57 Makai - Emotions Coming To A Boil




Whatever it was that Ocean was thinking he was clearly annoyed by it. I had planned to push the idea of Ocean and I being together during dinner. I was planning on being a little over the top and flirtatious with him, but not in a bad way. However, Jonah had presented me with a pretty good opportunity instead.

I didn't need to push the idea of us being together if I could push him on with jealousy. I mean, it was clear that Ocean reacted to me the same way that I reacted to him. I think the problem here was that he had never thought about being with a guy before. It's possible he still doesn't know that he's gay. Or he can think of himself as bisexual if he wants. I really don't care how he looks at it, as long as he admits that we belong with each other.


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