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China, Shanghai. 

At seven o'clock in the morning, Jiang Feng stretched leisurely and got out of bed. Pulling open the curtains, he looked out of the window. In front of him was the road of a small suburban town, bumpy and uneven.

"Pancakes! Hot pancakes that just came out of the oven!"

The shouts of the roadside hawkers kept echoing from the loudspeakers. Jiang Feng smiled and waved at the old woman who was jogging by the roadside. Then, he turned around and left the room, rushing to wash up. His time was tight during the holidays, not to mention that Jiang Feng still had a lot of things to do today.

Jiang Feng's family lived in a small town on the outskirts of Shanghai. The ancestral home of his family was very old and had been renovated several times. Jiang Feng had lived in this courtyard square since he was young and had just graduated from university that year. Although he had majored in finance in university, his family's situation was not good. After graduation, he had made the same choice as other ordinary students. He had found a similar job and started to work to earn money to support his family.

As the member of a new generation of workers, Jiang Feng had been working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days in a row. This time, he had gone home after working for a month. Only then had he gotten the chance to take three days off! And the reason he had done this was because his family was about to move!


He fetched some water from the well in the courtyard to wash up. When he raised his head, he could see the huge word "demolition" written on the wall. A smile appeared on Jiang Feng's conflicted face. His family had been poor for many years, and finally, the demolition of Shanghai had arrived. According to his mother, the family would get 10 million yuan in compensation for the demolition! This was great news for Jiang Feng's family!

As Jiang Feng was washing up, there was a knock on the door of the courtyard. When he opened the door, he saw that it was the demolition office. They had come with the demolition contract so his family could sign it. The terms had already been finalized after a few rounds of nuclear negotiating, so there was no need to say anything else.

His father, Jiang Jianzhong, signed the contract, and ten million yuan was transferred into their bank account! The on-site transaction was paid, and the entire process was recorded. The demolition office was also working very quickly. After all, construction was about to begin.

After signing the contract, they requested that Jiang Feng's family move out within two days. Because the demolition had been announced six months ago, the municipal government had already prepared for the relocation. His mother, Yu Xiumin, had promised repeatedly that it would all go well. She handed him a nice cigarette and led the demolition office people out of the house. After returning, his mother kept running around happily. The whole family was also extremely excited about this!

They would be relocating to a 120-square-meter house and getting 10 million yuan for the demolition. The Jiang Family, which had always been poor and down-and-out, suddenly became a bunch of multimillionaires overnight! Jiang Feng did not waste any time and immediately arranged for everyone to move. Thanks to the moving company that Jiang Feng had called over, as well as his own help, the old house was completely empty in one morning. Everything was moved to the relocation house in the suburbs. They had finally left the small town and moved closer to Shanghai! While sitting in their new home, the family of four was extremely happy. But Jiang Feng knew that this happiness would not last long!


Just as Jiang Feng had expected, when they had just finished unpacking in the afternoon, while he was sitting on the sofa watching TV with his little sister, there was a knock on the door. Then, a lot of relatives entered one after the other.

They had all found Jiang Feng's new home very easily, as if they had installed a navigation system in their cars. The living room of Jiang Feng's small home was filled with relatives. There were both people he knew and people he didn't know there. To avoid embarrassing his parents, Jiang Feng politely served tea to his third, second, fourth, and fifth aunts. Meanwhile, his mother was introducing some of the relatives he didn't know to Jiang Feng.

"Little Feng, this is your third aunt. She hugged you when you were young." As soon as Yu Xiumin's voice was heard, the woman's face was immediately stretched by a big smile.

She looked at Jiang Feng and praised him. "Xiao Feng has grown so fast. He's already so tall and handsome."

"Don't tell me. He's not just handsome, but promising too. Now that he graduated from university, he's starting to earn money!"

"College students can really help their families now!"

"Being able to find a job in Shanghai is indeed impressive. This child is really capable!"

Before the third aunt could finish her words, a few relatives next to her immediately spoke up. Everyone had started praising Jiang Feng wildly! But when these words reached Jiang Feng's ears, he only felt disgusted. He had just graduated in June, and he still remembered clearly what they had all said back then.

"He's just a lousy undergraduate. He's just a piece of trash in Shanghai! He's bound to be useless!"

"What? He only earns 6,000 a month. He doesn't even earn that much. How embarrassing. Don't call me your third uncle!"

"Jiang Feng got a job? Our Wayne just got a job too. I bought him a car. Jianzhong, aren't you going to buy a car for your child?"

"Oh my, Xiumin! It's been so many years. Why don't you get your child new clothes? Look at my Lili's brand-name clothes!"

He had heard them say these words, listened to their strange voices, and seen their disdainful, mocking eyes. Jiang Feng remembered everything clearly! All these years, Jiang Feng's family had been living a tough life. During their most difficult years, when his father had been sick, he had never seen them lend a hand. Every year, when they would return to the city to visit their grandparents for the new year, they would mock and humiliate his parents.

They had never once visited their hometown and brought even two ounces of pork! But now that the house had been demolished, they'd unexpectedly come to visit with a box full of milk! Unable to cope with this, Jiang Feng found an excuse to go to his room.

As soon as he entered his room, he turned on his cell phone and saw that the number of notifications from the university group chat was surprisingly 99+. He opened the university group chat and saw that the chat was very lively.

"F*CK, F*CK, F *CK! Young Master Jiang is about to rise!"

"I heard that the minimum compensation for the demolition in Shanghai is six million yuan!"

"Jiang Feng got full marks in his professional courses when he was in school. He won't be able to take off just because of this big compensation!"

"Awesome! Jiang Feng is not only a favored son of heaven, but also a favored son of fate. This wave of luck will definitely help him take off!"

"Let's not talk about it anymore. I want to hug Brother Jiang's thigh. Bring me along when you make a fortune in the future! Hahaha!"


Many of the students in the group were talking enthusiastically. It seemed as if everyone was very familiar with Jiang Feng. However, only Jiang Feng, who was on the other end of the screen, knew that many of the people who were talking about him had never said to him more than ten sentences! Apart from the lively conversation in the group chat, he had also received hundreds of private messages.

As he looked at the messages sent by classmates and friends he had not seen in a long time, Jiang Feng's heart was also very conflicted! Among these friends, some had been close to him in the past, and some had been just ordinary classmates. Jiang Feng casually replied to a few of them, and half of them asked to borrow money from him after saying a few words. The other half asked Jiang Feng out to a meal for the first time. They even said that they wanted to help Jiang Feng change jobs. By looking at this plethora of messages, Jiang Feng couldn't tell who was a true friend and who was a fake one!

"This can't be happening!"

Turning off his phone, Jiang Feng sprawled on the bed and muttered to himself while looking at the ceiling. Countless people had suddenly started to care about his life, and everyone seemed to be very sincere. However, at the same time, everyone seemed to be extremely hypocritical. They were only doing this for his money!

Among them were his unlikable relatives, his best friend, Shen Wen, and many other good friends of his. Jiang Feng was unable to tell who was truly sincere. At that moment, a mechanical voice spoke in Jiang Feng's mind.

[Ding! Congratulations on activating the Divine-Grade Choice System.]

[Choice 1: Show off your money. Allow everyone to mooch off you and continue living as usual.]

[Reward: Title - Good Person]

[Choice 2: Invest in Bitcoin and wait to make a fortune!]

[Reward: 100 million! (One-Time Deal)]


Upon hearing the voice that had suddenly spoken in his mind, Jiang Feng was stunned for a moment. Then, he immediately reacted. After reading countless web novels, he could immediately understand that he had been bound to a system! As he looked at the words that had appeared in his mind, Jiang Feng's eyes flashed with a sharp light, and he chose the second option without hesitation! With a single thought, the system's voice spoke again in his mind in a second.

[Ding! You have made your choice. The reward has been successfully obtained. It is a limited one-time deal, so please cherish the opportunity!]

The system's voice echoed. Jiang Feng only felt a lot of information appear in his head and knew that the reward had started to take effect!

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