2 The Battle For Kyoto (Muv Luv Alternative)

My first instinct when I awoke from my long slumber was abruptly interrupted by the distant sound of explosions and throbbing pain in my skull.

"Ouch," I muttered, my hand instinctively reaching to soothe the discomfort.

As I tried to move and make myself comfortable, I realized I was confined within a tight, unfamiliar space. Panic welled up inside me, and I desperately looked around, only to find myself surrounded by glass panels and numerous unknown buttons, and a Joystick in front of me.

"Where the hell am I?" I wondered aloud, my heart pounding.

I touch the glasses a little and feel a little cold, but when I glance outside the glass I notice where am I.

I blink once twice, third to see if my eye is right at what I am seeing.

I found myself suspended in the dark sky, peering out at the billowing clouds.

...Last time I check I was not heading somewhere.

When I take a closer look at what kind of thing I am riding, I notice that the familiar design of it

It was cockpit

But the question remains which cockpit am I on? I try to peek at the back of the aircraft and see a turbofan on each side of the back of the aircraft, there is also noticeable white color making it stand out from the darkness.

....No way, there is no way.... am I riding the A-10C Thunderbolt II?

They are highly durable fighters known for their heavy weaponry and designed for close air support. It possesses exceptional low-speed agility and is equipped with devastating air-to-ground armaments, including 30mm machine guns. Its nickname is 'Thunderbolt II.'

How do I know this? Well as an Ace Combat fan, I know every single Aircraft including the prototype soon to be used.

However, the question remains: How did I end up here? I have no clue. One moment, I accepted the deal, and the next moment, I found myself soaring through the dark skies.

While I was contemplating What I am seeing I jumped again when I heard an explosion below the ground.

When I gaze down to see what seems the source of the sound, to my astonishment, even more, is the sight below—a city engulfed in flames.


It was bright red, with flame all over the place as smoke rise to the skies. And the next moment a screen appears on the top of my point of view saying. [12th of July, 1998][The Battle For Kyoto]

Now that is something I never expected to see.

This kind of remind of me a certain mission, the Bombing of Hoffnung, where I unknowingly caused civilian casualties in the pursuit of game points.

It's been a long time since I play that game kind of miss it now.

Shaking off the past memory I suddenly got jumbled up when the plane suddenly head down to the surface without warning.

[Pull Up][Danger]

I immediately notice that I was the pilot of this aircraft, and fear begin to pile up when I notice there is no one that controls it.

While I do know the type of aircraft, I do not know how to control the plane! That's a completely different topic!

But if I don't do something I will fucking die, so I brought my hand to the joystick and Suddenly felt an uncanny familiarity as if I have been flying this particular model for years, despite this being my first time using or touching that controller.

I then Grith my teeth and try to bring the aircraft up in the skies and relief washes over me as the plane slowly gains altitude.

But I kind of surprised I did not feel dizzy at all from the G force, it is a kind of common thing to happen if anybody uses a plane for the very first time

As I gain confidence in maneuvering the aircraft from further control, even surprised that I know what several buttons on the cockpit meant. I notice a red target indicator in the distance below the ground.

I try to look at the Red Square closely and suddenly my plane automatically locks on target on the Red Square that is in the middle of the street city.

...That's a target for me to destroy? Wait wait wait.

And the blue screen appears in front of me for the second time.

[Mission Updated]


Kyoto is currently engulfed in flame, destroying all opposing enemies until none is left standing.


And suddenly various Red Square appears from my point of view and the map suddenly shows the same thing as well.

..Suddenly I felt this is some S**o L***ling bullcrap.

Whatever, so these systems that transport me in the middle of the skies now want me to kill all of Red Square's targets below the target?

Sure seems fun.

But First I check my arsenal, and I confirm its contents that I can use in combat


∞ (GUN)

220 missiles (MSL)

120 unguided bombs (UGB)

420 air-to-ground missiles (4AGM)


Oh yeah! Now that's what I am talking about! Look at this amount! With this much, I can raze an entire city to ash if I want to!

Although I have no idea why I am here

When I see a target to lock onto.

All I know is that it has to be destroyed.

With full determination, I immediately activate the AfterBurner of the plane and suddenly feel the acceleration of the speed.

I begin to close in on the first closest enemy.

As I begin to close in on the Red Enemy below the ground suddenly have it automatically locked on by me, taking a deep breath I then fire 2 missiles as they soared through the air, finding their mark and obliterating ground targets in a devastating display. The warheads tore through the enemy, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

"Splash on Target!" I said the iconic line.

[Caution] [Pull Up]

The caution warning blares, urging me to pull up. Annoyed, I swiftly ascend and continue engaging the enemy, relying on the powerful Gattling Guns to eliminate my foes.

With precision, I maneuvered my A-10C Thunderbolt II, gradually descending to the lowest altitude possible while reducing my speed to make it a lot easier to target.

The moment was ripe, and I initiated a relentless barrage with a thunderous *BRTTT* as the deafening sound of the gun reverberated through the atmosphere.

OH YEAH, I CAN FEEL THE FREEDOM already from the sound!

I continue my attack while activating the afterburner and obliterating the enemy without hesitation using Gatling Gun or Missle as the main firepower.

I then flipped my plane around, shifting my attention solely to the enemy forces. With each maneuver, I unleashed deadly volleys, razing every corner of the city. Collateral damage was unavoidable, but who cares.

Oddly enough, there are no civilian targets in sight. Usually, there would be windmills, refugee camps, schools, and houses for additional extra points. Their absence puzzles me, but I suppress the thought and press onward.

I continue the onslaught until I notice friendly blue squares appearing on my radar, indicating the presence of Allied forces.

<<This is squadron 45th of the IJF, we are surrounded and need help!>> <O-oh god I am being eaten!>>

Hearing their plea, I first look at the map and see a nearby ally surrounded by a sea of red units which every second begin to get thing closer.

I then decided to assist while activating the acceleration to head there as soon as possible of around 160 km/hour.

As I approach their location, I witness hundreds of red squares surrounding the blue allies in an open field of farmland.

And I notice the Blue Square of Allies on the ground is slowly get thing decimated, as one by one slowly approach them.

Seeing that it Will take a very long time to use Gatling Gun or missiles, I deploy a Ungided Bomb stored inside my aircraft

With a quick click of a button, I begin dropping them at the densest enemy group.

When I drop the Unguided Bomb surrounding the allied force, the ground trembles as the explosive payload decimates the enemy forces, significantly reducing their numbers.

<<Who the hell is that?>>

The voice of an ally crackles over the comms, oblivious to my true identity.

<<Who cares? This is our chance to go on the offensive, Charge!!>>

With those words, the friendly forces on the ground rallied and launched a ferocious assault.

Seeing them doing fine I continued my aerial onslaught, providing cover and support as we worked together to obliterate the remaining enemy presence, whether it was in the open fields, cities, or forests leaving behind nothing but fire and destruction.


[Mission Accomplish]

"Finally," I sighed in relief as I released the joystick and sank back into the sofa, seeking a moment of relief after eliminating the last enemy with GAU-8/A that is mounted on the A-10C Thunderbolt II.

The past two hours had been grueling, as I fired missiles, dropped bombs, and unleashed machine gun fire upon an unknown enemy, wiping them out within the city and its outskirts 'alone'.

Why I said alone was the allies on the ground preferred to stay on the defense side while I have to do all the work of eliminating all the enemies that keep approaching.

Now, my missile and bomb reserves were depleted, indicated by the red status lights. Only the machine gun remained, with its unlimited supply, but targeting enemies individually proved to be a challenge even for me.

The sheer number of enemies was staggering, far beyond what I could have imagined, almost more than a thousand of them considering how many [Destroyed] screens I received on my head that I almost consider annoying.

It was frustrating that a mission that would typically take 30 minutes in any Ace Combat game had taken me two hours to complete.

But my rest time was interrupted when I received a radio from below ground.

<<Thank you very much!>><<You save me!>><<I won't forget your help!>>

I glanced in the direction of the voice and saw a robot waving at me from an inner part of the city. It was hard to tell from their expression since I can only see the robot, but they seemed grateful I guess.

But kind of weird that one of the voices was like a high school girl, meh maybe because of their gen or something, no way they let a high school girl in the military.

While I was keeping my distance the comms suddenly comms in live.

<<Identify Unknown Aircraft or you will be shot down!>>

The stern warning echoed through the air, making it clear that I had been discovered as an outsider among these people.

<<What? You are really considering shooting down our savior?>>

One of the young girl's voices resonates through the radio.

And at that word, I received another mission on my screen.

[Mission Updated]

Panic I quickly glanced at the updated mission details, realizing that my immediate priority was to swiftly exit the mission area.

There was even pointing to where I needed to go either from the map and in front of my face.

<<All TSF Capture that unknown aircraft immediately! Anybody that disobeys will be punished!>> A commanding voice through the comms

When I heard this to my surprise, the friend tags on my radar suddenly transformed from blue into a disconcerting shade of yellow, indicating a shift in their allegiance toward neutrality, or in my case It is an option to eliminate all of them if I want to.

To avoid unnecessary conflict, I promptly left the area as fast as possible so I turn my aircraft around and accelerate it.

<<How are we supposed to capture a flight aircraft you dumb!>><<Just shoot down its engine!>>

I stole a quick glance behind me and was relieved to see that no one was pursuing me. However, I knew this respite would be short-lived, and my priority shifted to finding any evidence or clues that could explain why I was here.

Calculating a course toward the edge of the map, I pushed my aircraft to its limits. The world outside seemed to blur as I strained against the gravitational forces, a mix of anticipation and uncertainty swirling within me.

Then, as if consumed by the unknown, darkness descended upon my consciousness, and I succumbed to the waiting embrace of unconsciousness.

[Mission Completed]



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