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A Sweet Bite


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[Warning: Mature Content] Excerpt. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked the man on the other side of the bed. "Whatever you want, babe," he caressed her cheek. "Will you give me a house?" "The best mansion in this world." "Will you give me money?" "Every cent I make is yours, my love." "Will you give me your blood?" He smiled. "You know I can't refuse you, but if you want to make it sweet, we have to work hard in bed, darling." *** Eva Reed was a vampire. A pure blood vamp, a queen of another era, but she decided to leave everything for him, to live and die with him. However, when she thought their life will become brighter with the arrival of their child, she was betrayed. Her lover, her husband, sold her to her worst enemies. Now she is back, hundreds of years later. She awoke in the body of a young girl, weak and innocent. Married to a man who hates her. Living a hell of a life, struggling to survive. She will raise from the bottom and bring back her past fortune, her glory. What if that man was reborn too? What if he wants her back? What if everything she believed was a lie?


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