30 Please Treat Her Well

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Ming Yue and Liu Jingxing went to the VIP ward. Grandmother Ming was leaning against the hospital bed. A woman in her forties was sitting beside her. She was holding a spoon and feeding her porridge bit by bit. Her movements were meticulous and careful. From time to time, she would talk to the old lady, making the old lady smile. She seemed to be in a good mood.

This should be the caretaker arranged by the Liu family. Ming Yue smiled. "Grandmother, guess who I brought to see you?"

The caretaker auntie was very perceptive. She quickly stood up and took the gift from Liu Jingxing. "Take a seat. Auntie, so this is the granddaughter and grandson-in-law that you've been telling me about. These two are really good-looking. They're really compatible!"

Grandmother Ming looked at Liu Jingxing and was a little puzzled. "This…"

Liu Jingxing walked forward and bowed slightly. "Hello, grandmother. I'm Liu Jingxing."

Grandmother Ming looked at Liu Jingxing in surprise. "What did this child eat at home to grow so tall?" She was sitting on the bed. When she looked up, she felt that Liu Jingxing's head was about to touch the ceiling.

Liu Jingxing did not expect this to be the first thing the old lady said when they met. He smiled. "My mom and dad are both quite tall. I inherited it from them."

"He's good-looking too. He's even better-looking than those celebrities in movies. It's not easy for you to drive for the leader, right? No matter where the leader goes, you have to guard outside."

Ming Yue was embarrassed. Just as she was about to interrupt, she saw the young master nod and say seriously, "That's right. That's why I've always been envious of others who can eat their wife's hot cooking the moment they get home."

Grandmother Ming was a little proud. "You don't have to be envious of others in the future. Our Yue Yue cooks very well. She'll definitely make you fat. Oh right, I heard from Ming Yue that you know her father?"

Of course, he knew Butler Ming. As long as he could remember, Butler Ming had been working at home. Liu Jingxing looked at the weathered old woman. She was weak and thin, but the love in her eyes was about to overflow. He could not help but smile. "I know him. Uncle Ming works hard and is serious. The colleagues who work with him like him very much."

Grandmother Ming's gaze became even more loving. She reached out her dry and rough hand, as if she was going to shake Liu Jingxing's hand. Ming Yue was stunned. She was afraid that the young master would mind touching her grandmother's body, so she was about to go over and hold her grandmother's hand. However, before she could move, the young master took the initiative to hand his hand over.

"Yue Yue, go share some of this food with the auntie on the second floor. How can an old lady like me eat so much?" Ming Yue looked at her grandmother and pouted as she muttered softly, "What do you want to talk about? Why are you hiding things from me?" However, she still carried the fruits and left according to her grandmother's instructions. When she reached the door, she still turned around and reminded her worriedly, "Grandmother, um… don't ask too much… Liu… uh, Jingxing still has to go to work later."

Liu Jingxing's eyes gradually darkened as he turned to look at Ming Yue's departing figure. What did she call him just now? Jingxing?

Seeing that her granddaughter had walked away, Grandmother Ming held Liu Jingxing's hand. Her expression became a little more serious. She sighed softly. "I don't know if Yue Yue told you, but when she was born, her mother passed away because of a difficult delivery. Her father was busy with work and couldn't take care of her. For the past twenty years, it has always been the two of us - the old and the young - who - relied on each other. Yue Yue, this child, is hardworking, strong, and kind. Her biggest flaw might be that she has a burden like me. It's already very good that you don't mind that she still has to take care of an old woman like me in the future. I don't have any requirements for you. I just hope that you can treat Yue Yue better. She has suffered too much since she was young. Especially after I fell sick, she hid and cried countless times. Every time she returned to the ward, her eyes were red. I was afraid that she would be sad, so I always pretended not to see it. I hope you don't mind me being naggy. Yue Yue is really a good child."

Ming Yue took the fruits to the ward where her grandmother used to stay. After giving the fruits to the auntie, she chatted briefly and prepared to go back. She was afraid that her grandmother would say too much and annoy the young master. Before she left, the auntie said that she would have to trouble her to open a crack in the window to let the air in the room.

When she passed by the young man, she saw that he was not holding a book in his hand this time. Instead, he was holding his phone. Ming Yue casually glanced at the content on the screen and was instantly stunned. Wasn't that the video of her making mousse cake that she uploaded half a month ago?!

At this moment, the young man seemed to sense her gaze and slowly raised his head to look at her. "How long do you plan to be on hiatus?"

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