147 Superboy and Aqualad

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(General P.O.V)

The attack came in quick and fast. Connor was in a three way sparring match with Aqualad and Garth. The latter was a strong sorcerer who challenged Connor to think outside of the box more than straight up punching and kicking. Aqualad on the other hand was his usual stellar self, using the water that was present all around them to make weapon constructs more easily than he did on land. He had also gotten better, not requiring the use of his Waterbearers anymore but too familiar to stop utilizing them.

Garth flexed his hands and the water around Connor changed to a Shark construct. The Kryptonian clone kicked his legs and fluidly flipped away. His feet hit the wall of the sparring chamber and his body bounded back even faster, hand pulled back for a fist. The punch landed on Aqualad's glowing water shield and the water rippled around them. 

Aqualad's shield changed into a hammer that he swung swiftly at his teammate's torso. Connor crossed his hands together and received the attack on his forearms, getting pushed back just a little. Before Aqualad could capitalize on that opening, lightning streaks exploded out of Garth towards him, making him jump away too. The three teens smiled viciously as they eyed each other.

"Not that I'm complaining and this is fun and all but when are you going to show us your new move Superboy?"

Garth asked Connor.

"He's saving it up for a dramatic finish. Hoping to catch us off guard." Aqualad answered in his steed. 

"As sharp as ever Kaldur." Connor laughed. "Yes, but there is another reason as well. I can't control it that well. It seems to manifest in a…"

"Hey guys."

Tula interrupted Superboy's explanation by flying in. It was easy to see how stiff Aqualad's back became. He kept a smile on his face but Superboy could pick up on how his heart rate quickened. Learning that Tula and Garth were dating had been hard on Kaldur. However being the understanding and kind person he was, he wished them well and acted like it didn't bother him. 

"Oh hey Tula."

Garth swam closer to his girlfriend and tried to kiss her only for Tula to give him his cheek and admonish him a little while looking at Kaldur. Realization dawned in Garth's eyes and he threw Kaldur a guilty look. 

"So, you seem excited."

Connor spoke up to ease the tension that was quickly building up.

"Oh. Yes! Huh." She stepped back and clasped her hands between her chest.

"The queen and King have invited the 4 of us over for dinner tonight."

Connor and Kaldur shared a look.

"Not to sound disrespectful but what's the occasion? We see her everyday when she's kicking our asses in sorcery 101."

Connor joked a little making the other two laugh and bringing a grateful smile to Tula's face for trying to thoroughly change the subject.

"It's a secret."

Another look was shared among the three boys.

"Oh then please inform Annax Orin that we shall avail ourselves."

Kaldur bowed slightly and stated. Tula looked a little hurt by the formal tone and a brief silence reigned.

"Well then…I huh, guess I shall go. See you all later tonight."

She made to leave and Connor nudged Aqualad by his elbow motioning to him to go talk to the girl. 

Before he could make a decision, an explosion went off suddenly. The building shook as cracks appeared on the walls.

"What was that?!"

Garth asked in urgency.

"It sounds like it came from the Science Center!"

Tula answered, swimming out of the building in haste. They followed after her closely, making it out of the sparring chamber in the conservatory of magic just as another explosion, this time louder and bigger came from the opposite direction to the first one. 

"Neptune's beard! That was the palace. It's under attack!"

Garth shouted in alarm.

"The Queen and King!" Tula shouted and started swimming as fast she could towards the Palace. The huge grandiose structure now spotted broken sections on the left side. An armed squad of black clad figures jumped off the black aircraft responsible for the damage to assault the palace guards.

"Tula wait!"

Aqualad called out but the young Atlantean ignored him in favor of the palace. 

Kaldur grabbed Garth's shoulder before he could leave as well.

"Let go of me Kaldur…"

The latter turned to face Aqualad in anger.

"The Science Center has been attacked too. You go and protect Tula while Superboy and I head to the other explosion."

Kaldur ordered to which the other boy nodded.

"And Garth…"

"Don't worry I'll keep her safe."

Garth assured and left after Tula. 

Aqualad sighed and turned to face Connor.

"I'm ready. Let's go."

Superboy answered without prompting and the two of them made their way to the Science Center. 

(Science Center)

"Hurry up with that. We don't want to be here when they manage to spare forces from the palace to investigate this place. We are lucky they are more concerned with protecting Orin and his ilk."

Black Manta spat out, supervising the men attaching cables onto a massive ice structure. Inside the structure was a figure of distinct alien origin, given by its size and the number of limbs it spotted. 

Black Manta pressed a key on his helmet and opened up communications with the second squad.

"Oceansmaster, I have secured the objective. 5 minutes until evacuation."

"Good. You get 2 minutes."

The voice replied before the communication was cut off.


Black Manta muttered, ironically not appreciating the way the second prince was ordering him around.

He then tapped into his own channel, aiming to communicate with the men patrolling the science center.

"Team 3, Status report."

He received a confirmation before we moving on to team 4 only to hear static. Black Manta narrowed his eyes. Someone had taken out his men. He swept his gaze out and primed his heat beams. There! One of the patrols had two water bearers strapped to his hip.

Without saying a word, he let loose the heat beams only for him to be punched on the side of the helmet, rocking his head sideways and messing up his aim. The hot red beams took out the main cable primed to lift up the ice structure and it slammed back onto the ground in a massive clash. The whole thing cracked apart to Black Manta's consternation but he was too busy dodging Superboy's attacks to assess the damage.

On the other side, Aqualad was darting in agilely, attacking Black Manta's men with a slew of weaponry and winning.

"Damn brats! You think you have the power to stop Manta? Let me show you how wrong you are!"

The supervillain shouted, his heat beams shooting out towards the Kryptonian Genomorph. Superboy held his hands in a cross guard before him. Unfortunately for him, he was pushed back onto the wall and smashed onto it. The look on his face changed. So his new ability couldn't block energy beams huh? Seems like it could only negate some physical attacks. Good to know.

Black Manta turned his sights onto the ice structure.

"If I can't have it. No one can!"

His armor opened up at the shoulder piece and small missiles exploded out. 

"He's going for the structure!"

Aqualad shouted but was too occupied fighting the rest of Manta's agents to do anything.

A look of determination appeared on Superboy's face. His leg muscles tightened as he pushed off the wall, leaving more cracks running up it's length and a brief shimmer of a red forcefield around him. He arrived before the missiles could land and spread out his hands. There was a single second of silence before a massive explosion of psionic energy blew out of Superboy's body in a red wave, decimating the missiles which blew up prematurely as well pushing Manta away. The last thing Kon-El saw before losing consciousness was the beautiful shine of the ice making up the structure floating down on to the ground. His move had been indiscriminate and uncontrolled. He had destroyed what they should have protected. Then his body lost energy and went on lockdown.

He stirred, feeling thirsty. 

"Wa..ter. Water." 

He muttered taking a minute to inwardly laugh about the irony of it all. An enchanted glass was handed to him as his vision adjusted to the bright light in the room he was in. His body instinctively feeling that the light was made to give off sun radiation which his cells soaked in with glee. Still, if he wanted to get back to a hundred percent, a trip to the surface would be needed.

"You gave me quite a scare my friend."

Aqualad's voice sounded from the side where he was sitting, still dressed in the attackers black suit. 

"So it hasn't been that long huh?"

Superboy asked after gulping down the contents of the glass. Aqualad looked down at himself and chuckled.

"It must have slipped my mind to change because of everything that's happened."

"So is everyone okay? The Queen? King? Garth and Tula?"

Superboy wondered in concern. Last he checked, the palace had also been attacked.

"Yes they are all fine. There were a few casualties among the palace guards but we managed to stop Black Manta from getting what they wanted and even captured Oceansmaster ."

Connor slumped down onto the bed after Kaldur's words.

"Oh that's good."

Aqualad went silent, making Connor frown.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

The Atlantean sighed without giving a concrete response. He reached for his hip and removed the pad strapped there before adding it over to Superboy, a news clip playing.

Superboy's face changed as his heart sped up. The video ended with him going scarily calm, placing the device on the bed next to him. He made eye contact with Kaldur.

"Aden is a lot of things. Competitive, arrogant, stubborn, much like I am. But he would never...do something like this, Kaldur. As much as we clash over ideals...its not him. He's not capable of this. We both know who's responsible."

Aqualad nodded.

"The Light. They're coming out of the woodwork. This latest scheme of theirs was too high profile." He sighed standing up.

"I'm sorry my friend but it seems like we're needed elsewhere."

Connor nodded, standing up as well. Luckily, he had already gotten what he came for. All that was left was to get better at his control and that power he felt so deserving of...that power would be his. 

"I agree. Time to go home."

(General P.O.V)

"You have impressed us with your dedication towards completing the mission, Manta. Although you lost the specimen, you still managed to collect a sample of it."

A clear voice came from the first terminal. The screen showing static. 

"Yes, most im'presiv monsieur. The sample is a very crucial step."

A second voice added from another terminal. 

Manta removed the helmet from his face, revealing a face that resembled Aqualad closely. 

"I am more than happy to serve The Light."


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