13 Elevator Doors

Time seemed to stop as Leon's lips landed on the side of Vee's mouth. It looked like everyone was looking their way. Vee stood stiff in his arms and Leon felt the piercing quietness of the room. 'What did I just do?' he kept asking himself and still he couldn't bring himself to move away from the one in his arms.

"You cheat!" A voice broke the silence.

Leon turned to meet Delphine's angry gaze. He sighed in relief when he noticed that not all eyes were on him. Just Phina, Camy and some of her neighbors.

Delphine walked closer to him and he subconsciously held Vee behind him, as if protecting her. "So you have a girlfriend?! And you had the guts to flirt with me. I can't believe I fell for your tricks Lee" Then Delphine leaned to try and see Vienna behind Leon. "You better break up with him. He's a damn good player!" and with that she left angrily.

Vienna walked infront of him, giving a taunting smile. "Lee?" She mocked. "Were you trying to make her your girlfriend Lee?" She said stressing the 'e' so childishly.

"Whatever" he said nonchalantly. He was glad that Vienna didn't make any meaning to his kiss. To him it was just a kiss. Best friends kiss all the time right? And it was not like he kissed her on the lips, almost but not certainly.

"Hey Vee have you seen Theo?" Camy asked walking to them. She had been shocked when Leon went to hug Vienna and now she was giving him that look again.

'What's with Anna's friends?' he asked himself.

"I don't know. He just took me to your room and left"

Leon looked sharply at Vienna. She was covering up for this guy again? He started to wonder if she would ever tell Camy the truth, and what would happen should Camy find out herself. Vienna turned to him, giving an apologetic look.

'It's not me you should apologize to' he said with a look.

"There he is!" Camy suddenly shouted and everyone turned to the stairs as Theo came down.

Leon smirked as he took in Theo's look. Others might not have seen it because Theo was good at hiding things, but he noticed the uncomfortable look on Theo's face. He looked at Vee by his side and she was smiling like an evil seductress.

He shook his head. What was he thinking now?

"What did you do Anna?" He asked instead but she just continued smiling until Theo reached the end of the stairs and walked to Camy.

"Babe what's wrong with you?" Camy asked when she noticed that Theo was slightly limping. He then heard Vienna snicker. Just what had she done again?

"Let's go" Leon said, taking Vee's hand.

"Yeah, I have work tomorrow" Vee said seeing the questioning look on Camy's face. She then hugged her before she turned back and took Leon's hand.

"I'll see you later Vienna" Theo said and Leon felt the urge to hit him.

As they were leaving the house, Leon looked around for Phina. She had looked upset about something earlier and he just wanted to speak to her. She was the only other girl he felt free with apart from Vee.

"Have you seen Phina?"

"Why are you looking for her?"

"I just want to see her. Did you see her or not?"

"No" Vienna said and walked out.

He watched her back as she strutted out the door. What was wrong with girls?

"Anna!" He called and followed her. Lately his legs just seemed to have a mind of their own. Why was he following her now when usually, he would have stayed and found who he wanted to see before he met her downstairs. Also, he was with the car keys so Vee wouldn't be going anywhere.

Leon looked around the hall and he sighted the elevator doors about to close shut. He rushed to it and used his leg to stop it from closing.

"What do you want?"

Mm feisty. The doors opened and he was met with nice blonde hair and a red dress.


"Oh so it's Del now?" Delphine asked, smiling widely. "Have you come to apologize? I'm just going down to get something but we could skip that and head to my apartment for a proper apology" she tied to push him out the elevator with her.

Leon's cold gaze stopped her. Why would this woman just hold him at any given opportunity? "No. I was looking for someone else"

He saw the smile on her face drop and he smiled at her and moved away for the doors to close.

"Ouch!" Vee yelled as he bumped into her.

He turned to face her. "Why did you run away from me? Were you jealous that I spoke about meeting Phina? Anna?"

He saw her cheeks turn a light red and he almost laughed. This friend of his would blush at anything and he loved to be the one to tease her like this.

"I'm not jealous" she said avoiding his gaze.

"Sure you aren't."

"Just take me home. I'm tired." She pressed the elevator button and they waited a while before they heard a ding and the doors opened.

"I'm sorry for kissing you infront of everyone" Leon apologetically muttered as the elevator started moving.

"You didn't kiss me idiot. It was a peck"

"I think I chased away all your suitable suitors."

"Believe me Lee" she said in a mocking tone. "No one can chase away guys from me. Not even the most handsome guy in the world"

"You must be referring to me right?" He said adjusting the collar of his shirt.

Vienna burst into laughter. He turned to her in surprise... was she actually mocking him or was his gesture funny to her.

"You? Handsome?" She said amidst laughter.

He shook his head as she laughed more, even slapping his arm in the process. This was why he liked to surround himself around people like her, people who gave him joy with just their presence. He would never admit it to her, but he really enjoyed her company. Because he knew once she was gone, his reality would haunt him again.


Leon rubbed his eyes when he heard a soft groan next to him. He stayed still but the groaning was became louder and it started to sound like a soft moan.

"Mmm... yes"

Leon immediately opened his eyes and turned to Vienna at his side. He had asked to spend the night in her room because he didn't feel like sleeping alone last night. He had wanted to take the floor but Vienna had offered to share the bed with him before he could even speak, so he didn't dare to object.

He looked at her sleeping face and she slowly caught her lower lips between her teeth. His eyes widened in surprise. Was she trying to seduce him!? A groan escaped her lips again and Leon's eyes twitched. Was she doing this on purpose? She reached for the pillow that was separating them and clutched it tightly to her breasts and then she moaned softly.

Leon sat up on the bed as he tried to stifle a laugh. "Anna's having an erotic dream?" He asked himself, bemused by how she was acting. Vee suddenly pouted her lips.

'God, she looks so cute' Leon said to himself and then he shook his head as if to ward off any thoughts.

He smiled evilly as he remembered how she laughed at him in the elevator. He looked at her still pouted lips and he brought his palm and covered them. She was kissing his palm so seriously and Leon chuckled to himself. Who was she dreaming about right now? He was going to tease her non-stop once she wakes up.

He was still smiling at his thoughts when he felt something soft and wet touch his palm- her tongue. His smile disappeared and his eyes widened in shock. She was licking his palm? He felt a sudden wave of heat envelope him? What was this? He sat there in shock, not removing his hand from her mouth as she continued her wicked acts on him.

He was still trying to control his thoughts and emotions that he didn't notice that Vee's eyes had already opened and she was now looking at his hand on her mouth in shock. She suddenly got up from the bed and Leon turned to her.

There was an uncomfortable silence as Vienna stared at him in shock and he stared back at her with an unexplainable feeling. It was his moment to tease her now but he had something raging beneath him just by her simple gesture. What would she say if she saw it? He slyly pulled one of pillows and covered his erection.

"What's wrong with you Anna?" He needed to do anything to divert the embarrassment back to her.

"Wh- what?"

He smiled internally, she didn't notice anything about him. Then he looked at her teasingly. "Who's the lucky guy you were just dreaming about right now?"

Her face was bright red as she stuttered again. "I- I, um..."

He laughed loudly, still holding the pillow on his boner. "You're a good kisser Anna. I wish it were my lips in place of my palm, I would have enjoyed a fine kiss this morning" he continued teasing.

Her eyes widened in embarrassment and he noticed he too was reacting to his words as his erection twitched. But no, he wasn't going to concentrate on that.

"I think I should be sleeping next to you every night. Think of all the free kisses I could get every morning" he smirked.

Vienna was rooted to the spot, flushing red. Within himself he was begging her to go away so he could attended to not so little guy.

'Damn Anna just run to the bathroom already.' he said to himself as he placed his palms on the pillow right above his growing erection.


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