A Wizard's Solitude

(A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction) A boy finds himself in a dark forest with no knowledge of how he got there. As he discovers what the world is around him, he realises the world he had read about was a mere foot note compared to the true world it encompassed.

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Breaking Point


Jason kicked Axel's leg over and over causing it to bruise up as his frustration bubbled over. Axel's gaze remained cold as he secretly delighted in Jason's anger. Behind Jason, Dron stood shivering in fear looking at his master fly off the handle.


Jason raised his wand he pointed it directly at Axel's chest;


Axel's expression fell, his face painted with pain. Despite this his eyes remained resolute and mocking as Jason's rage only grew more.


Jason continuously casted a barrage of crucio's on Axel, showcasing his fury that Axel's obscurus was refusing to come out any more. Each time he casted, he hoped that the obscurus would show but it refused to, intensifying his madness casting more furiously each time. 

Axel's expression remained pained until he eventually lost consciousness once again due to the sheer amount of agony he was feeling. Up until the point he lost consciousness though, his expression didn't waver once looking directly into Jason's maniacal eyes.

Dron watched in horror as his master went crazy. An unforgivable curse was rarely wielded even by the Blighthearts yet here Jason was using it over and over in a fit of rage.

"M-Master, t-the subject may die if…-"

Dron spoke up, worried that his master would kill Axel on accident which would just fan Jason's anger more. Jason on the other hand had lost all reason. Turning around he pointed his wand at Dron;


Dron fell to the floor, painfully wailing as Jason stood over him.


Dron who was squirming managed to squeeze out a few words under his breath as pain ravaged his body. Tears glistened in his eyes and fell as he spoke;

"Dron… is… sorry…!"

Jason's rage quelled as he stopped the curse on Dron, not before kicking Dron to the side causing Dron to slump over in Axel's cell. Jason brought his hand to his mouth and started to bite his nails in frustration.

"I'm so close… so close. If I can just figure out this last part of transferring the obscurus into me safely whilst willing it under my control then-!"

Jason turned to look at Axel whom had now passed out. His eyes glowed with a cold light. In his head all he could picture was Axels cold gaze staring at him, mocking his unfruitful efforts.

"When I'm done here, you will die slowly subject… so fucking slowly!"

Dron who had suffered a beating from Jason slowly picked himself up. He bowed his head to his master, not daring to speak anymore unless spoken to. Dron knew what Jason was capable of when angered to this degree and wouldn't be surprised if he was killed at any moment.

Jason after uttering more curses under his breath eventually left the room, Dron following him. Dron immediately sat on his stool just outside the room again as Jason sat down at his desk. He started to scribble furiously in his notebook.

"Ever since I fed him that potion hes become even more harder to deal with, not even once since has his obscurus appeared. But how!? How could he know a method at that age to suppress it!? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!"

Jason quill broke under the pressure of his furious scribbles. Looking over towards the window that was still revealed with Axel inside he felt a cacophony of emotions. He contemplated ending his research here, maybe finding another obscurus and killing Axel now as his usefulness ran dry.

However, a nagging emotion in his brain stopped him from doing so. Axel was a remarkable subject, one that had survived so long at this point. If any other child was in his position, they'd have died a few months in, Axel had lasted 2 years.

Looking over at Dron on the stool, whose eyes stayed fixated on Axel, he called out;


"Y-y-yes master?".

"Follow me…".

Dron immediately jumped off his stool and stood next to Jason. Jason started to head out the room, not bothering to cloak the room Axel was in this time, probably due to his fury he neglected to take any measures this time around. Dron noticed this, but again dared not to talk out of turn as his life was in the balance.

As both Jason and Dron left the study and headed up into the manor's foyer, a girl watched them head towards the storage room at the back of the manor. The girls curious glint shone bright as she saw her uncle finally leave the room alongside Dron for the first time in 2 years.

Cecilia looked at the stairs leading down to Jason's study. She knew her father and uncle forbade her from ever going down to the study, but after 2 years of nothing but magic lessons and solitude she wanted something interesting to happen. Her curiosity, seemingly hereditary from her uncle Jason's side, got the better of her as she ventured down into the dark.

Stepping down the stairs slowly and carefully. She eventually arrived at the door to Jason's study. This door that was usually locked was wide open, she realised she didn't have much time to snoop seeing this. Jason seemed furious as he left and she realised he probably darted off to gain supplies as something had gone wrong. In doing so, he had forgotten to secure the room as he normally would.

Heading into the study, Cecilia looked around at all the different potions and materials her uncle had. On the desk, she saw tons of books piled up, with notebooks as well all scribbled into. Her gaze trailed around the room until she looks at the wall on the left.

A wall that was usually enchanted and covered was currently still visible to the eye, a window was present and within the window sat a boy bound to a chair. Cecilia realised that the boy was the obscurus mentioned years ago, to her surprise he was still down here alive.

She gulped as she couldn't help herself enter into the room with the boy. Looking at the boy's condition, she felt her body shake staring at the different wounds littering his body. She knew her family's nature was dark, but Jason's method were beyond that; ink black.

Seeing the state the boy was in, she couldn't help but pause for a moment. In that time, the boys body shook slightly and his head raised looking up at her. As their eyes met, Cecilias gaze infiltrated the boys mind, her legilimens ability activating as he felt the impulse to search the boys' mind. 

As the memories of the boy played in her mind, her knees went weak and she fell to the floor. The urge to throw up brewed in her gut and her eyes became bloodshot.

Forcefully ingested potions, curses placed on his body, cuts and wounds, emotional torture, all of these situations that the boy endured in the 2 years played in her head. The boy was younger than her, but he had suffered such pain that no other child his age should ever go through.

The boy broke her out of her stupor speaking;

"Who… are you…".

Cecilia jumped back a bit, hearing the boy speak. Her gaze dodged the boys' eyes as she didn't want to see the horrors they held again;


The boy seemed indifferent at her appearance. She was wearing her families crest on her chest, so the boy knew this was just another person from the family that had tortured him for 2 years.

Cecilia felt anxious as the room fell into silence, only the sound of air pressure making the rooms joints click and the dripping sounds of ink that had splashed after Jasons snapping of his quill could be heard. 

She wanted to speak more, but felt she couldn't. Her feelings were in turmoil seeing what her uncle had done to someone younger than herself without any remorse. The memories she saw in the boy showed her uncle acting like a maniac with no regard towards human life. Even though she was from a dark magic family, she was young and her stomach churned at the suffering she witnessed in mere moments. 

Turning around, she darted back up the stairs refusing to even glance at the boy again. As she got back to the foyer of the manor safely. She noticed Jason and Dron were still nowhere nearby. 

She heaved a sigh of relief until suddenly outside the manor she heard a loud noise;


Ceclia who heard the sound immediately headed towards the manors exit, to see what was happening outside.

Meanwhile, Axel, who was in his room felt his mouth raise into a smirk hearing the noises outside beginning to grow. 

His chance soon approaching.


Whilst Cecilia was snooping around unbeknownst to him, Jason was in the storage facility of the Blighthearts gathering together all manner of materials constantly muttering to himself.

"This… and this… one of these has to produce that effect and then this…"

Dron watched as his master continued to mutter. Waiting for any orders. Jason lost in his own world failed to notice however that someone else had entered the storage shed. Someone filled with rage.

Broken out of his daze, Jason was hit with a spell and sent flying to the floor.


Jason raised his head, only to see his brother, Graham, had casted the spell at him. Anger painted Graham's face as he walked over to his brother and grabbed him by the neck. His eyes burning with malice.


Jason's face dropped hearing his brothers' words. He knew eventually he'd be found out but by that point he hoped he would have gained the obscurus' powers to some degree. Being backed into a corner, Jason's expression twisted, shaking off his brothers grasp he quickly regained his footing;

"That subject was mine to begin with, its their fault for taking him from me".

Graham's face remained wrathful looking at his brother. Jason realised he couldn't say anything to get him to calm down. After an exchange of glares, Jason spoke coldly;

"Did they contact us?"

Graham raised his wand, summoning a letter and shooting it over to Jason. Jason scanned the letters contents, which painted him as a breaker of the pact in the black forest. His concern grew as he saw the name signed at the bottom.

'F. Blackfang'.

"Jason, you know what happens when someone breaks the pact. We may not have to just deal with the Blackfangs but also every other clan and family in this forest. You have set up our demise here you maniac!"

Jason's eyes wandered away from the letter, meeting his brothers wrathful gaze;

"Brother, what's done is done. They have no proof anyway and I covered my tracks well. Even if they threaten us like this and come to our door, they have no grounds to convict me…"

Graham snorted, using 'Accio' the letter in Jason's hands flew back to him.

"You better hope this turns out well Jason, if they attack us and we suffer loses I will banish you from our family…"

Jasons eyes remained cold; his brother threats didn't bother him. His goals were always bigger than his brothers after all. His brother lived for the family; Jason lived for himself.

"When are they coming…"

Graham turned around, beckoning Jason to follow him.

"Any moment now, follow me to meet them and don't you dare try to avoid this".

Jason reluctantly followed Graham out of the storage facility, as he was about to leave though he turned to Dron and ordered;

"Return to the subject, keep your eye on him at all times especially now…"

Dron nodded and apparated away, leaving Jason and Graham alone walking towards the exit of the manor…