49 Makai - Uneasy Morning




I can't believe that I had said that Ocean looked good when I got out of the shower. To be fair I thought he was asleep and that it would be just as hard to wake up as the night before. I never expected him to grin and ask why I was talking to myself.

I am pretty sure that at the time Ocean thought I was calling myself hot until he opened his eyes and saw me looking at him. He just looked so good, so perfect, and so vulnerable that I had to keep going.

I reminded him of what had happened between us that night. I knew that he had thought it was just a dream. I knew he had played it off as just the alcohol playing tricks on his mind. He might have been able to forget it but I had been forced to live with the memories of his lips and his body everyday since that night. And dammit, I was at my limit of self control. I needed to show him how I felt about him. I needed him to know what I wanted from him.


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