27 Nightmare


<<Coms Speaking>>



I found myself in an otherworldly dream, a dream that seemed too real to be anything but reality as the sounds of sirens wailed in the distance, and the red and blue lights flickered ominously through the windows. I stood frozen, my heart pounding as I gazed at the front door, which seemed to tremble under an impending force. This was nothing like any dream I had experienced before. It felt too real, too close to home.

I heard footsteps approaching, heavy and deliberate. I wanted to escape, but my limbs felt leaden, refusing to obey my desperate commands. As the doorknob turned, I could almost feel the cold metal against my fingertips, sending shivers down my spine

"You're under arrest for a crime you committed," he declared, the words echoing in the narrow hallway.

As the officers closed in, the gravity of the situation dawned on his sister, Elana, who had been oblivious until now. Panic seized her as she rushed forward, desperately attempting to intervene.

Without warning, another officer forcefully shoved Elana aside. The impact sent her sprawling to the floor, pain radiating through her body. Shock and anger flashed across her face as she clutched her side.

At that moment, a surge of fury ignited within me. My eyes once clouded with confusion, now burned with an intensity that mirrored the anger building within. Witnessing my sister's pain triggered a protective instinct, unleashing a torrent of emotions.

Without sparing a single thought I hover my arms toward the familiar system and begin to summon the familiar pilot and aircraft 

As the familiar blue lish glows behind me as they begin to materialize, I fix my gaze on the retreating police officers as they begin to back away in fear not before giving my pilot one last order.

Pilot, do not spare a single person and kill them ALL!

[Alert: Assimilation is at... 6%]


I found myself jolting awake. 

I repeatedly breathed in the air and felt sweat on my head. With the palm of my hand over my head, covering my face to think of what just happened before. Not before noticing that I was in my own bed I felt the touch of my familiar mattress before looking outside the window to see it was still nighttime outside.

A sense of relief washed over me as I realized it was just a dream.. Thank god.

As I took a moment to collect myself I was startled when someone touched my shoulder, I immediately got rid of the said hand and looked over to see not just one person but almost 10 people in my room staring at me in darkness. Immediately bringing me to full alert and a little fear.

"Captain. Are you okay?"

And when I manage to hear the familiar voice of a girl I know my guard starts to relax a little "Alina?"

"Yeah, it's us." 

When the relation of the moons shows I manage to get a glimpse of their face with the distinct helmet they usually wear.

"H-huh? Why are you guys here?" 

Did I not recall them back to the inventory like usual? Why are they outside especially in the middle of the night?

Alina glanced at each of the people here before looking back at me "Dunno captain, I thought you had the answer."

"Anyways... Just go back to sleep captain."

Yeah... maybe I am feeling a little too tired. As I felt a tire taking over me, I lay back on the bed, put back the blanket, and let sleep take over me.


Another day another morning.

As I descended the stairs to begin my usual breakfast routine, the aroma of delicious food came from the kitchen.

I thought it was my sister cooking but to my surprise, the room was bustling with activity. Not only was I greeted by my usual pilots, but Alina and the others from the Valkyries squadron were also present.

So I ask the nearest person I can ask who currently cooks in the kitchen while wearing an apron, Alina Blackburn

"What are you all doing here?!" I exclaimed, genuinely surprised by the sight of them being here.

"Cooking," Alina replied, deftly flipping the omelet. "Since you haven't called us back yet inside, we decided to clean up the house and prepare a meal for you and your sister."

...I see I guess it was my fault that I forgot to bring them back last night.

Wait, I have not bought any ingredients yet for the breakfast. I was planning to go to the market this morning since it was Sunday morning. So the question remains where did she get the ingredient? 

"How did you get the ingredients?" I narrow my eyes at her

Alina's smirk widened as she met my gaze. "Hehe, you won't believe it," she teased, setting the pan down. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she confessed, "We gathered some vegetables from the nearby farm and 'borrowed' a chicken."

As Alina confirmed her daring act, my initial shock turned into disbelief. "Wait, so you're telling me... that you just killed a chicken?" I stepped back slowly, a tinge of fear creeping into my voice.

"Yep," she affirmed with a nonchalant shrug.

Staring at her in astonishment, I couldn't help but notice the smudges of leftover blood on her clothing. Since when did she know how to butcher a chicken? 

Alina seemed to sense my disbelief, her smirk widening as she placed her hands on her waist. "Honestly, it was your fault for not giving us any money to buy groceries. And with no stores open at nighttime, we had to improvise."

How is this my fault?! You guys act without at least my permission!

As I continued to stand there, trying to comprehend the situation, my gaze shifted to my sister, who was now surrounded by the rest of the Valkyries squadron in a curious circle. 

"You're so cute!" Tama said, bringing her cheeks close to my sister's and playfully caressing them.

"Hehehe.." My sister giggled in response.

This was definitely not how I had envisioned my morning unfolding and seemed they had quickly formed a close bond with my sister, as if these girls had known each other for years with how ease my sister had with them.

As I counted each of the Valkyries squadron I noticed one missing person, the protagonist. So I glance back at Alina "Hey where's Takeru?"

That damn protagonist is a danger to my sister! Not allowing that guy to get thing another harem girl on his huge boat.

Alina hummed for a second before turning off the stove "He's on the balcony right now."

Thank goodness, so I don't have to worry about my brother-in-law coming in yet.

After that, I helped Alina with the cooking, and by the time it was done a whole set of warm food was finally ready on the table

Since it was a lot more crowded than ever before we had to improvise by getting rid of the table and chair and sit on the floor while using the carpet as a floor mate since there were a lot more people to feed this time.

"Itadakimatsu!" "Thanks for the food!"

It kind of reminds me of the crowd we usually have when we are together back as children alongside our parents.

I scrolled on the system mission since I had a bit of free time and I was a bit curious what's the highest difficulty the mission could provide for me.

And it did not take long for me to find one.



Difficulty: B

An apocalyptic war has happened between humanity and machines. Humanity has been losing territory rapidly and soon enough the machines considered humans as nothing more than resources to be used and began harvesting upon the human race. Your objective is to prevent humanity's extinction at all costs.

Main Objective

- Annihilate 01, or the enemy HQ to end the war

- At least 250 million human survive by the end of the mission

- New York must not fall to the machine's hand

Side Objective

- Prevent humanity from signing a surrender treaty with the machine

- At least 25 countries are still under humanity's control by the end of the mission

- Allied...


Animatrix? What the hell is that? Are they some kind of movie or a game that I do not know? I should look into it later considering this is one of the hardest missions that the Ace Combat System mission could provide. 

But I can't help but feel a bit scared seeing the description itself. So I am fighting a machine that considers humanity as nothing more than a resource? Just like Muv Luv but 10 more scary and harder to beat?

And my god the reward is insane... over 60 Billion dollars... must be ten times harder than the Battle For Reach. I can already buy 20 Arsenal birds with just this much money.

While I still have my focus on the screen, I shift my focus back to the food to eat

"I am turning on the TV," Alina said, reaching for the nearby remote. She pointed it at the TV and continued eating as she casually placed the remote back down.

As the TV powered up, my gaze shifted towards the screen, revealing the familiar news channel I usually tune into during my free time.

"-Several wreckages have been recovering, and Japan has paid 200 million Yen to support the wreckage caused by the recent attack."

"The news has been grim lately these days." my sister remarked with her mouth full of food. "Terrorist attack on Japan huh? Never thought the safest country going to be a target"

"Don't talk while eating" I noticed some food stuck in her mouth and grabbed a nearby tissue to wipe it away.

"Hehehe.." she giggled, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

My sister is adorable.

'Siscon' every a pilot who is currently thinking of me at the same time. Of course, I did not notice.

"So... when do we begin Operation Captain" Alina said while stuffing her mouth full of food.

After wiping her mouth, I discreetly stashed the tissues and stared at Alina in disbelief. Damn War Manic, not content with crippling the Japanese military force, you want more?

Before I explained anything to her, I stole a quick glance at my sister, observing her keen interest in the other girls. Leaning towards Alina, I whispered in her ear, "I understand. But we need information first. We can't afford any missteps, especially with what's at stake right now."

As we speak Galaxy is currently investigating more information not only terrain but the best spot where we can avoid radar the moment we attack.

It won't be long before Galaxy have a plan. I expect tomorrow we can begin the attack.

"Alright," Alina nodded at me, unfazed we both continued munching down the food while watching the TV for entertainment.

"Hey, brother, what are you whispering to each other?" my sister inquired noticing me whispering to her. And there was even suspicion in my sister's eyes.

"It's just a game event that's going to happen soon." I waved at her, attempting to ease her worry.

"Not fair! I want to play too!" She threw a tantrum.

"After school, and eat your tomato!" I pointed my finger at the lone tomato in the corner of the plate.

"Wah! Big Brother is so mean!" My sister exclaimed, then quickly moved to her right, embracing my other pilot, Tama. Tama responded with a warm smile and returned the hugs as well.

As I continue watching the news I can't help but feel curious.

"I'm surprised the Japanese aren't pointing fingers at the United States for the attack," I remarked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's just simple" I glanced at Takerua as he quickly devoured his food and then looked back at me "Politic. Besides I doubt the Japanese government wants to blame it on the United States unless they want to sour their relationships."

True, it's already troublesome having China and North Korea as its neighbors. But to sour the United States relation? That's even worse.

"Oh yeah, Elena it's your day off, right?" I glance at my sister beside me "Let's go to the Riverchase to play."

"..Eh? Really Brother? You know it's one of the most expensive malls in this state!"

Riverchase Galleria is one of the most luxurious malls you can find in Alabama. A single night there can put most middle-class families into debt if you are not careful.

Usually, I avoid going there since we don't have a lot of money, and we barely manage to feed ourselves with me working part-time work as a waiter or even my mother and father's inheritance that was given to me.

But since I have earned more money than even most people earn in their entire life, I decided I want to know what it feels like to be a rich person for the first time by going straight to the most expensive mall you can find!

Of course, in the eyes of my sister, we are still not rich at all, but luckily I have a backup plan to explain this.

"D-don't worry my friend over here is pretty rich!" I cast a glance at one of my so-called 'friends,' hoping they would play along with the impromptu charade.

As the pilots exchanged glances, their eyes conveyed a silent understanding. It was as if they communicated in a language beyond words, each awaiting the other to take the lead with the way they swayed their eyes and heads.

Finally, breaking the awkward pause, Meiya, one of the pilots, cleared her throat. "Oh-oh yeah, I-I'm pretty rich, so don't worry!" she declared with exaggerated confidence, punctuating her words with a light smack on her chest as if to emphasize her financial prowess.

A few nervous chuckles filled the air as my sister observed me in suspicion and I let out a whistle while looking away.

But after eating we managed to pursue my sister Elena to go the mall, and by the end of the day for some reason, I received several VIPs and lost $1.000.000 in a single day

By the time we all go home, all their face shows a satisfied expression. with numerous bags in each of their hand and expensive clothing and jewels especially my sister who has gone all out on the purchase.

Except my wallet


Funds: $9,717,890 > $8,340,970

Pilot: Alina Blackburn (Trigger), Cipher, Galaxy.

Aircraft: X-02 Wyvern, Su-34, E-3 Sentry or Awacs

Surface Pilot: Shriogane Takeru , Isumi Michiru, Sakaki Chizuru, Yoroi Mikoto , Tamase Miki, Hayase Mitsuki, Mitsurugi Meiya, Ayamine Kei , Munakata Misae Kazama Touko, Suzumiya Akane , Kashiwagi Haruko.

Mech: 12 x Type-97 Fubuki 



I plan to have Animatrix after Halo considering it would be one of the hardest worlds ever faced, with a machine that can spawn an endless amount of numbers and can even counter any type of weapon just from a single counter. 

Basically, it's Warhammer 40K daily life. But a little more harder. After that maybe I am going to add maybe another Star Wars.

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