39 Sky-High

Coming back into her room after her shower, Vee was greeted with a plate of pasta and a note.

"I'm sorry, signed Leon" she read out.

She didn't think Leon would be the one to apologize. He was usually the teasing type and would force the apology out of her instead. But apologizing with his famous pasta, now that was a start.

"Can I come in? Are u dressed yet?" Leon asked from outside her closed door.

Vee quickly threw on her robe and sat on the bed next to the tray of food. "Yeah, come in!"

The door opened slightly and Leon's head poked in, his eyes scanning the room, a behaviour he had just recently started. "Hi," he said when his eyes landed on her and then he walked inside and shut the door. "I-uh-I made pasta"

Damn! She had managed to make Leon stutter again. And now she didn't feel like apologizing. Her ego was already sky-high.


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