After Buying Marvel, I Became the King of Hollywood

【American Entertainment】【Marvel】【Uchiha shisui】 A third-rate director in his previous life, he was reborn as a 23-year-old talented director in the United States in the 1990s. Since then, titles such as the king of the Hollywood box office, the world’s greatest director, the major shareholder of MGM, and the behind-the-scenes boss of Marvel have all been added to him. And his first movie, he chose Chainsaw… Well, it’s a story about a modern third-rate director who crossed over to the American entertainment industry to stir up trouble. … ●●●● {T/N}:This is a fictional world so any resemblance from name to event are purely coincidencial. I wrote this because I can see the author of this book has a tendency for discrimination, so take it as a parallel fictional world. [T/N]: if you enjoy this translation pls don't forget to give us a power stone, or maybe something more. and don't forget to follow my other work tnx.

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Chapter 14

But for the current Kevin, this is naturally not an expensive consumption.

After eating, Kevin took a taxi to the New Line Film Company.


New Line Cinema.

Inside the President's Office.

Shay was furious at Dean.

"How can you cede the follow-up rights to Kevin? Is that how you are the selection manager of New Line Cinema?"

"Stupid, fool…"

A series of abusive words spewed out.

This is a typical remark in the workplace. Before Kevin did not succeed, the follow-up copyright of Chainsaw was not worth mentioning. With Kevin's insistence and even only taking a share, Dean let go of the follow-up. The copyright is actually a very normal decision.

If it wasn't for Chainsaw's hugely unexpected success, Dean's operation would have been fine.

Of course, since Chainsaw has achieved this kind of success, it has invisibly reduced Dean's credit for this.

Xie Yi's scolding was somewhat suppressed.

Dean is naturally very aggrieved, but in his early thirties, he is in the position of a film company executive of this level, so it is obviously impossible for him to resign because of a scolding.

Therefore, he is also honestly scolded next to this meal.

After a scolding, Shay continued:

"Wait for the negotiation with Kevin about the follow-up income of Chainsaw. You go to talk first, and I will come forward after talking about a certain level."



Coming to New Line Cinema again, Kevin had a completely different experience.

Chapter 22 Closing, $30 Million

As the director of a blockbuster film, his arrival was warmly welcomed by New Line Cinema.

As soon as he entered, he was led into a very luxuriously decorated reception room.

Dawson waited early with his lawyer.

After a short break and a little snack in the office, Dean arrived in a hurry.

"Kevin, are you having fun these days?"

"It's pretty good. There is only one sentence that has given me the feeling these days. It's good to have money!"

Kevin's face deliberately revealed that he was spending a lot of money in the past few days.

A wry smile suddenly appeared on Dean's face, and he stopped circling.

They even brought lawyers, and there is nothing to say, just to sell the follow-up copyright of Chainsaw at a good price.

"Kevin, how much do you want to sell the follow-up copyright to Chainsaw?"

Kevin slowly stretched out three fingers.

"Thirty million dollars? Impossible!"

Dean's face changed suddenly.

Kevin this amount is undoubtedly a lion's mouth.

"Don't worry, the Chainsaw Horror itself, according to preliminary estimates, will bring you nearly 100 million US dollars in revenue, that's all right."

In terms of the box office alone, excluding the share and publicity expenses, according to this trend, it can earn nearly 100 million profits for the New Line Film Company, not to mention other follow-up income.

However, with part of the copyright in Kevin's hands, this part of the income is undoubtedly much less.

Now Kevin is selling all subsequent income and copyrights to the New Line Film Company. Although the reported price of 30 million US dollars is a bit high, it is not a loss.

Just make less money.

Dean's face softened a little under Kevin's reminder, and Dean was about to speak and continue to talk about the price.

Kevin continued:

"Two scripts for Chainsaw, and my ability to be named a producer, while being able to fully cooperate with your publicity."

Kevin directly took out all his sincerity.

The script is the foundation. For low-budget films, it depends on telling a good story.

The two scripts that continue the worldview of Chainsaw and can continue to promote in his name have guaranteed the possibility of making money for the next two Chainsaw to the greatest extent.

At least the 30 million US dollars should be able to be earned back if there is no accident.

Of course, this time, Kevin can only get the fixed salary of the editor and the leather maker, and don't even think about it.


Dean hesitated for a moment and said:

"I go out for a while."

Kevin nodded, obviously, this is to go out and find someone who can make this decision to make this decision.

"Kevin, are they really going to pay $30 million?"

Dawson on the side finally couldn't hold back after Dean left and asked.

Although he knew the price would not be low, he only thought it was ten million dollars.

Unexpectedly, Kevin directly asked for three times the price, which is 30 million US dollars.

Even his agent was frightened, but he also hoped that the deal would be done.

CAA can take 5% of Kevin's income, which is the standard for A-level clients, and Dawson, as Kevin's most direct broker, can share 1.5% of this 5%, and the rest is paid by The company shares with other CAA brokers who serve Kevin.

That is to say, if this transaction is completed, he will start with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This made Dawson realize for the first time what it means to have a high-end client like Kevin.

I couldn't help but once again praised myself as a hero, signed Kevin early, and cooperated very happily.

Kevin has no problem with the commission they take from his own income, after all, the CAA's help is quite useful to him.

Without the help of CAA, his start could not have been so smooth.

Not to mention, if he was looking for investment everywhere with the project proposal, he would not know how many times he would hit a wall, and he would not necessarily be able to obtain investment.

Kevin is a person who advocates cooperation and win-win, and CAA's resources are worth the money he pays.

"Trust me, they will, I have calculated it in detail!"

"This transaction, except that it takes time to repay, is almost pure profit. If they don't want to, I don't mind handing over the follow-up copyright of Chainsaw to others."

"At the Beverly Hills party, Jeff Robinoff, the president of Warner Bros., expressed his interest in the follow-up rights to Chainsaw…"

Kevin spoke slowly, his tone full of confidence.

"Who said that the copyright of the Chainsaw Horror should be handed over to someone else!"

Shay stepped in and laughed at Kevin's words.

"Isn't it 30 million dollars? Our New Line Film Company bought it!"

Under Kevin's commitment, there are two sequels to the bottom.

After deliberation, Shay decided to directly buy the follow-up copyright of Chainsaw for $30 million.

To put it bluntly, Shay chose to make big money instead of quick money.

Kevin also had a smile on his face.

"make a deal."

After the cooperation was reached, the atmosphere suddenly became very harmonious. In this harmony, Shay also took advantage of the opportunity to talk about Kevin's next work.

"Kevin, your next work should be handed over to New Line for operation and investment. Believe me, New Line Film Company is your eternal backing."

"All the works are handled by you, and no one else can interfere. The leather maker only cares about the money and nothing else. The actors are all up to you!"

These words can be said to have given Kevin the greatest director rights. Of course, the most direct reason is that Kevin's second film will still only be produced at a small cost.

Otherwise, once the investment of tens of millions of dollars is involved.

Spielberg can't get so many rights when he comes.

"Theoretically, there is no problem, but in order to get a better schedule for new movies and more big screens, I suggest giving some of them to other film companies with sufficient strength."

Kevin suggested seriously.

For Kevin, this is the choice that maximizes the benefits.

Shay thought for a moment and agreed immediately.

The shock of Chainsaw's shock has made many film companies envious. If the next Kevin's movie is still on its own, when it is released, I am afraid that whether it is on the big screen, publicity or schedule, I am afraid that Something went wrong.

The Chainsaw is thriving this Halloween. I don't know how much hatred it has attracted, and the new line is making money.

If you don't go out and pay the protection fee, you will be targeted in minutes.

They must not yet be the Big Five.

Chapter 23 Inspiration from the Rodney King Incident

After all the cooperation was reached, Kevin left directly on the grounds of preparing for a new project.

Dawson also continued to work for Kevin's old schoolmates, as well as several newly signed roles.

After the Chainsaw Crew was disbanded, they all signed a contract with CAA, were assigned a lot of work, tempered their abilities, and waited for Kevin to use them again.

Of course, the biggest card among them is Greg the Jigsaw, and it's just a lot of appointments.

But these had nothing to do with him. After taking time to meet Robert Downey Jr., he hurried back to the hotel in Beverly Hills.

Speaking of which, since he crossed over, he has always lived in a hotel, and he feels a little lonely.

After all, there are no relatives, only an orphan.

Fortunately, he has always been accompanied by beautiful women, which makes this feeling not very strong.

In the house, Angelina Jolie didn't go anywhere, just waiting for him in the house. Compared with his modeling career, Kevin is undoubtedly more important.

So she decided to take a long vacation, ready to accompany Kevin in the hotel.

Even if she didn't become Kevin's wife in the end, she was watching Kevin's new project, and she could play an important role to some extent.

It's much better than just wandering around by herself.

After enjoying some delicious food in the hotel, Julie returned to her room, turned on the TV, and enjoyed the leisure time.

Kevin opened the door, and what he saw was the beauty lying on the sofa in a disheveled dress, which was extraordinarily attractive, and instantly made little Kevin regain his energy.

Just when Kevin was about to step up and do something wrong with Julie, the news broadcast on the TV instantly caught his attention.

"ABC! Bringing you the fastest and best news!"

It begins with the slogan of the TV news program, and then immediately begins the text.

"The following is the follow-up development of the Rodney King incident reported by reporter Devin for everyone. Since March 3, after the release of the video tape of Rodney King being beaten by the police for drunk driving, the public agreed that the police have the use of violence by the state. Behavior."

"At present, the four police officers in the video are still under arrest, and a trial will be held in the near future…"

Looking at the news, Kevin sat next to Julie, staring at the TV and thinking.

Julie on the side just dragged her chin with her hand and looked carefully at the man in front of her. The serious man looked extraordinarily handsome (a lot of gold).

The news from the TV station awakens Kevin's memory, and the aftermath of the Rodney King incident is beyond everyone's memory.

On April 29 next year, the four police officers who beat up Rodney King will be acquitted, and the result of all this is the riots in Los Angeles.

Even in Kevin's memory, the riot was the largest riot in the United States since the 20th century. It lasted for four days and caused immeasurable casualties and economic losses.