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(General P.O.V)

In Olympus, a garden that had spirits flitting about, otherworldly flowers and plants, was a massive man with long flowing hair, a toga and a handsome face standing on top of a balcony in his palace. The palace overlooked the aforementioned garden which belonged to his wife. A gesture of goodwill from Demeter to Hera. Back to the godly figure, a frown marred his attractive features. Zeus, could feel a storm brewing…a storm that was not of his own making. 

All the deities associated with Lightning and thunder could sense a stir in the element. None of them were able to pinpoint the correct location of where this feeling came from however. And it baffled every single one of them.

(Elemental Dimension)

There was a white ball of energy made up of lightning. Random streaks of current, ran along it's form every few seconds in a perpetual cinematic showing that would have left viewers entranced by its majestic appearance. The ball floated in space above the charred remains of a once great mountain. And above the sphere of energy were massive clouds, roiling restlessly. Lightning bolts fell down on the sphere repeatedly. Attracted by something or rather someone enclosed in the huge energy bubble. The lightning bolts were responsible for the destruction of the mountain that Aden had been meditating upon.

And they were getting more violent as time went by. 300 meters from the epicenter, which was the energy ball, the storm was still spreading. The dark clouds covering everything in an even darker hue than normal. 

(Aden's P.O.V)

I finally found out the drawback of using Spark of Enlightenment. The element itself pushes back. The steady progression was there for a reason and a Perk like Spark of Enlightenment undercut that to a shorter time margin but…it massively increased the strain and push back of the element itself. That pushback culminated in a sort of test to see if I was in a sense, worthy. I had to face the Lightning and remain staunch. Remain standing, in defiance while the world broke down around me. 

The ball of energy surrounding my form was a bubble shield until I felt ready. A shield that was dangerously getting close to being overwhelmed. I could easily unravel the storm above head by virtue of being the master of this realm but…I had a feeling that that would set me back massively. I sighed. I should have known that nothing from the system ever comes without strings attached. The system is all about self sufficiency. That means, I had to work for every single thing.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. There was no use in hiding. That wasn't how I wanted to end this. With a thought the lightning ball, an idea I had gotten from Azula in a certain instant from the comics, unravelled. It's structure turned into uncontrolled streams of lightning that disappeared into the air with a static sound, revealing my body to the harsh realities of nature. The storm brewing overhead looked like a monster. A monster that was now eager to come at me with everything it had and devour my soul. The dynamic was laughable. I was left standing on a small lightning platform construct while staring above at the huge huge obstacle I had to overcome. Like a sailor in a small sailboat about to face the wrath of the sea. 

"Bring it on."

I calmly said, pushing a text box to the corner of my vision. As if provoked by my words the clouds grew even more ominous. The streaks of lightning flashing in inky darkness grew more numerous and without warning… pandemonium begun. The flash of that first lightning bolt will forever be seared deep into my memories. The lightning made contact with my chest and I held it in, with no apparent strain… using it to coat my body with a net of electric energy that fed my physique, enhancing it. 

My form started flashing with an aura of bluish color. My hair stood up in random waves and the world slowed down. In this form everything I had was enhanced to twice the effect. Strength, speed, durability and reaction speed. I hadn't tested anything out but that was the conclusion I had come to based on the power I could feel flowing inside me. After leaving here, I had a lot of tests to do. Tests to figure out my capability and to seamlessly incorporate this new skill into my fighting style.

The clouds above felt insulted by my continued refusal to lay down and die and in an instant, the next wave of altercation begun. Dozens of lightning streaks fell upon me like judgement from Thor. I spread out my legs on the construct I was standing on. Full mastery had ensured that I could even take the sub skill further than they had shown in canon. Though to be fair, lightning constructs were much harder to sustain as compared to air. Lightning wanted to run around …to streak and destroy and jump and escape. It was unlike anything I had ever dealt with before.

The streaks fell on to my body, and I guided them along my chi pathways, not trying to exert control over them because the energy would buck around like an excited ox and fry me from the inside. My eyes were closed while random flashes occured around me. The power of over a dozen lightning bolts was melded with my own inner fire. My own inner energy adding more to the element than had come from the outside and when I was ready, my hand shot out, two fingers extended to the sky. I let go of the power through my appendages. 

In an excited motion, excited to be released that is, the lightning exploded out in one huge streak that shocked me. The streak of energy was like a beam of destruction, all the clouds were pushed far away, exposing the smog filled sky and shining a light down onto the grounds. The sound was deafening as the attack kept on wrecking havoc in the clouds. I had redirected it. The lightning. I clenched my fist in jubilation and winced in seconds. The two fingers on my hand were burnt. The skin was cracked and red but I couldn't find anything but happiness inside me.

The lightning construct under me floated down. I landed on the ground and got ready for one last test before I got to the combat test. Control. My senses spread out and telepathically connected with a random Dragon flying rings above the area I was practicing on. I relayed my orders and a few minutes later, on the horizon…a huge dragon appeared. The orders was fir it to attack me. To be honest, none of the dragons could really refuse despite having a natural instinct not to harm me. I just wanted to see how much power I needed to put into a fight with a fire aligned creature before purchasing a Firebender from the database with my training points to spar with. 

The dragon was huge. Not as big as the Dragon Patriarch who was in a whole other level, I wasn't sure I could currently take but it was big. I took off running just as it beat it wings, opened it's mouth and sprayed out a huge fire breath. The wind generated by the beat of it's wings increased the intensity of the orange flames. I jumped over the attack and flipped above it. Reaching deep within myself, my inner fire responded, with the tranquility in my mind the fire changed into something else, blue sparks that flashed between my fingers appeared. 'Ok, keep it low', I told myself touching the scaly back of the dragon. It stiffened and seized up, flashes of blue electric energy stunning it and locking up its movements. I landed on the other side and sighed. 

"This isn't going to work."

The dragon was passed out from one move. It's huge size having played a huge disadvantage for it due to my agility and speed but still...one touch and it was down. I had wanted to get a bit better with increasing and decreasing the voltage of my lightning before buying a training partner. Wary that one strike would reduce them to ash. The move that had stunned the dragon was the least powerful I could make the lightning. A human being wouldn't be merely stunned, their hearts would probably go into cardiac arrest and die. Guess I don't have a choice. I just hope that whoever I buy next has the skill to stay alive from a full powered assault. I wanted a real fight after sitting on my ass for 3 days.

I maximized the display box from the corner of my vision and instantly was bombarded by a priority alert. The text box was flashing red.

(Secondary directive complete. Re-establishing link with rogue unit.)

(Incoming transmission. Accept?)

Looking at the time stamp, this alert had come in almost an hour ago. It was from the Elemental Dimension's nascent budding consciousness. Something I had never received before. Then again, the dimension was connected to me in every way possible and according to the system, it was my embassy grounds. So it wasn't completely out of left field. What was surprising however was the message.

I clicked on the first part, trying to understand more. A whole line of text appeared that shocked me to my core.

(Link re-established with rogue unit. Designation changed to Terror. A new being actualized by the combination of two souls, one Tommy Terror and a part of the essence of the Fatherbox, still connected to one Lex Luthor through unknown means. Taking advantage of the new functions brought by the Miner tech's production, repair and hive mind sub routines, the realm was able to re-establish the link between the core of the world and the essence of the Fatherbox. Terror is no longer bound to Lex Luthor. Further commands await to be relayed.)

Mind. Blown. I didn't want to think on the implications of this new information. All I could think of was that Lex and The Light had been busy. And just like that, canon was kicked out of the window. On the other hand, this new info would be advantageous to me in the long run. I had a mole in the Light. It was just a matter of time before we crashed and based on the numerous resources they had…I needed every advantage I could get my hands on.

I clicked on the second text box. An incoming transmission from Terror. Suddenly, I found myself looking out through the eyes of someone else. I had no control and was instead, more of an observer. My real body's eyes widened upon understanding what I was seeing. Seems like Terror was embroiled in a fight. A fight with Superboy 2.0. 

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