748 Fame.

Shi Lang vanished with Zhu Lingxue, and the handful of people she brought along with her were left for the sect people to handle. The Terran wanted to return to the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion with Xiao Mei. He warned everyone to be wary of Zhu Lingxue and monitor her actions for some time. He even made them stay outside the sect grounds. 

He would be a fool to trust someone he just met and knew had the power to manipulate someone else's mind. All the arrangements did not take him long, and at the same time, he gave out instructions to all the disciples who were traveling the world to gain experience that they were not to use the Asura Hall uniform at all. With the splash they made last night, it would spell trouble if someone strong caught on to their trail. 

Shi Lang returned to the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion with Xiao Mei and dissolved the clones just in time for Yun Xue to come looking for him. The lady was surprised to see a little girl talking to Shi Lang. 


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