Chapter 12: Let Me Greet Your Whole Family_2

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The second-year instructor shot the first-year one a cold glance, didn't say much, and withdrew his fighting aura. He made a waving gesture with his hand and growled with a gritted teeth at Long Yi, "Whoever left their ass not wiped clean, immediately solve this problem for me. If not, you all are dead meat!"

Upon hearing this, six people almost rushed out at the same time.

The three from the morning, the three from the morning, and the one who was just knocked away by Long Yi - a total of seven people, facing Long Yi alone. Yet, Long Yi was laughing heartily, his face showing no sign of panic, his heart was even more excited.

In his 18 years, Long Yi had never fought any Dragon Knight. He didn't even know how strong he was himself. The future enemies of Dragon Knights were definitely other enemy Dragon Knights. Without battling against other Dragon Knights, how could he test his battle readiness?

His fists were itching for action!

"Fellow classmates, stop when you should."

The second-year instructor coldly threw down a comment, which was considered as an approval for this showdown, then he turned around and walked off. He had no interest in looking at such a test. This guy was really strong, and his Dragon's fighting aura might have already reached the fifth level. But this doesn't matter, because no matter how strong a Dragon Knight is, they finally rely on their dragon. And the Earth Dragon of this big guy was no match for the Flying Dragon!

However, there was an unusual smile on the corner of the first-year instructor's mouth standing behind Long Yi, he yelled from a distance, "Hey, mate, are you afraid of losing?"


Being provoked, the second-year instructor definitely couldn't swallow this insult. He grinned, showing a grim smile, and squeezed out three words from between his teeth.

"Don't kill him!"

Hearing these three words, Long Yi also started laughing.

"Don't worry, I promise to leave them a way out."

Long Yi said.

One facing seven people, Long Yi seemed casual, but he had already formulated a battle plan in his heart. In a battle against Dragon Riders, assuming the same level of Dragon's Aura, it all came down to combat techniques. And if it came to combat techniques, even the instructors might not match Long Yi.

Among the six, one of the three from the morning launched the first attack. In the morning, he was stunned by Long Yi's actions, before he could react and make a move, Long Yi had already left. Seeing two of his friends knocked down by Long Yi later, he was embarrassed. Now that Long Yi was on his doorstep, how could he let go of this opportunity?

"Dragon Roar Fist!"

With a loud bang, his body's fighting aura condensed on his fists, a dragon head faintly appeared above his fists. The dragon head glared at Long Yi, opened its mouth wide and attacked Long Yi with the roar of a dragon.

"Fighting Aura Technique!"

The first-year instructor immediately widened his eyes.

Generally, in the Dragon Knight Academy, they focus on training these upcoming Dragon Knight's basic physical abilities in the first year, while in the second year, the Fighting Aura Dragon Knights and Magic Dragon Knights would move on to different departments for learning.

Like Magic has Magic Techniques, Fighting Aura also has Fighting Aura Techniques. By operating Fighting Aura, unique fighting techniques are formed to achieve much greater damage than a direct Fighting Aura attack.

Dragon Roar Fist is a basic skill among Fighting Aura Techniques, and even siblings with some actual strength from well-known families would have probably already mastered this Fighting Aura Technique before enrolling.

But Long Yi didn't come from any family!

He's a blacksmith's son, and he himself was a blacksmith too!

Long Yi's instructor immediately became extra cautious. The Fighting Aura Techniques were enormously powerful, if Long Yi didn't handle this properly, he could get seriously injured, and his life could even be in danger!

Long Yi, what are you going to do? Accept defeat, or bring disaster upon yourself through your vain efforts!

Long Yi quickly retreated three steps backward, at the same time both of his hands fiercely grabbed onto the Dragon head.


Long Yi felt an excruciating sharp pain in his palms, and the dragon head in his hands kept roaring.

"Damn you! Behave yourself!"

Long Yi's entire body's Dragon's Aura exploded violently, he endured the severe pain, he pulled the Dragon head formed from Fighting Aura backward with one hand, the opponent had manifested a Fighting Aura Technique, but how could his physical strength compare with Long Yi! The man staggered forward, following that, a big foot kicked him squarely in the stomach.


The man screamed, his Fighting Aura immediately disintegrated, and the Dragon head condensed from Fighting Aura couldn't be maintained anymore and exploded with a loud bang. Long Yi's hands were also blasted away, but he took the opportunity to rush forward, his blasted palms simultaneously came down, only to hear two almost simultaneous cracks, a body slumped down softly.

"That really fucking hurts!"

Long Yi quietly cursed, looking down at his palms, he saw several wounds now visible, which were probably the results of the Dragon Roar Fist just now. Long Yi, although taken aback, recognised the power of these Fighting Aura Techniques. Even though he already knew the existence of Fighting Aura Techniques, he could not invent a new technique out of thin air, right? Today if it was not for his Giant bloodline and a high six-layer Dragon's Aura, this single move would have been sufficient to make him an utter laughingstock!

On one hand, Long Yi was discontented, on the other hand, the six people on the opposite side were already shocked beyond words. It could be said that they all have personally experienced Long Yi's strength. In their view, Long Yi just took advantage of his fast attack to send them flying when they were not noticing. It was not a display of any real strength, as long as they were given a fair fight opportunity, how could they lose to a rookie who just entered school?

But just now, Long Yi showed them the cold, hard fact - wishful thinking!

What is a Fighting Aura Technique? That's a high-level combat technique, just a single Fighting Aura Technique can generate several or even a dozen times the power of a normal Fighting Aura attack. But just a moment ago, Long Yi unexpectedly grabbed Dragon Roar Fist with his bare hands! Not only that, he also kicked it till it shattered!

Could it be this big dumb guy's strength far exceeds everyone else's?

The second-year instructor figured out how Long Yi did it, he also realised that Long Yi didn't know any Fighting Aura Techniques. However, just by relying on his hands, he managed to catch a Fighting Aura Technique, how could he not be amazed! He could vaguely sense that, Long Yi's fighting aura layers were definitely not lower than five! No! It should be six!

This kid is actually this strong?

But, even having six layers of Fighting Aura then what? This meagre Fighting Aura could not make up for their numerical superiority! You can catch one person's Fighting Aura Technique, can you catch everyone else's?

The second year instructor gave them a look, the six people still stunned at the original place simultaneously released a powerful Dragon Fighting Aura, facing Long Yi in the center.

The fierce Fighting Aura was like a blaze, Long Yi was being swung from left to right in the center.

"Come here, blockheads, I promise to leave you guys alive." Long Yi smirked, showing his shiny white teeth. All six layers of the Fighting Aura blew wide open! Even under the weight of six people's Fighting Aura, he managed to hold his ground!