761 Demon Beast Emperor.

Shi Lang was hunting Demon Beast Kings with his team, and they were scary. The cultivators from the other team saw them, and they could not fathom how they were moving and fighting the beasts so efficiently. Shi Lang was in command, giving instructions to the other two with his spirit consciousness. 

The visual impact of their hunt scared a few people who wanted to gang up on them. The three of them had decided to snatch Jade's cards later in the last two days. But they knew that the Meng Siblings were thrashing people and scaring them. However, they came across a tough opponent. The leader of the rogue cultivators, Han Milax. This guy fought with Young Master Meng to a draw. 

The two could not decide the outcome, and Meng Xueyan was uninterested in fighting Han Milax. She wanted to locate Shi Lang and fight with him only. She thought that if she could make him see her battle prowess, then she would be able to have him marry her. 


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