18 Shock Upon The Truth


<<Coms Speaking>>




I was captivated by his long brown hair and beauty, her dark silver eyes made her stand out including the scar across her left eye.

But I shook my head, attempting to dispel my confusing thoughts. What on earth was I thinking? He's a guy, not a girl.

As my mind cleared a bit after shaking my head, I brought my hand to Trigger and tried my best to smile while for some reason blushing a little. "You must be the infamous Trigger I heard so much about. My name is Renald Yoma."

Trigger firmly grasped Renald's hand and answered with a smile, "Hello Captain. My name is Alina Blackburn, code name Trigger of the Three Strike Unit. But you could call me Alina sir."

Huh weird, he even has a feminine voice. And a pretty cute voice too not going to lie.... wait she has a girl's name.

"It's surprising that...You have a girlish voice and... a girl name"

Alina raised her eyebrow and was confused by Renald's statement, "What are you talking about Captain? Of course, I am a girl."

I was breathing hitched slightly as if I couldn't quite believe that Alina was serious. "That's... a joke, right?" I asked, still uncertain if she was messing with me or not

Trigger stared silently, seemingly taking a moment to process what I had just heard before answering "Sorry if I did not meet your expectations captain, but yeah...I am a girl"

The Legendary Tree Strike itself is a...girl? Is he trying to fool me?

He not only manages to escape the death sentence after killing the vice president (Even though he is not the culprit) but destroys the entire Eurasia Air fleet, even Arsenal Bird itself!!

Is.. a friking girl? Is this some kind of sick Belkan joke that I do not know of? There were even several proofs of his image in several cutscenes!

My voice can't help but become stiff upon hearing this. "But, but, but, the name Trigger, the code name... I assumed..." 

Her face initially reflects confusion before she slams her hands together in understanding. "Ahhh... You must have seen..." She then shakes her head and looks back at me. "That's because I was a bit of a tomboy back in the military."


Her expression softens as she continues, "Dad always warned me that men can be dangerous, so he told me to dress like a boy and I did. But with the war over, I try to let my hair grow long to let my feminine side shine." 

"Oh..." I was unsure how to respond to her revelation. After all, I had been under the assumption that she was male the entire time.

Wait so you are telling me you sacrificed your hair back then just hide that you are a girl? And I thought girl tend to hate having their hair cut. Got damn this girl in insane

But now... I don't know How I am supposed to react to this... Betrayal?

As I felt my entire world was flipped upside down, I began pointing to the only one whom I could blame in this situation.


Was this your plan all along Namco? To trick the whole fandom into thinking he was a male by showing a small cutscene of his image? 

Damn you Namco!!


After I let out my frustration, we decided to take a seat nearby where there were no pry eyes with Trigger beside me, while we continued to gaze at the wreckage of the Runaway, previously a launch pad for TSF, which now lay destroyed as the final resting place for BETA.

"Just call me Renald"

"Understood Captain Renald!"

"Call me Renald"

"Understood Captain Renald" 


"Captain Renald" She swiftly cut me off.

I let out a small sigh. "Fine..."

And right now I've been consistently trying to dissuade her from addressing me as 'Captain,' even though I possess none of the typical attributes associated with the title or experience.

I was even thinking Trigger was a better candidate to be the captain, but this ongoing exchange has become so tiresome that I give up even convincing her.

She suddenly victoriously raised her hand. Maybe I should have tried to argue more. Bahh that's not important right now.

As I slump back to the wall I look back at the System Screen as it shows the background of Trigger or Alina.

The girl in question was Alina Blackburn, an Osean citizen and a prominent member of the Osean Air Defense Force at the age of 31, renowned on both the Eurasian and Osean fronts as Trigger or Three Strike that we all known.

At least she has a name now.

I look back at her and she seems to be still in a victorious manner can't help but release a small sigh before addressing her, "Alright I will let you call me captain but I hope you don't mind that I address you as Trigger or Alina depending on the situation is that alright."

She lowers her fist and gives me a small smile. "No problem, but I'd prefer if you called me by my real name in private, at least."


An awkward silence settled between us for a moment as we listened to Digger dispatching BETA. I turned my gaze back to her, curiosity getting the better of me.

"Wait, so you've been disguising yourself as a guy all this time? Is it not a pain doing that?"

When she looks back at me her smile brightens which makes my heart flutter, "Yeah but it was a pain but was it not quite the revelation, isn't it knowing me that I was a girl Renald?" she remarked, clearly amused by my bewilderment before.

I stifled a few coughs with my hand, attempting to conceal my embarrassment. In the background, I could hear Trigger or Alina giggle. Trying to shift the topic to divert my thoughts, I asked, "So... How's this going to work out? Are you going to be under my command seeing as you call me Captain, or..."

I found myself genuinely puzzled. I had bought Trigger with the expectation that she would turn the tide of the battle, but I hadn't considered what would come next.

Does she need to be fed? Require sleep? Is there a limited time I can use her every time? Is she okay with following my order?

"Eh... you don't really need to be worried captain, just feed me like a normal human, let me have some good sleep and I will follow your order, just don't ask something unreasonable like asking me to drop off from a high building." She replied

That's reasonable, but now I truly have to ask a question which going to test the limit I can order her.

"So if I order you to bomb a civilian will you still do it?"

As you may already know almost the entire main character in Ace Combat has committed at least a hundred war crimes ranging from bombing a civilian building to a city, civilian trucks and so much more just for the sake of point.

But that still begs the question, would she still follow my order if I ask for an unreasonable order? I already hardened my heart that If I ever receive a mission to bomb a civilian I would gladly do it for the sake of my sister but Trigger? I have no clue.

I want at least both of us to have the same mindset so we can work together a lot more easily. If she is more virtuous I won't force her to follow my order.

Trigger paused, her gaze dark and inscrutable, and then she spoke, "I don't mind. Just provide a clear order, and I'll gladly carry it out."

There was also a noticeable smile of mischief on her face and the look of her that she could see through me at first glance, which kind of sent a shiver down my spine.

As I heard her answer, I hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

It seemed clear that she was willing to follow the order. I wondered if this obedience was a result of the system's influence, or perhaps it was a consequence of the countless war crimes she had committed, making her accustomed to such orders.

I need to know more about these Ace Combat Sytems, there is too much unknown information that I do not know about from how this trait works, how many aircraft I can deploy, or if there is a morale I should be worried about? and so much more.

..Now that I think about it, the possibility of using these systems is endless, As Long I use my card correctly. I can even fight an entire country itself.

..I am getting off track, I am not here to become a real demon, Lord. I am here to earn some money and head back home to pay the bill.

Going any further would only put both me and my sister's lives in jeopardy. And I don't plan to leave my sister alone if ever die.

Nevertheless, with this one of the seven members of the round of table is at my hand. 

My train of thought was abruptly interrupted as I felt a gentle poke on my cheek. I looked over the culprit only to be met with Trigger's or Alina's gentle smile and slightly mischievous expression.

As her poking persisted, I asked, "... Why are you poking me?"

"Hmm," she mused, bringing her finger to her cheek "You're a lot like Bandog, always overthinking things! You might want to ease up on the thinking if you don't want to end up as a target in the sky!"

Did she give me guidance on how to be a better pilot? Guidance from the legend him- I mean herself?

Man having these system having these system have turned my life around. Become the richest person and now meeting Trigger herself?

"I am honored to receive guidance can you stop poking me please?"

"Sure, as long as you give me the chance to engage in more combat!"

With her final words, her cheerful grin transformed into something more sinister, and a cold, calculating glint appeared in her eyes. As if she were thirsty for battle.

Suddenly I felt the conversation take 180 degrees.

Damn, I actually felt scared from that one. Could it be Trigger's hidden character being a warmonger? 

Actually, now that I think about all of Mutes kind of a warmonger since they literally slaughter all of the opposing sides. I even heard a rumor that whenever Belkan heard Galm 1 was expected to be in the battle every pilot began to flee in fear.

And all of this was for the sake of point.

"Renald we got trouble," Trigger said

As I looked back to the front and to my shock there were rows after rows of infantry in blue armor vests with their guns ready. And right behind these walls of soldiers, was none other than Dr. Kouzai herself wearing her white coat.

I got a bit scared seeing the number of soldiers standing menacingly facing us, so I immediately hid behind the trigger in fear while peeking from beyond her shoulder.

"U-uh Dr Kouzaki what a pleasant surprise."

As Dr. Kouzaki guided us away from the tense situation, a soldier shadowing our every move, I couldn't help but notice Trigger's complete lack of fear despite the array of guns pointed in her direction that I can't help but ask a question of how she is not scared.

"I prefer... a gun pointing at me, rather than solitary." that was her answer



We are now back at the starting point where I met Dr. Kouzaki for the first time. Deep underground where the first time I came here I was cuffed like a prisoner

I brought my hand out to Trigger, "Then I will introduce her again, her name is Alina Blackburn. But people call hers Trigger as a Code name in battle"

"I'll start first then." Dr Kouzaki bows her head "Thank you, Alina for saving the base."

"...It's nothing, I am just following Captain's order."

"Captain eh?" She then looks at me in interest.

I raise my arms in surrender "Don't look at me, I am confused as you are why she is calling me captain"


I just noticed the stares from other soldiers when they were with us.

"Now can you explain a bit more about the.. X-02 Wvyren you spoke off?

"Sure... just like I explained before the X-02 Wvyren was developed with the main purpose of shutting down air superiority completely that included both aircraft, TSF even ground vehicles if they are arms with ground weapons.."

There were looks of shock on Dr Kouzaki's face before she regained her composure "I... see and do you have any plan with it miss Alina?"

"Oh ho ho, don't worry. If I had any intention to harm anyone..." She flashed a dark, unsettling smile in her eyes. "I would have already done it."

"Hohoho... Quite intimidating," Dr. Kouzaki responded.

The room seemed to lose air as Trigger and Dr. Kouzaki burst into laughter at each other. Elena... I want to go home.

But Trigger quickly regains her posture "Now, I am here to help. Also Please Call me Alina or Trigger." 

Dr. Kouzaki waved her hand casually before directing her attention back to me, "Oh, and Renald, your aircraft is currently under containment."

I frowned, my mind racing through the possibility of what she just meant. "Contained..? As in..?

"As it being locked on and thoroughly searched"

I can't help but be shocked upon hearing "What on earth are you talking about, Dr. Kouzaki? This was not part of our agreement!"

Dr. Kouzaki attempted to reassure me with her tone, "Calm down, it's part of a routine security measure. We need to ensure everything is thoroughly inspected before granting the... X-02 Wvyren access to the facility. Standard protocol, you need to understand."

Oh no no no no the last thing I want is for the aircraft to be searched and thoroughly inspected, what would happen if they damage it "B-but it will be returned right?"

"...Who knows." Dr Kouzaki replied.

I couldn't help but sink to the floor, devastated by what I was hearing. My two million dollars worth of aircraft, all gone...

Still, in my state of depression, I felt someone grip my shoulder and turned to see Trigger clearly not worried. "Hehehe, Captain, you don't need to worry," she reassured me. "Did you forget about X-02 Wvyren's ability?"

I was confused by what she meant until I heard a radio noise and looked over to Dr Kouzaki who seemed to be speaking with someone right now.

<<I-I repeat, the unknown aircraft has gone rogue for some reason, and we can't figure out how to stop it! Gyah!>>

In the background, I noticed the faint noise of a jet engine and a racket of panicked voices in it.

...I don't know what happened but it seems from the voice they failed and with the way Trigger or Alina Smirk at Dr Kouzaki..

Dr. Kouzaki gripped the radio in her hand tightly, then turned her gaze back to Alina. "...What did you do?"

"Hehe, it's a secret," Alina replied mischievously, sticking her tongue out. "Now... If you want to know more you have to ask Captain permission."

And with that, Dr. Kouzaki's attention shifted to me and it seemed like she was not happy at all hearing this.

"I-I am confused as you are Dr Kouzaki!"

"Hm..." Dr. Kouzaki crossed both her hands and legs, maintaining a frowning expression on her face. "Fine... I won't push too hard on it"

I let out relief but Dr. Kouzaki suddenly had her face turn into a neutral "But.. can you at least tell me how much it cost?

"Oh that's fine" I straight my posture and said out loud "It's $2 Million Dollar"

She must have been stunned by the amount of money she received. I mean, even 2 million dollars is quite a sum, even for me.

But the very thing was unexpected to me as She suddenly printed out a bunch of paper and threw it in front of my table. I looked at the paper and read that it was a Contract to buy 100 types of the same thing for 2.000.000 Billion won...Including the blueprint. 

"What is this?" I asked, thoroughly perplexed by what I was seeing.

"Heh... Isn't it obvious? I'd like to enter into a contract to acquire more of those 'Experimental aircraft' you have."

..I couldn't believe it. Was she genuinely serious? I studied her face and realized that she meant every word.

After a brief moment of contemplation, I pushed the paperwork aside. "I'll... consider it."

First thing first I have to try if I can use the money from this world. If it truly works, I can make a lot of money from selling aircraft which is obviously going to make me rich. It's a win-win for both of us.

Maybe I even found one of those unlimited money glitch.

"Hm... Very well," Dr. Kouzaki replied with a slight frown.

"But I have a better offer for you Dr Kouzaki" She raised her eyebrow "I can't help with your battle or any mission until I recover my health but since I already made a contract with you, I have an alternate solution" I reached out and grabbed Trigger's shoulder from behind, gently pushing her forward "I'll lend Alina to you Dr Kouzaki"

"Eh?" Alina appeared baffled by the sudden turn of events.

"Her?" Dr. Kouzaki's interest was now piqued.

"This girl actually has more combat experience than I do, so you can count on her not to let you down, and you manage to see her self her combat power in the battle against the BETA using the X-02 Wvyren" I explained. "So... do we have a deal?"

"Deal," Dr. Kouzaki agreed.

And with that, I made another deal with Dr Kouzaki.


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"Cipher! I challenge you to battle!"

There was an imaginary static of electricity coming out of both their eyes as they continued to glare at each other.

And these two are none other than Trigger and Cipher.



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