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Arvadia experienced wet dreams for the first time in his life.  What was surprising was how he also gained skills and also a faint memory of the other world.  It’s the life of someone who had just lost his family and job, but then died in an accident with a truck.  His last wish is “I just wanted to have some sweet and passionate sex with anyone…”  It was dream or reicarnation was not clear, but at least for A young boy named Arvadia, a new member of Ishtar Famila from Orario. Who is still in level 1 without any skill. It was such an upgrade especialy when he awakaned with a skill. “Wait… I have a skill… What is this about Hentai Freese?”  Hentai Freese increased the speed of Arvadia’s growth as long as he had regular sex. The strength of the effects is related to the feeling of their sex. The more intimate their feeling the stronger Arvadia got.  With the power to increase by doing sex became a member of Ishtar Family was a good fate… Wait… Isn’t this familia would destroyed by Freya familia? Oh… F**K -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fanfic is just wish fulfillment, Gary stu Fanfic with poor grammar, read at your risk. Massive Harem story. It's more like 1000 words per chapter with daily update.

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26 — Haruhime 01

"Hm, I see—" I muttered after almost two hours of studying together with Haruhime. As someone who was raised as a slave, I can say it was a new experience to be taught with such kindness and understanding as Haruhime did. 

The last thing I remember was when Big Bro Tammuz taught me the basics of being an adventurer as well as giving me the basics of martial arts and the like. So it's not strange that he trained me pretty hard considering that being an adventurer in Orario isn't as glamorous as it seems in the story. Because in reality, most of the adventurers were only at level one and level two. 

"Hm— This feels quite interesting!" I commented after finishing one of the storybooks that was the basis of the learning we both did. After reading the book I think I understand a little bit why people like to read stories and novels. 

"Thank goodness for it then. You caught on very quickly to what I taught you anyway. I don't think it will take long for you to be able to read or write well." Haruhime praised the development that I had. From the tone of voice to the expression on her face, I could tell that she was really saying what her heart was feeling. As someone who rarely gets treated like that. I couldn't help but feel very happy. 

Even so, Haruhime is basically a person who always shows her gentleness while giving a smile of a person who has given up. Although yesterday she might have shown her weak side to me and showed a will to live. Even so humans are not that easy to change— 

Especially if Haruhime was still in the same environment and could sense that she was still a sacrifice. 

Haruhime can only change by having confidence and will from the bottom of her heart. The things given by Bell as far what I see from my dream— 

I wonder if I can bring that with my own way. 

"Then I must try even harder to meet your expectations." 

"Un, that's such a good mindset." 

"Yeah, but for now I want to take a break." 

"Ah, it looks like the tea has run out. How about I prepare some new tea." Haruhime spoke as she prepared tea with the pot. Thanks to the education she received, the movement of Haruhime preparing the tea from the beginning until he finally handed me a cup of tea was a form of elegance that amazed me a little.

This also makes me think that all this time Haruhime always fainted when she was about to serve guests. Especially in the story where it is often shown that she fainted by just looking at the man's exposed body. This is because he grew up away from the outside world and was very sheltered. So in the end, it made me a little curious how it would be if a man touched Haruhime without exposing his body openly. Would she still fall unconscious or not? I think it's something worth trying. 

At least I felt that Haruhime was getting more comfortable and open with me. Even though we've only known each other for a few days. 

"Please enjoy the tea again—"

I lowered my head and savored Haruhime's homemade tea which was arguably the best tea I had ever tasted. Although to be honest my experience about this kind of thing is very limited. Before I started doing the thing I had just thought of. 

"Thanks— Ah, earlier we also talked about the problem of you not being used to men."

"That's— Yes, somehow I always make me restless and the blood gathers in my head so that I get dizzy and faint." 

"Is that so—" 

"And that's what happens when you see a man's exposed body parts." 


I can also easily remember from the story that Haruhime collapsed just by looking at Bell's chest. It seems outrageous, but it happens. 

"But, were you okay when we shook hands?"

"Ah— Un— I don't think that's the problem." 

"Hm, if that's the case we can use that as a foundation to make you get used to man little by little." 

I then held the hand of Haruhime. "So how about like this?" 

"Eh— I think it's fine." Haruhime answered with a flushed face because it was different from the handshake yesterday. This time felt more intimate than before. 

"Really, that's good. How about we continue?" I spoke as I started intertwining the fingers between the two of us and once again Haruhime's face turned red. Even so, so far it's still in accordance with my calculations. "Looks like you're still okay for something like this." 

"Yeah— I mean, it's Arvadia-sama's hand after all." 

"Well, that might be true." 

As Haruhime had said in the end, I was a person she knew and not a stranger like the guests to this place. But basically I want to get her used to men so that I can sleep with her. Not so that she can become a good prostitute. So if she has no problem with doing small things like this, I guess I can try to do more. 

Ah, it might be good that in order to speed things up even more, I can use the thing that Haruhime likes. I don't know if I can do well, but I'm trying my best. 

I released my grip from Haruhime, I even changed my position so that I was kneeling like a knight as I grasped Haruhime's hand again like a princess in the story we both read. 

"I know I'm not a strong knight. I'm just someone new to adventuring, so it might be hard for you to believe me. However, I wanted to tell you that I really wish I could help you, Haruhime." I followed what's told by the story and kissed the hand of Haruhime like that princess in the story.

"Aaa—arvadia-sama!" Haruhime was very surprised by my attitude, but from her body movements I think she quite liked this. Her face reddened and her eyes widened for a moment before becoming tearful and also touched too. 

"It's just that I'm not a strong person so I really need your help." 

"Help from me?— I can't do anything—" Haruhime replied with a voice full of defeat. However, of course I disagree because there are many things Haruhime can do to help me. It's just that, if I say it directly, she might get confused and think that it's just an indecent act so I have to make it a little positive. 

"No, you can't help me— I want your blessing." 

This is what I found as an answer. 



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