After Buying Marvel, I Became the King of Hollywood

【American Entertainment】【Marvel】【Uchiha shisui】 A third-rate director in his previous life, he was reborn as a 23-year-old talented director in the United States in the 1990s. Since then, titles such as the king of the Hollywood box office, the world’s greatest director, the major shareholder of MGM, and the behind-the-scenes boss of Marvel have all been added to him. And his first movie, he chose Chainsaw… Well, it’s a story about a modern third-rate director who crossed over to the American entertainment industry to stir up trouble. … ●●●● {T/N}:This is a fictional world so any resemblance from name to event are purely coincidencial. I wrote this because I can see the author of this book has a tendency for discrimination, so take it as a parallel fictional world. [T/N]: if you enjoy this translation pls don't forget to give us a power stone, or maybe something more. and don't forget to follow my other work tnx.

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Chapter 16

People who are busy between work have no time to enjoy such a view.

The car drove for about 20 minutes, and the road gradually showed an upward trend. After another five minutes of driving, it came to a villa.

Before entering, they passed the guard of a huge iron gate.

After Li Te came up with some proof, he was allowed to come in by the guards.

Obviously, this is the guard house of the high-end villa area living on the side of the mountain, and unidentified people usually can't get here at all.

The villa is surrounded by dense and neat bushes about two to three meters high, which guarantees a certain degree of privacy inside the villa.

Following the bush trail, they walked more than ten meters, and after a turn, the gate of the villa appeared in front of them.

Lit took out a bunch of keys and tried it. After finding the corresponding key, he opened the door and took Kevin and Julie in.

As soon as they entered the door, the well-maintained outdoor swimming pool appeared in front of them, and Julie suddenly cheered.

It's every American's dream to own a home with a swimming pool, especially in such a nice place.

After a circle around the swimming pool, Julie followed the two to the front of the house.

The milky white exterior wall looks very comfortable. The outside is a huge layer of transparent glass, and the living room is completely undefended.

Entering it, the layout of seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms makes the room look extra comfortable.

Some furniture in the house is wrapped in cloth to keep out dust.

Overall, Kevin feels very comfortable. The only problem is that this house must have cleaning staff.

Otherwise, such a large room is prone to dust accumulation.

And it takes time to travel here. He has to buy a car. Thinking of this, he wants to hire a bodyguard in an instant.

At the same time, he acts as his own driver and bodyguard.

As a rich man, it is still necessary to take good defense, and no one knows whether he will be targeted by the kidnappers.

But that's another story. All I have to do now is to buy the house.

Looking at Lit who was still introducing, Kevin interrupted his speech and said:

"Okay, I've decided to buy this house. You can contact the owner directly. I want to move in as soon as possible."

Lit put away his words immediately, and directly contacted the owner with a smile on his face.


Two days later, after all the formalities were completed, Kevin paid nearly $7 million for the house, and finally made the house completely his own.

As for the process is not worth mentioning, enough money, nothing is a problem.

Professionals just spend money and do things well, and Lite handles all the things throughout the process, and Kevin himself just needs to check in with his bags.

After buying a bunch of personal toiletries and quilts and the like.

Kevin and Julie officially live in this villa.

After a few days of unscrupulous meetings with Julie, Kevin finally started his own business.

A movie project proposal for Escape from Deadville.


Time passed quickly, and it soon came to mid-November. After the initial peak and gradual decline, Chainsaw Cry finally came to the time for the release.

The cumulative North American box office total reached a massive $86.52 million.

Second only to the $100 million North American box office score of [White-Headed Detective 21/2: The Smell of Horror], according to the calculations of major film companies, it basically locked the 11th place in the North American box office chart in advance.

In other words, it didn't make it to the list.

However, the major film companies did not take the film lightly.

You must know that White-Headed Detective 2, as the sequel to the hit movie White-Headed Detective, has a lot of popularity, and the production cost is as high as 23 million US dollars.

Coupled with the cost of publicity, in fact, the box office alone basically did not make much money.

It needs to rely on subsequent DVD and TV licensing and other rights revenue to make a profit.

The Chainsaw exclaimed that it was just a horror movie with an investment of 1.3 million US dollars. In terms of the North American box office results, overseas less said that it can also earn 80 million US dollars at the box office.

This also means that the total box office results can reach about 160 million.

At the box office, after all costs are removed, New Line Cinema can make a profit of 60 million to 70 million US dollars at least.

And there are follow-up income close to this amount, not to mention the birth of the IP of Chainsaw.

That means New Line has a huge gold mine.

Along with this positive, the stock of New Line Film Company also rose sharply, and Shay's assets increased a lot invisibly.

After the release of the film in North America, the five major Hollywood film companies sent their executives to New Line Films to discuss overseas distribution, trying to get a piece of the gold mine.

Of course, in the end, Shay chose Warner Bros., who had the best relationship with him.


"Ugh! It's finally done."

Kevin stretched in the living room, looked at the plan in front of him, and muttered to himself.

In fact, it doesn't take so much time to write a plan, but with a **** beauty like Julie around, it is inevitable that there will be major problems in work efficiency.

Julie came in from outside. There is a hot water device inside the swimming pool, so that Julie can still experience the joy of swimming in this cool weather.

Wiping the water droplets on her body with a bath towel, watching Kevin stop working, Julie asked with a smile:

"The plan is ready? The script is also completed?"

Kevin nodded.

"The heroine…"

Julie said with a hint of embarrassment, although she had already decided that she would give everything to become a big star, but seeing the opportunity in front of her, she was still a little shy.

But after experiencing the happiness of the rich, she can no longer return to her original life.

If Kevin just abandoned her like this, her only choice would be to keep eyeing other rich people…

Chapter 26 Neighbor Nicolas Cage

Kevin laughed and said:

"Julie, of course you are the heroine."

"However, you have become the heroine, you understand?"

In the intimacy between the two, not all movements, Julie is willing to cooperate.

But now, after Kevin promised the heroine.

All of Julie's shyness and reluctance were covered up by a huge surprise. At this moment, without Kevin talking, Julie has already started to do her best to let Kevin go straight to heaven.


In early December, New Line Films, Dawson, Kevin, Dean, and Warner Bros. executives, Johnson, who is responsible for foreign investment in films.

A total of four people watched the project proposal of Kevin's new movie attentively in the reception room of New Line Film Company.

The plot of the story of escaping from the fatal town is very simple, and a few people read it quickly.

Johnson was the first to ask:

"Why use black people as male protagonists?"

"The reason is very simple. If it is just a pure horror film, then the upper limit of this horror film is only 20 million to 30 million US dollars at most."

"But as the male protagonist, black people use this evil witchcraft to refer to the persecution of black people by white people."

"Then killing all the whites in the town by the last black man can greatly stimulate the black people's G-spot and make them walk into the movie theater."

"In this way, the upper limit of the box office will be greatly increased…"

Of course, the biggest reason for the black riots caused by the Rodney King incident, Kevin naturally couldn't say it in advance.

All he has to do is give a reasonable excuse.

As for whether Johnson accepts it or not, he doesn't really care. For the production cost of 3 million, Kevin himself invests 30% of the film and gets a 30% share.

The remaining 70% is shared between New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.

Johnson nodded, accepting Kevin's explanation.

In the face of a successful director, Johnson will not question others casually, let alone this is just a small production with an investment of less than 3 million US dollars.

40% of Warner Bros., or $1.2 million, is invested in a successful director like Kevin.

Dean has even more irresponsible trust in Kevin, and has already made an investment.

After everything was done, Kevin asked CAA to contact his team, and the shoot was set for Christmas, after December 25th.

During this period, Kevin needs to choose a suitable shooting location as the specific address of the fatal town in the play.

April 31st, which means Kevin has a maximum of three months to shoot, including promotions.

However, from the perspective of Kevin who has a specific picture in his mind, in fact, two months is enough time. As for the actors, this time, Kevin doesn't need to worry about it.

Except for the heroine's position, which he had to leave ahead of time, all other positions were taken care of by CAA.

Of course, he was asked to mention, a black man with an eye.


"The CAA package project, the latest masterpiece of the cutting-edge talented director Steve Kevin, escapes the deadly town and needs a black male protagonist!"

Will Smith, who debuted as a rapper at this time, learned the news through his friend.

Suddenly, I realized that this was the role I needed most.

As a black man, he is deeply aware of Hollywood's rejection of him.

He is so famous in his singing career. If he wants to enter the show business world, the roles he can get are either villains, supporting roles in gag, or good ones, the second protagonist, the second male.

But none of this was what he wanted.

What he wants is the protagonist.

But he deeply knows that there are too few movies with blacks as the protagonists in Hollywood.

As a well-known singer with a film and television appointment, Will Smith hurried to the CAA building after getting the news.

After self-introduction, he was the first to be selected by Dawson as he met the role requirements, had no salary requirements, and was well-known at the same time.

Kevin, who knew about Will Smith's visit, also resolutely agreed to hand over the male lead to him. As a price, he, who won the Grammy Award twice, could only get a mere 100,000 yuan.

But Will Smith has no objection to this.

As a big singer, he is not short of money at this time. What he needs is an opportunity. After signing a film and television contract with Dawson, he took the script of escaping from the fatal town.

Will Smith decisively invited two veteran actors to train himself in acting.

A little cramming is also useful.

In the distance, Kevin, enjoying the service of Julie's bite, did not worry about Will Smith's acting skills at all.

As a future big star, Will Smith naturally has a spirituality for acting.

And Get Out is a thriller that doesn't require much acting.

Film is the art of shooting frame by frame, and Smith can always hone it if Kevin has patience.

"Ding dong!"

The doorbell rang, interrupting Kevin's enjoyment.

After getting dressed, Kevin opened the door.

Outside the door, Nicolas Cage, who was holding his own pizza, walked in naturally.

27-year-old Nicolas Cage, his face at this time is simply cool and daunting, but after getting to know him these days.

Kevin knew that, in fact, he was a very easy person to get along with.

They were neighbors to each other, and after chatting a few words outside, Cage took the initiative to stop by.