736 High Risk High Stakes.

Shi Lang watched the two people leave and sighed. He stood up from his chair and made a beeline to Yang Tei. He wanted to find out if Tian Long schooled this old boy. The Terran was up to something really scary. If the people around him did not have enough guts to see things through, then it would be a hassle, and they might get caught by the enemy. 

He stood at the courtyard door and asked the guard, "Is the pavilion master inside?" 

The guard nodded and replied softly, "Yes, young master." 

Shi Lang nodded and began to think about how to approach this issue. On the other hand, the guard was just a step away from getting down on his knees. Shi Lang's spar with Tian Long had already been spread over to the people in the pavilion. They all had no idea their Young Master was such a terrifying monster. Now that they knew the extent of his skills, his presence alone was enough to suppress them all. 

After a few moments, Shi Lang asked, "Can I go in?"


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