After Accidentally Impregnating a Woman, Mr. Liu Does Everything She Wants Book

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After Accidentally Impregnating a Woman, Mr. Liu Does Everything She Wants


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He was the young master of the rich and powerful Liu family. He was irritable, unpredictable, and not to be messed with. She was only the daughter of a butler. She had a lowly status and a cautious approach to things and people. They accidentally slept with each other one day, and she became pregnant. She then became the Liu family's daughter-in-law, and was protected in every way possible. To her husband, she also became a woman who would do anything for money and status. Liu Jingxing was cold to her and looked at her as if he was looking at garbage. There were always hints of sarcasm in his voice. Ming Yue finally couldn't take it anymore and offered him two hundred yuan. "Mr. Liu, I really don't care about your money. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. You performed poorly the other night. Two hundred is all you're worth. We'll get a divorce once the baby is born," she said. Liu Jingxing glared at her with his jaw clenched. "If I performed poorly, why did you keep begging me to slow down and speed up? We'll get a divorce right away after the baby is born!" After that, Liu Jingxing never missed a single maternity check-up. The first time he felt the baby move in her stomach was when the baby kicked him in the face. Dumbfounded, his cheeks turned red. He began leaving his workplace earlier and earlier. Whenever his friends asked him out for a drink, he would turn them down, saying, "My wife is pregnant. I need to spend time with her and the baby." When women approached him with barely any clothes on, he would impatiently respond, "What? Do you want to be my son's stepmother?" After delivering the baby, Ming Yue endured the pain and decided to leave. Liu Jingxing, who had always been an irritable man and rarely showed his emotions, now had bloodshot eyes. He seemed even more haggard than Ming Yue, who had just delivered a baby, while he took her hand and pleaded in a soft voice, "Ming Yue, please stay by my side."


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