (Heir)

Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin (Heir)

Most Ancient and Deified House of Hades (Demigod)

Most Ancient and Deified House of Demeter (Demigod)


Trust Vault

Black Vault

Slytherin Vault

Hades Vault

Demeter Vault


"Well that is interesting" I mumble to myself as I did not expect to be related to Slytherin. Maybe it is like in those fanfictions where Lily is actually descended from the Main Family and the Gaunts are a Branch Family.

"Indeed" Said the goblin in a much more polite tone "This is the first time an inheritance test came back positive in over 50 years. My name is Iron Tooth I suppose you have questions Heir Black?"

I think it over a little "Yes I would like to know why I have a trust vault, if there are any letters or such my parents left for me, and finally I want to ask if anyone has claimed the Slytherin Lordship"

"Give me a moment and I will answer your questions" Iron Tooth said before leaving the room. He came back a few minutes latter with some files. "Let's see your trust vault was opened by Lily Potter and Sirius Black shortly after you were born. Your mother and father left a letter for you on the chance they died. Though your father is still alive you can have your mothers. Lastly no one has claimed the Slytherin Lordship or Heir rings since 1442"

"I see, is it possible for me to get the rings and if so can you get them for me while I look over the letter from my mother?"

He nods "We can get the Heir Ring but you can not claim the Lordship ring til you are of age." He said before leaving again as I grab the letter from Lily and start reading it


Dear my Beloved Alexander,

I am your mother Lily. I know you probably have many questions but first let me say that Sirius, James, and myself all love you very much. Even though James is not your biological father he still loved you just as much as your brother Harry.

Now for how this happened well your father likes men and we were in a terrible war which I hope has ended before you read this. He wanted to leave behind a legacy because the chance of death was so high. Since James and Sirius were brothers in all but blood and me being the only female Sirius trusted I decided tovbe a surrogate for him. Now me and James were already trying for our own child and with the help of a potion I made (with some tweaking) I managed to find a way for me to have James child and surrogate you as well.

I can only hope you grew up safe and happy even though I was not there for you. Sirius and I worked on a list of people to take you and your brother in on the chance we both passed away. First on the list is Remus Lupin, a good friend of mine and a very good friend of your fathers. Next is Peter Pettigrew, he has always been rather shy but I hope raising you two brought him out of his shell. Then is Alice and Frank Longbottom both long time friends or ours. Then Amelia Bones who works for the DMLE who was a good friend of mine in school she has a niece about yours and Harry's age so I hope you all get along. Minerva McGonagall was our teacher in School you and Harry would call her Aum Mimi whenever she came over. Lastly Filius Flitwick my teacher who helped me greatly with my charms.

Now you may learn that I have a sister named Petunia Dursley nee Evans and while I won't stop you from meeting her I will warn you she hates magic. So take caution if you ever decide to met with her and hopefully be an adult by then.

With all my Love and Affection,

Mommy, Lily Potter


Tears dripped down from my eyes as a question often thought of by my younger self here was answered. I truly was loved by my mother and father.

"Here is the Heir Ring for bother Black and Slytherin Houses" Said Iron Tooth as he showed back up. The Black Ring was a Black Diamond with a silver band while the Slytherin Ring was a Emerald also with a silver band. I quickly put them both on only for one to vanish as it fused with the other creating a ring with half the diamond and emerald.

"Is there anything else I can do for you Heir Black?"

"No I think I am done here for the day. Thank you Iron Tooth." May as well try out that other common fanfiction idea "May your Gold ever flow"

Iron Tooth raised a brow "And may your enemies blood coat your blade"

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