773 The Sword. (3)

Shi Lang issued a challenge, expressing a desire to engage in combat, yet Tian Long struggled to control his temper. The crowd found amusement in this exchange, having witnessed many unruly experts, but this marked the first time someone acted unruly in the presence of numerous Immortal Sovereigns.

Lady Amethyst asked, "Boy, do you realize that you're not only disrespecting a sovereign but also the entire martial council?"

Shi Lang bowed slightly and replied, "I apologize to you, senior. However, given my relationship with Sovereign Tian Long, I'm addressing him as a friend. I have no intention of offending any of you esteemed seniors."

Old Man Yanshu chuckled and said, "I did not think that you would have such skill with your words, boy. Good for you."

Shi Lang smiled but remained silent. Sovereign Mandala said, "Go on, then challenge anyone you'd like to."


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