Aden Strong: Avatar In DC

A chance to be extraordinary. A chance to be a pioneer. A chance to show the world what being a Hero really means. Aden Strong is whisked away from his normal life to one of the most terrifying universes, where alien invasion are a normal occurrence, Supervillains seeking to take over the world and powerful beings like Superman are not too out of place. With his Avatar System, watch as he turns the world over on it's head and shows them what it means to be a hero. So begins the Saga of Aden Strong: Avatar In DC. *Cover Pic ain't Mine. 30 advance chapters in my Pat.reon. Pat.reon.com/Saintbarbido.

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Aden Strong

Guys, This book is unlike anything I've written before. And I'm going to be updating every single day. Enjoy.

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(Aden's P.O.V)

The thing with shock is that it leaves you mute, reaction wise. You're hit with this intense focus on… nothing. Instead of your brain not computing, it computes everything till the end result is nothing. 

"My name is Aden Strong and I am not crazy. My name is Aden Strong and I am not crazy. My name is Aden Strong and I…"


A body tackled me out of the way of an attack that left the wooden crates behind me a mess of wrecked goods. Is that a cabbage? Who puts a cabbage…the cabbage was stepped on by a scaly foot and a packet with a white substance spilled out. Cocaine. Oh.

I felt something roughly pull me up and throw me behind it. 

"Get out of here, you idiot! Run!"

The young boy who said that was dressed in a very familiar outfit, red, green, black and yellow.


I muttered.

"Yes. I don't have the time to sign you an autograph and that will probably never happen if you get yourself killed."

Full clarity finally hit me like an 18 wheeler.

"Oh God that's Killer croc!"

I scrambled back in fear as The Batman ducked a hasty haymaker that broke through the concrete pillar of the warehouse we were in and in a swift action planted a device on Croc's chest. 

Batman then flipped over him. There was an explosion and Croc was launched off right into a kick on the small of the back from the Dark Knight. I had the time to gawk at the expert display in gymnastics before going right back to panicking when…

"Gah. Stay still you little shit!"

A hail of bullets escaped the firearms of a few generic thugs hiding behind a black SUV. I counted 4 with three more unconscious right next to them.

I crouched right behind an empty container and closed my ears. I had never heard gun shots before. What.The.Fuck.Is.Happening!

There was a loud snarl and growl and I saw Croc's body sail over my head to grasp at the rafters of the warehouse. Another loud sound was the clang on the container itself as Batman jumped off it and shot a line. A swing later and he followed Killer Croc outside the building. 

I scampered up and ran off towards the entrance to the building. And immediately shouted in fright when a bullet hit the ground right Infront of me. My shirt was grabbed from behind and I flailed in fear before my back hit the container I had been hiding behind of before.

"You're seriously still here? You must have a death wish!"

There was a continuous spray of bullets that hit the container.

"Stop stop, you fools. Don't finish your mags before we get the Boy Wonder!"

The same guy with the gun who had talked earlier said.

"Stay here and don't move. I have a few suckers to educate on why guns in foolish hands is wrong."

Robin told me with a small upturn on his lips. 

I nodded dumbly and he patted my shoulder before throwing a few birdarangs on the only source of light in the warehouse. The light bulbs shattered and the whole building was plunged into darkness, the only source of light being the moon shining through the hole made by Killer Croc while escaping Batman. Smart guy.

I glanced around trying to widen my eyes and see. Robin had disappeared and a few seconds later the sound of birdarangs cutting through the air, shouts of people cursing out and bodies hitting the ground and more gunshots ringing out was all I could hear. A few more bodies hit the ground until I saw a lone man running towards the entrance of the warehouse. 

I looked back and saw nothing but darkness. Logic dictates that you stay with the good guys, Aden. Robin is terrifying but he's nut going to hurt you like he did those men. Please don't…

I ignored my own advice and found myself running desperately towards the entrance door, right before the guy Infront of me fell down from a birdarang hitting his trouser on the side, and then digging into the concrete, effectively taking him down. 

What level of skill did it take for someone to do something like that? Nah nah I'm out. I increased my running speed much to the shouts of my savior.

"Wait. Don't. The Penguin…"

I didn't listen and just ran, the road to my salvation was so near and then -- I rushed through it to freedom. 

Only to step right infront of almost a dozen guns. Pointed. Straight. At. Me. 

My hands came up quicker than my brain could register. 

" Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

A guy stepped forward and stared at me. He was dressed in a fancy suit with a pistol in hand.

"You're not Bats or his little side-kick. Who the fuck are you?"

"My huh…name is Aden Strong sir. And…and I don't know how I got here. I was watching a movie in my apartment and then the next thing I know, I'm in a warehouse dodging bullets and watching a showdown between Killer Croc and the frickin Batman."

There was a brief silence as he nodded, holstered the gun on his hip and lit up a cigarette. 

The smoke twisted in the air slowly, while he took in a slow but long drag. 

"I believe you."

A couple of tears escaped my eyes as the feeling of relief overwhelmed me. 

"But I still can't let you go. Sorry kid, Penguin wants everything happening here to be hush hush."

Quicker than my eyes could see the gun was back in his hand and I didn't hear the blast but more like felt it. A cold feeling spread through my chest as I spared an incredulous look at the growing spot of red soaking my blue, Ghostbusters t shirt in blood. 

Something warm rose up uncontrollably through my throat and I knelt as my vision got hazy. The last thing I saw wasn't my murderer, nor was it Robin or Batman. It was a pulsing white light, beating like a heart, everything having faded from my sight.

I reached out with my hand, it was so beautiful. I wish I could hold it.

(Robin's P.O.V)

'Damn it! Batman is gonna kill me for this.'

Robin thought while fighting the last of the mooks so that he could go after the civilian that had appeared from nowhere during the fight with Killer Croc and the Penguin gang. 

Something was going down, Robin's detective mind told him. Penguin wasn't one to work with high profile villains like Killer Croc. A clown dressed in Superman colors and wearing a power armor would have been more discreet than Croc that's for sure. 

So whatever the smuggled goods were, they were enough for The Penguin to bring in muscle of Killer Croc's caliber. 

That's bad. 

Robin smashed a knee on the goon's face and followed it up with a sweep that brought the guy to the floor with a thud. A zip tie appeared in hand in a practiced motion and the guy was immobilized quickly. Then Robin was off.

He arrived just as a shot rang out. Cursing, he  jumped behind the few crates on the entrance and watched as the young man he'd been trying to save fell to his knees. 

Robin's eyes, widened in horror. 


"There he is boss!"

A voice shouted and was immediately followed by a storm of bullets, that made Robin roll away.

He was mad. At the situation, Bruce for insisting on chasing after Killer Croc, Penguin for being the cause of this entire thing, the dead boy who had probably just been a little older than him and most of all, he was mad at himself. 

Robin threw a few smoke pellets on the ground and during the confusion, a few birdarangs shot out of the obscured position. 

Unfortunately, the birdarangs were accurately shot out of the air and Robin settled on a terrifying conclusion that made him eliminate any lines of sights to his position. The only sniper who could shoot  like that despite the smoke was Deadshot. Deadshot was under Penguin's payroll too? Damnit! Deadshot wasn't a C-lister like the the goons in the Penguin mob. Deadshot was deadly. 

"Let's box him in. Bring out the grenade launcher. Our backup will make sure we get him this time."

What? Grenade launcher? What about the goods in the warehouse. Of course! Robin almost smacked himself for his stupidity. Penguin would want to erase all evidence of his involvement. 

The smell of gunpowder filled the air and Robin started getting worried. He couldn't leave his hiding place because Deadshot would no doubt tag him.

He needed a distraction. As if to answer his prayers, a whoosh of air exploded outside the warehouse. The gust cleared out the smoke and sent men flying away from it's epicenter. 

Then the shouts started. Guns begun spitting out bullets as everything descended into chaos. Robin ran out of the building and barely avoided a huge piece of rock from smashing into him. He rolled away and escaped the flames licking his cape. His costume might have been highly resistant but he didn't want to bet on just how resistant. 

He flipped away, rebounded from the wall to jump on a street light then shot a hook line to the next  building over. The line pulled on his body but the trajectory was thrown off when a huge gust of wind magnitudes bigger than the last one carried him away. His young body hit the wall and breath left his lungs. 

His eyes watched on in shock as the boy from before floated in the air. A bubble of air enclosed his body, with rings of water, stones and fire surrounding the air bubble. Gone was the brown eyes and in their place were glowing white orbs.

Men were cowering behind overturned cars. Some were bleeding, one was smashed to pulp by a rock and two others were burnt beyond recognition. Robin realized offhandedly that those men were dead. Batman never killed, no matter who the villain was or what they'd done. He broke bones but never killed. Bile rose up and he vomited on the ground next to him.

Anger marred the features on the now alive boy and when he raised his hand hell was unleashed. 

The Avatar had arrived in DC.

Finally it's here.

Aden wasn't reincarnated. He was simply thrown into DC with his real body.

He's 17 years old so he is going to act like a teenager. Albeit one who's more mature than his peers.

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