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A Touch Of Sunflower


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Vienna looked expectantly as she awaited his reply. Maybe this wasn't a bad idea after all. She had waited for years for this opportunity and now she could finally get it. Silence still enveloped them. To Vee it felt like forever...why was he taking so long. "I'm sorry Vienna, I can't" he looked away from her. Vee's heart crumbled into pieces on hearing those words. What did he mean by he can't. Her heart was pounding hard, telling her to try harder, she should explain things. But her mind, her once feisty subconscious was on the floor wailing in pain. 'You know what this means Vee?' her subconscious chipped in. She knew. Nothing like this could ever come again. "Vienna-" Leon tried to reach out to her but she was already stepping back. She didn't want Leon to see her hurt, her tears, so she needed to get out of here quickly. In a microsecond she was already out of the house and on the streets. Then she allowed her tears to flow. She really didn't know where she was going, all her mind told her was to keep running. Yes she knew, she knew what this meant. She was a wreck.