2 Why Me

Sitting casually on her bed was Vienna, clutching her pillow tightly as she threw more chips into her mouth. One would think that she was just enjoying the comfort of her own personal space but looking at her face, it was far from that.

She was in a state of dilemma. She looked disastrous even. While others were out there enjoying graduation night, Vienna was suffering from her first heartbreak.

Through out her whole existence she had never thought that she would be on the other side of the tug of war rope. The side that lost. The side that fell to the ground once the other team succeed the pulling. Usually guys were the ones all over her, seeking her attention but she had told them it would only be friendship or she would completely ignore most of them. And just this one time she decided to give love a try...


Now she felt what those guys had felt when she turned them down. Or probably not. They weren't the ones who wasted two years in a fruitless relationship.

Thinking about this, Vienna screamed loudly but then immediately covered her mouth. Her parents shouldn't know she was home at 8pm when she should be out celebrating the end of stressful college life. She was thankful that her college was just about a 25 minutes drive from her house, if not where would she have gone to mend her broken heart. Her mom had literally given her the go to get wild that night and here she was.

Throwing the pack of chips on the floor, Vienna brought out her laptop to busy herself with. She had just logged into the system when someone barged into the door.

'No!' Vienna screamed internally. 'Not these two! Anyone but these two!'

"Vee!" Camy called and jumped on Vienna.

Vienna and Camy had been friends since their first day in college. Camy was free and confident also from a very rich family but she gave out such a fun, loving and kind aura that Vee couldn't help befriending her. Four years and this friendship was not dwindling at all, then why did her two years relationship have to end? Vienna couldn't take it and started sobbing.

"Hey don't cry." Phina wiped her tears off.

Vienna and Camy had met Phina three years ago. About the same time Vienna met Easton–her now ex-boyfriend–before they started dating. Phina had the same wild vibe that Camy loved so much and soon Vienna clicked with her.

"That jerk!" Camy called angrily. "Making you cry on the most important day of your life"

Camy could stand almost anything; her mom's everyday drama, her dad's disturbing calls, pervert guys disturbing her everywhere she went. She had actually almost beat up all the guys in campus because of the disturbance. But what she couldn't stand was seeing someone hurt someone she loved. And someone like Vienna who had been a true friend. She wasn't around her because of her father's wealth but because she truly cared.

Phina, on the other hand who was wild and bold-looking was actually very shy once you got to know her. She had a confusing character but was still very fun to be around with.

While Camy blazed with anger, Phina rubbed Vienna's shoulders soothingly.

"Come on we're going to beat him up!" Camy stood up fiercely.

"Calm down tiger. You'll make Vee break apart again"

"Why me?" Vienna asked no one in particular. "Why her?" She asked again looking at Camy and Phina. The her Vienna referred to was the person Easton cheated on her with. The two gave each other a worried look.

Easton West; son of very famous Adam West, owner of Wests Factories. They were one of the influencial families in Phoenix. Seeing as Easton was the most sought after guy in campus, it was only right that he went after the most sought after girl- Vienna. Everything was going well until Easton had cheated on her on her graduation with his ex.

There were no signs at all that Easton was not happy in their relationship, or that he wanted to go back to his ex. Riley, Easton's ex had actually become one of Vee's friends and she didn't know Riley was Easton's ex then. When she later found out, Riley had said it was okay, that she didn't want Easton anymore. So seeing them in that situation at Easton's party, she just couldn't contain it.

"Come on we're crashing that party back" Vee hadn't even realize that she was up from the bed and Camy was already in her closet. "You just left like 40 minutes ago. How did you manage to change so fast?" Camy asked. "And look at your room. Look at this mess."

'Go back?' Vienna widened her eyes in surprise.

"Yes, we're going back" Camy said as if reading Vee's thought. Vee started to think if she said that out loud. "Where's the Vienna that I love? Come on girl" she said again placing her hand on Vee's shoulders.

"Where's Phina?" Vienna asked instead.

"Probably going through the fridge again" Camy smiled.

Just then Phina entered munching a sandwich. "I was hungry" she said, seeing the look on Camy's face.

A knock came on the window. Vienna's face lit with hope. This was how Easton always came to visit her when they were away from college. Her parents weren't in support of her relationship with Easton—for reasons best known to them—so in order to avoid looks of disgusts and unnecessary interrogations, Easton had suggested that he visit her through the window instead.

Vienna was full of smiles as another knock came through. A part of her had believed that Easton would come back to apologize and clear things out on the scene she witnessed, and she was very glad of that little part of hers. She had even left the usual ladder he used to climb up there, just incase.

Phina and Camy, knowing the reason behind Vee's smiles tried to stop her from reaching out to the window. They wouldn't allow her see Easton just after he cheated on her. But Vienna was fast and had already jumped over her bed to the window.

Opening the window, Vienna thought that there was no way Easton would make a proper apology if he saw her smiling so she frowned instead. She needed to show him that she was very upset about what he did. Thank God her face still showed heartbreak.

It was dark outside so Vienna couldn't see his face clearly. She was blazing with anger but then she inhaled his scent. Why did he smell so different? He smelt familiar but still different. Why was she suddenly getting a feeling in her stomach? She was supposed to be upset.

"Won't you help me in Anna" the voice called.

Vienna subconsciously stepped back a little to give him a little room to enter inside. This wasn't Easton. Why was he here? She was getting mixed feelings. This wasn't supposed to happen.

'Ooh la-la' her subconscious smirked.

Phina and Camy's mouth hung in shock, surprise, adoration...just name it. A very hot knight has just stepped into the princess' castle.

He swept his wet dark hair away from his face as he landed on the floor with a sigh.

'Why was his hair wet?' Phina asked herself. All this guy needed was a huge fan to look like a water god. Damn!

He spread his arms wide as he looked at Vienna. "Wouldn't you welcome daddy home Anna?" He said with a smile and enveloped Vienna in a hug.

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