Chapter 13 - Fighting Aura Technique? I can do it too! [Happy Year of the Horse!]

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At this moment, the Mount Dragons of those six people also howled and charged over. Dragon knights and the Dragon Clan are as one in spirit, sensing the battle mood of the knights, they naturally couldn't stand by and do nothing. And their target, naturally, was Bajie.

Faced with the encirclement of six dragons, Bajie also abandoned his usual laziness. He was brewing Dragon Breath in his mouth, roaring fiercely.

Among the Dragon Clan, there was a strict hierarchy, the Earth Dragon dared not to challenge the Flying Dragon, the power gap between the two was as vast as the heavens. Roared at by Bajie, the six fat dragons seemed extremely angry, if not for Bajie's previously exhaled Dragon Breath being too strong, which made these flying dragons a little hesitant, they probably would have charged all together long ago.

It was supposed to be six against one, but somehow, they had reached a stalemate.

"Oh? Looking at this situation, is this the legendary bullying of the lower grades by the senior ones?"

A sharp voice reached them, everyone turned their heads and saw a few familiar figures.

Wesley and Arin, the fat guy and the skinny one.

The one speaking was the skinny one.

"They are seniors after all, on the first day of school, they were beaten up by a first-year junior —— oh, it seems to be six of them now. How could they lose face? If they don't fight back, how will they continue to be seniors here in the future?"

The fat guy's words were even more vicious than the skinny one's.

"Are you alright?" Arin cautiously eyed their opponents while her sight swept over Long Yi. Except for some blood stains on his hands, he looked fine.

"Brother Long, we're here to support you." Wesley hurriedly said it was their merit.

"We were just afraid that you would get beaten to death, which would disgrace us first-years." The fat man said derisively.

Seeing the four of them rushing over, Long Yi's encirclement immediately split open, changing from six against one to six against five. On the other side, it was six dragons against five. Unfortunately, all of them were baby dragons, even Bajie, who was the largest, was only half the size of the rest. The next largest one was the fat man's dragon.

It was a plump little dragon covered with round bulges that gleamed.

It was actually a Hive Dragon.

When a Hive Dragon enters adolescence, hexagonal cavities similar to a bee's nest will evolve on the back of its skin, and slowly grow beetles under the Hive Dragon's control, these beetles do not have their own consciousness.

These beetles have huge stomachs filled with unstable substances. Under the control of the Hive Dragon, they will charge at the enemy and detonate the unstable substances to cause a terrifying explosion with a very wide range of influence.

It can be said that the Hive Dragon is a nightmare for those with agoraphobia and clustered enemies.

No one expected that this chubby boy, who had a slick and tender look, owns a dragon so brutal. However, at this moment, the Hive Dragon was just in its infancy, and it could not produce these explosive beetles.

At this moment, the fat man felt he had made an important decision.

Just a while ago, soon after Long Yi left, Wesley wanted to go find Long Yi with Arin. The Observation Dragon, with its keen senses, had already heard about the conflict involving Long Yi. As Long Yi's follower, Wesley performed quite well.

At this time, the fat man also stood up with the skinny man, they had made an impromptu decision to join in.

The fat man knew about Wesley's abilities. Seeing them panic, he knew that Long Yi must be in trouble. Although the fat man didn't have the guts to go against the instructors, he had his own tactics. And to rescue a classmate in distress, almost the equivalent of saving a comrade on the battlefield, this is the easiest way to win the favor of the instructors!

And this time, the fat man made a right guess.

The first-year instructor looked at the four newcomers, and he was very satisfied. He was also a person who had retreated from the battlefield. If it weren't because of his hidden disease that he couldn't fight anymore, how could he be teaching students here? As a warrior, what he valued most was the bond between comrades. Although it was not under his orders, these four came here on their own. No matter whether this fat girl and the skinny boy were here to help Long Yi out of genuine concern, judged solely by their actions, they knew the big picture!

"You came at a really inconvenient time. If you had come a little later, you could probably have seen these seniors lying all over the ground." Long Yi said with a grin.

"Showing off." The fat guy sneered disdainfully.

"Look, I've already knocked down one person and one dragon. I was planning to kick these six guys one by one, and then go help Bajie. But you guys came to meddle."

There wasn't a hint of realization in Long Yi's tone about the beating he just took. These six newcomers were all easy to him. He didn't take into account the fact that he was also a beginner.

In fact, whether it was the fat guy, the skinny guy, Wesley, or Arin, they were all secretly amazed. Although they didn't see how Long Yi fought with their own eyes, given that he was up against so many people, the fact that he had taken down one person and one dragon wasn't a simple matter to be explained in a few words.

But this only explained one thing, Long Yi is very strong!

"Come on, you four, step aside and let me finish this fight. We can go eat with the rest of the time."

Eat, eat, eat! Is that the only thing on your mind?

The first-year instructor felt like he was about to go crazy, from the moment this Long Yi opened his mouth, it was all about eating. Was his entire life just about eating?

When they heard what Long Yi said, Wesley instinctively felt that it was not reliable.

"Boss, you…"

"No, their dragon fighting aura is at the fourth and fifth stage, and some of them even use Fighting Aura abilities, you are no match for them." Arin decisively shook her head. Although she barely had any power herself, she could see how strong several people were thanks to the talent of the Mithril Dragon. There is a huge difference between people who have Fighting Aura capabilities and people who don't. Ordinary people can't tell the difference, but Arin can.

"Rest assured, isn't it just a Fighting Aura ability? If I can't learn it after seeing it once, wouldn't that be too embarrassing?"

As Long Yi spoke, his Fighting Aura revolved at a high speed, imitating the previous person's appearance. The Fighting Aura instantly swirled around his fists and in a blink of an eye, an image of a dragon head faintly appeared in his fists!


And this time, everyone was shocked.

It was the Dragon Roar Fist technique that the previous man had shown, the Fighting Aura technique!

How could that be! He's just a freshman who just enrolled! How could he possibly perform the Dragon Roar Fist? Did he just learn it? Is this guy a monster?

However, everyone's surprise had just started when the Dragon Roar Fist suddenly 'pop' burst into nothing.

Then, Brother Long scratched his head awkwardly and laughed honestly, "Sorry, this one is still a bit difficult. It seems I can't learn it that easily."


Among the people he was against, of course, Luo Qi was there. As a second-year student ranked third, he went to bother Long Yi and instead got himself knocked out by Long Yi. Deep down, he was extremely annoyed. But now when Long Yi came knocking and laid another person out, Luo Qi actually felt quite pleased.

Because Luo Qi fundamentally did not believe that he himself had lost. He acknowledged that he had underestimated Long Yi and didn't really try hard. But now, Luo Qi had decided that the lost face must be redeemed by himself! As for the scene where Long Yi caught the Dragon Roar Fist empty-handed earlier, Luo Qi didn't put it in his heart. To him, the Dragon Roar Fist came out of thin air, without any attack as cover. Compared to Long Yi, he had many more and simpler ways to solve it!

Thinking of this, Luo Qi turned his head to look back. Among the crowd of the second-year students, a man was sitting on a dragon saddle. The crowd was making him their leader, that was the big brother of the second-year class.

Seeing Luo Qi turned his head, the man faintly nodded. So Luo Qi turned around, saying, "Since it's just Long Yi on his own, as seniors, we can't gang up on one younger student. This time, I'll be the one that fights!"

Luo Qi's words were full of passion, but Wesley sneered: "Starting from the morning all the way till now, fought six people one after another. To make yourself sound all great and noble, don't you even know what being embarrassed means?"

Luo Qi was furious and was about to retort when Long Yi also burst into rage at the same time, "Bastard! How dare you speak to seniors this way! Look at senior Luo Qi. I kicked him unconscious this morning, yet he is still trying to fight with me. What kind of spirit is this? Isn't this the spirit of not knowing when to give up?"

Wesley initially thought Long Yi was really going to berate him, but when he heard the latter part, he burst into laughter immediately, giving Long Yi a thumbs-up, "Well done, Brother Long, you're even more malicious than me!"

Upon hearing these words, Luo Qi almost choked on his own spittle. In any case, he never expected that Long Yi would dare to be so audacious, even at a time like this!

"Since our junior is so confident, I really want to see how many moves you can withstand!"

Finished speaking, he didn't care that Wesley was still next to Long Yi, and directly attacked. Long Yi gave a grin, grabbed Wesley's neck and shoved him away, then rushed towards Luo Qi.

Luo Qi's body swayed twice. He made two fake moves, then suddenly punched. He thought in his heart if Long Yi dodged, the next consecutive attack like a storm. If Long Yi didn't dodge, this punch would smash all of Long Yi's teeth!

But what Long Yi did was far beyond Luo Qi's expectation. Long Yi didn't dodge at all. Instead, he laughed viciously, and punched Luo Qi in the face with the same move!


Are you kidding me? I'm taller and have longer arms. Even if I lose teeth, you'll lose yours first!

Luo Qi hurriedly dodged, at the moment of dodging, he realized that Long Yi's next uppercut had arrived!

Damn it! This is clearly my planned attack! How did this bastard pull it off!

Long Yi's uppercut bombed out from top to bottom. The Dragon Fighting Aura made a whistling sound, sparing no quarter!

Having no other choice, Luo Qi quickly tilted his head to dodge this, but almost at the exact same time Long Yi's kick had already gone off!


It wasn't too heavy or too light, and there wasn't even any Dragon Fighting Aura. It just kicked on the off-balanced Luo Qi, Luo Qi was actually directly kicked to the ground by this kick!

And that's not all!

Long Yi doesn't have the hobby of letting someone off the hook. He immediately took a step, twisted his waist and lifted his leg, with a crisp snap, a roundhouse kick directly hit Luo Qi on the arm.

Yes, on the arm.

Long Yi originally aimed at Luo Qi's head, but at the crucial moment, Luo Qi finally demonstrated his reaction ability corresponding to his year level. The arm full of Fighting Aura hard-blocked this blow, and the whole person was kicked over even more.

It was this attack that made Luo Qi realize that if he didn't have any stronger moves, he was no match for Long Yi in terms of ordinary fighting skills!

Thinking of this, Luo Qi rolled over, and the Dragon Fighting Aura was already running at full throttle before he even got up!


With a loud roar, Luo Qi, who had initially fallen to the ground, suddenly faced Long Yi. The Fighting Aura blazed on his fists. Naturally, Long Yi wouldn't show any weakness, his fists met in an instant, and in a blink of an eye, the two exchanged dozens of punches. At this moment, Luo Qi suddenly retreated his fists. The Fighting Aura sharply compressed, and a roar of a dragon emerged from his fists!

"Dragon Roar Fist!"

A Dragon Roar Fist stronger than the previous person! The dragon head on the fists was more solidified than the one before, and the roar was even more shocking!

"You think you're the only one who knows how to do this?"

Long Yi laughed loudly, the Dragon Fighting Aura also condensed instantly, and a series of dragon roars came from his fists!

"Dragon Roar Fist 2.0 Version!"

[Happy Year of the Horse! Quick fortune! Hahaha!]