A Rider Kick in Marvel

A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my Patreon. patreon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

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Chapter 02

It has been a few days since the battle between Geats and Beetle. Many news headlines were published about the battle. The whole battle was recorded, posted, and shared on social media. The netizens were theorizing about who Geats was and how he got his armor. The citizens were not the only ones who wanted to find Geats.

(Avengers compound)

"Jarvis, have you found anything about our missing fox?" Inside the Avengers compound was Tony Stark. In his hand is a glass of alcohol and is looking at different screens. The screens contained videos of Geats from different angles. The videos were on repeat showing Ace chasing Beetle, Ace's transformation, and fighting with the Beetle.

"No sir, after the battle he disappeared and has not been caught by any cameras," said Jarvis, Tony's AI assistant. He has been tasked by Tony to search for Geats but has not turned up anything pertaining to his location.

"How about his armor? Have you found or analyzed anything about it? The power source? Nanotechnology? Space compression?"

"Negative sir, scans have not shown Geats armor matching any known tech of this era sir."

Tony had a headache figuring out Geats' armor. He could think of many technical difficulties involved just to make Geats armor. Just making it portable alone is already very difficult. Sure he made a suit to fold into the shape of a briefcase to make it portable but he had to sacrifice the suit's combat capabilities. Geats however did not have this problem from what he had seen. All he needed was a belt and some buckle to form his armor which was ludicrous to Tony.

Tony could also make an armor made of nanotechnology for portability without sacrificing combat potential but it would take years of research. And out of nowhere someone else made an armor that is portable, powerful, and cool with the transformation he had to admit, he liked the theatrics without the use of nanotechnology. His armor was revolutionary but seeing Geats' armor made him think otherwise.

"Continue to analyze Jarvis… I need to research more armor fast. Can't have someone show me up or else I'm not Iron Man!" Tony is competitive and wants to surpass Geats. With new motivation, he bruised himself in his lab in research.

(SHIELD Triskelion)

"Agent Hill report your findings." A man in a black trenchcoat and an eyepatch is sitting with many classified documents on his table. With him is a woman in a shield agent uniform.

"Abner Jenkins, an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. He worked in a factory for seven years and was a master mechanic. He built the Beetle Suit and robbed a store to test his suit. He is currently in custody with many fractures and minor burns in his body." reported Maria Hill to her boss Nick Fury.

"And the fox?" said Nick Fury

"Only the videos circulating the internet sir. After the battle, we were not able to track him. No cameras have been able to capture him before and after the battle and news broadcast."

"I see, I want you to find any traces of him but no contact until I say so. A new player just entered with unknown technology. For all we know he could be an alien or a mutant. He could be an ally or a threat I'm hoping for the former. Continue to investigate Agent Hill.

"Yes sir," Agent Hill saluted and went out of the room. Fury grabbed the folder of Geats and read the data.

"Who are you Geats?" he said, narrowing his eye.

(Inside Ace's Mansion)

Ace is inside the lab with his phone scrolling through social media looking through news about his fight with the Beetle. He saw many articles about him. Some praise him for being a new hero. While some call him a vigilante and must be arrested. He only smirks when they call him a vigilante because he doesn't care one bit. 

"Everyone is getting excited."

It was his dream to be a Kamen Rider and now his dream has been achieved. He is not going to let down the name Kamen Rider.

They are heroes who fight for justice and I will live up to their long legacy especially since he literally holds the legacy of all the Riders. All he needs to do is to fight and protect the good, simple as that.

*Machinery being built*

Ace is waiting for the fabricators to finish. So he can meet his new allies.

(Flashback: A day after the fight with Beetle)

Ace is currently in cyberspace. By equipping the Zero-One driver he can connect with Zea the artificial intelligence in Kamen Rider Zero-One. His thoughts are processing at the same speed as an AI. He is currently talking with two AIs, Zea and Ark. 

"Zea, Ark you know where we are currently correct." Ace knew their intention without them needing to speak.

"I see… since you know how dangerous this world is. Even with all the power I have, I'm only one person. I need allies. Can you connect to the lab and create Humgears?"

"Zea and are Ark connecting"

"You can! Great, do you have the data for Izu, Horobi, and Jin?"

Zea and Ark searched through their database and found their data.

"You have! Then can you make them with their memories intact? Oh, you need materials. Then can you order what you need. Since we have plenty of funds to start it should be no problem."

Zea and Ark ordered the needed materials for creating the Humagears. The materials arrived a few days later. Ace brought them to the lab and Zea and Ark started making the bodies for Izu, Horobi, and Jin. They looked the same as their counterparts in the show.

(Present Time)

After waiting for a few hours they are finally here. *Ting* After the sound of a microwave finishing. Three boxes with large doors open revealing the bodies of Izu, Horobi, and Jin.

"Amazing… I'm getting to meet them in real life… Zea, Ark please start uploading their consciousness."

Zea and Ark started uploading the data of Izu, Horobi, and Jin. After a few minutes, all three opened their eyes, walked out of the boxes, and stood in front of Ace.

"It is an honor to meet you Ace-sama. You already know me but I would like to introduce myself. I am Izu, your secretary."

Ace only smiled and was happy at meeting one of the female Kamen Riders. "It is nice to meet you as well Izu. And what did you mean by secretary?"

"As you know I was the secretary to President Aruto. But since we are currently in a new world and you have created me. I would like to be your secretary." said Izu

"Well, I guess I don't mind. I am planning to build a company like Hiden intelligence but I don't know how to run a company. It would be great to have your assistance Izu."

"Thank you Ace-sama. I also look forward to working with you."

Ace looked over to Horobi and Jin. They also introduced themselves.

"I'm Horobi, it's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is also mine, Horobi." Ace and Horobi shook hands

"Hahaha, I'm Jin! It is nice to meet you." Jin was laughing like a child extending his hand to Ace.

"I as well Jin." Both shook hands while Jin was smiling like a child.

"This world is full of malice and I hope you can help me protect it. I know you have a history with Ark but I hope you can work together."

"No problem, even if this is a new world. Our duty remains the same. To stand guard against malice and protect humanity." said Horobi

"Me too! I will also protect humanity with Horobi!" said Jin smiling

"Thank you, you two. For you to protect humanity. You are going to need these."

Ace presented two Forcerisers with the Scorpion and Falcon Progrisekeys. Horobi took the Scorpion and Jin took the Falcon. The progrisekeys belonged to them in their previous world. They thanked Ace for getting their old equipment back.

"Izu, you can also take this." Ace gave Izu the Zero-Two driver. She was the other user besides Aruto who used the driver in the series.

"Are you sure Ace-sama? Don't you need to use this?" asked Izu

"It's okay Izu, I have plenty of other drivers to use. So many in fact I might not be able to use them all and I might possibly find others who can take them in the future. Although they have to be scrutinized and tested while also gaining my trust. The power of a Kamen Rider is dangerous. I don't want just anybody handling them. You are the only person here who has used it before and you need to have the means to protect yourself. World-ending disasters happen regularly and unsuspectingly here. So take it."

"Very well, I will accept the driver Ace-sama." Izu took the driver and hid it carefully.

(A/N: Suggest any characters I could give a driver. Even if they are female I could give them drivers used by men. Even Dark Riders are okay.)

"Since introductions are over what should we do now? Since we need to build a company and make more Humagears what should we do?" asked Ace

"That is right but Ace-sama you are forgetting one thing."

"What is it Izu?"

"You are currently 15 and need to go to school," said Izu and there was a brief silence.


"School… right I forgot. Since coming to this world and becoming a Rider it just slipped my mind."

"Leave it to me to plan for our company Ace-sama. And you attend a school. Do you need me to search for a school for you?"

"No, no need I have an idea of what school I want to go to."

"What is this school Ace-sama?"

"Midtown High School."

Inside a humble house, a young teen was waking from his sleep. His room has many science and technical books too advanced for his age. Many posters of the Avengers and news articles are posted on the walls.

"Peter~! Breakfast is ready!"

"In a minute Aunt May!"

The boy named Peter Parker went to the bathroom to take a quick bath and went down to meet his Aunt and Uncle.

"Morning Peter. Up late again?"

"Yes, Uncle Ben. Was researching some topics."

"Just keep things in moderation, Peter. Don't want you being late for school."

Aunt May brought in their breakfast. She looked surprisingly young when she was someone in her 50s.

"So Peter, has anything interesting happened recently?" asked Aunt May.

"Well… I guess the school is talking about the new hero who showed up a week ago."

"The one that was shown in the news? I think his name was Ge…"

"Geats, his name was Geats." Peter reminds May.

"Right! So what is the school talking about him?"

"Well, the one standing out is his armor. It just materialized out of thin air! His technology is too advanced compared to today's technology. Even Iron Man's armor cannot do that. It is what I was researching and took me all night and did not find any relevant studies.

"Okay, Peter, that is enough science mumbo jumbo. Finish your breakfast or you will miss the bus."

Peter noticed the time and he ate hurriedly. After saying goodbye to his aunt and uncle he hurriedly tried to catch the bus. He just arrived on time before the bus left.

"Hey, Peter over here!" Peter saw his best friend Ned Leeds. A chubby Filipino of the same age waved at him to sit beside him.

"Hey Ned," replied Peter as they did their handshake.

"Have you heard we are getting a transfer student?" said Ned

"Really? Do you know who it is?"

"No, I hope it is a girl."

"Shut up Ned."

The bus arrived at Midtown High School. A police car stopped and dropped off a girl with short blonde hair.

"Thanks for the ride, Dad."

"No problem hon, have a good day at school."

The blonde entered the school's grounds and saw her friends. "Peter! Ned!"

"Hey, Gwen went to school with your dad today," said Ned

"Yeah, he is getting overprotective of me with the world going crazy and all. New people with masks and suits popping up and causing chaos here and there."

"Hey, not all of them are bad. Take a look at Geats, he seems pretty cool," said Peter.

"Yeah, I guess so."

The three have been close friends for a long time. Probably because of how smart they are they naturally became close and related to each other a lot. Peter went to his locker and as he was about to open it. His face got slammed into his locker.

"Ha! Watch it, Puny Parker!" a muscular blonde jock with his teammates passed by Peter and pushed him into his locker.

"Flash! Enough!" Gwen went in front of Peter to defend him. Gwen glared at Flash for hurting her friend. This was a common occurrence. Flash is a stereotypical school bully and loves to pick on Peter. Gwen always confronts Flash for his bullying but Flash doesn't stop picking on Peter.

"Aw~ what's the matter, Parker? Hiding behind your girlfriend again? With how small you are I guess even a girl needs to defend you."

Flash's group laughs at Peter and they walk away. Gwen becomes increasingly annoyed and is about to hit him.

"Gwen, it's okay." Peter held Gwen back from hitting him. Gwen begins to calm down and Ned joins in.

"You okay Peter?" asked a worried Ned

"I'm fine, it didn't even hurt much," said Peter as he got his books from his locker. 'Flash… I'll show you someday.' thought Peter

"Don't worry Peter he will get what's coming to him someday," said Gwen trying to cheer Peter up.

Peter only smiles "Thanks, Gwen."

The trio entered the class and saw their usual classmates. A group of girls were gossiping with each other and Peter saw his neighbor and childhood friend Mary Jane. She was chatting with Flash's girlfriend Liz Allen. Their relationship has become estranged. She became one of the popular kids because of her beauty and personality while Peter became one of the lower caste of the hierarchy because of him being a nerd. They still talk to each other but nowhere near as close as before. Ned was the same as Peter while Gwen was also one of the popular ones but she made friends with everybody.

"Okay, class settle down." The students went to their desks as their homeroom teacher entered.

"We have a transfer student joining us from now on." The students begin to gossip about who the transfer student is and what he looks like.

"Come in."

The classroom door opened and a handsome Japanese teen. The girls were smitten by his looks and Flash in the back grumbled. The teen wrote his name on the board and faced his classmates.

"My name is Ukiyo Ace. I just came from Japan and only recently arrived in New York. It is nice to meet you all." Ace smiled and the girls were charmed by his charisma.

Ace briefly glanced at Peter before avoiding his gaze. 'Hello, future Spider-Man.'

Ace sat next to Ned and beside Ned was Peter. Ned decided to introduce himself. "Names Ned, Ned Leeds"

Ace gave Ned a firm handshake and smiled. "Nice to meet you too Ned." Ace is happy to meet Ned. Ned in the MCU was a charming guy and overall nice. He had funny moments and supported his friend Peter as Spider-Man making the guy very likable. "You speak perfect English," said Ned

"My parents worked overseas a lot. They taught me English."

"Cool. Oh, this is my friend Peter." Ned introduced Peter next to him.

"Nice to meet you, Peter. I'm Ace" Ace held out his hand to Peter

"Nice to meet you too, Ace." both shake hands and Peter smiles at meeting a new friend.

The class continued and Ace looked around to see some characters he recognized. Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson, and Liz Allan. He recognizes them and they look similar to their comic counterparts.

'Since Gwen is here maybe Peter won't get bitten by the spider. I guess I'll see how it goes.' thought Ace

After a few hours of classes went by. Flash got bored and decided to mess with Peter. When the teacher was facing the blackboard. Flash throws objects behind Peter's head. The class ignores Flash's antics but Ned looks worried for Peter. Peter tries his best to ignore Flash's bullying and Ace decides to intervene. Flash throws a crumpled paper at Peter but Ace catches it. Ned and Peter saw it and Ace gave a wink to Peter. Flash gets annoyed and starts making another one. 

Ace reached into his back and pulled out a can discreetly. He flicked open the can and it transformed into a small gorilla droid. It was the Gorillacandroid from the OOO's series. The Gorillacandroid knows Ace's intention and stealthily goes over to Flash's chair. Once the candroid arrived at Flash's chair It broke off one of the chair's legs and quickly hid. Flash fell off his chair and hit the floor hard. Everyone in the class saw this and laughed at Flash.

"What the hell!" said Flash, angry that he saw his chair break.

"Are you okay Mr. Thompson?" said the teacher.

"I'm okay sir. My chair just broke," said Flash embarrassed.

"I suggest you look for another chair Mr. Thompson"

"Yes, sir." Flash left the classroom to find a new chair but the class was still laughing at him. The Gorillacandroid went back to Ace's back and Ace just smirked.

Classes ended and Ned and Peter invited Ace to join them for lunch. Ace agreed to join them. The new group of friends headed to the cafeteria. It was a typical cafeteria with long tables and circular tables for students and teachers to sit on. The lunch lady was kind and gentle, giving Ace extra servings which he thanked her for. And she only felt flattered. The trio found their own seats and started chatting with each other.

"So Ace what brought you here to New York?" asked Peter

"Well… my parents recently passed away when I was in Japan. They left me their properties but they were all here in the US. So I decided to move here to take care of them." Ace learned about this world's counterpart and found out his parents died due to an accident. They owned a lot of assets which allowed Ace to live for the rest of his life in leisure. But instead of doing that, he used what his parents left him to create a company for a foundation and protect himself from this world's dangers. Ace was saddened he could no longer meet his parents. He was the one who died in his world and they were the ones who died here. It is quite ironic.

"Sorry for bringing up your parents…" Peter could relate to Ace. He lost his parents at a young age but fortunately for him, he had a long Aunt and Uncle who took care of him as if he were their own.

"It's okay you could not have known. You two should visit my mansion sometime. There is a lot of wasted space so we could have a sleepover sometime."

"You have a mansion!" Ned was shocked

"Yeah, my parents were quite wealthy. The mansion has a theater, game room, a pool, even a lab."

"That's so cool!" Ned was excited. Even Peter perked up when he heard Ace had a lab. Peter always wanted to be a scientist so he wanted to see the lab.

As the three were chatting Peter got hit by a french fry.

"That's a point for me!" No surprise it was Flash and his group throwing fries at Peter. Peter was holding his head down and trying to ignore Flash's antics but Ace wouldn't.

"Is it fun to beat down someone weaker than you?" Ace looked at Flash and confronted him. Flash was angry that someone was confronting him so openly and what's more it was the new kid.

"What did you say, new kid!"

"You heard me or are you that deaf with all that muscle covering your ears."

The cafeteria watched their confrontation and smelled gunpowder in the air. They sat quietly waiting for what was going to happen next. Gwen also noticed what was happening and wanted to stop it but hesitated. Mary Jane with her friend looked at Ace's table and looked at Peter. "Peter…"

Flash got up and walked to Ace. Ace also stood up to confront Flash.

"Looks like someone needs to teach you how things work around here new kid," said Flash cracking his knuckles and grinning at Ace like fresh meat.

"Why don't you try then? Or is all you can do is beat someone lower than you to feed your ego?" Ace taunted Flash. "Or maybe it is to compensate for something else," Ace said as he looked at Flash's manhood and everyone knew what he was referring to.

"Y-You!" Flash is enraged and gritting his teeth.

"What's wrong limp dick, are you angry because I'm right~," said Ace sarcastically.

Flash in a blind rage took a swing at Ace but he saw it calmly and stepped to the side. Flash continued trying to hit Ace but Ace always dodged Flash's punches by a hair's breadth not even putting his arms up which meant Flash was not a threat to him.

Ace noticed Flash's movements were really slow in his eyes. His body was the same as in his previous world which was surprising. So he also retained all of his training of all the martial arts he learned. But he was not at the level where he could see things in slow motion. He remembered Kivat saying to him he was a fangire and he also recognized different things in his body.

'Is there something more to my body? I should investigate the full range of my capabilities next time.'

Flash continues to throw punches at Ace but Ace trips Flash off balance and hits his face on the floor. Flash was now truly angry and looked at his group.

"Don't just stand there! Get him!"

His group of jocks swarmed Ace but he was still calm. Ace dodged their attacks with ease and redirected their attacks to their teammates. He avoided striking himself to not break any bones but mostly it was to toy and humiliate them. He took off a belt from one of the jocks and used it to whip some jocks leaving red imprints. He tied the belt and used it to grapple the jocks. He choked the belt to the neck of one of the jocks and threw him over his shoulder landing on a table. A jock tried to punch him from behind but he grabbed him and pushed his arm away, slapping the jock behind him. Ace pulled his jacket and tied him up with two other jocks and used them to hit other jocks before throwing them to the floor.

All the jocks lay on the floor beaten and in pain. Ace looks over them barely breaking a sweat. Flash struggles to get up and looks indignant at Ace. Ace only looks at Flash with pity for how messy he looks. Flash gets pissed and now the new kid is pitying him. Flash runs to Ace to tackle him but Ace only kicks a food tray on the floor and stops where Flash's foot is about to land. He trips and hits his head first and lays on the ground in pain.

The whole cafeteria was silent. They were in awe of how Ace easily took down the school bullies by himself with ease. Gwen was dumbfounded at how Ace took down Flash and his martial arts prowess. Mary Jane was happy Peter was safe but could not help but wonder who her new classmate was.

"Peter, Ned come on let's go," Ace called his friends while dusting off the dirt in his clothes and left the cafeteria while Peter and Ned followed him.

Once they were in the hallway Ned started geeking out. "Dude you were so cool. You were like 'Boom' and when you threw him you were like 'Pow'. You single-handedly fought all of them off!"

"Well, I have been learning martial arts since I was young. Those amateurs aren't even considered a warm-up for me."

"Do you think you can teach me?" asked Ned

"I don't mind but you're going to have to put in the work." Ace looked at Ned's body. He is going to have to put in a whole lot of 'work' to get into shape.

"I'll think about it…"

"Won't you get into trouble? The teachers might suspend you," said Peter worried

"Hey, Flash was the one who threw his fist first and technically I didn't hit them. They just hit themselves." The three laughed at Ace's joke. Who would believe him with how Flash and his entourage ended up?

"Even if the teachers or principal is involved I have my ways to change their mind," Ace said ominously. Peter and Ned decided to believe him seeing how confident Ace is, so they stopped worrying about him.

"Hey guys wait up!" someone called out to them and they saw Gwen Stacy running up to them.

"Hey Gwen, did you see how Ace kicked Flash's butt!" said Ned, still happy remembering Flash.

"Yeah, you're pretty good. I learned some self-defense but you're like a master compared to me. Name is Gwen Stacy."

"Nice to meet you, Gwen. Name's Ace." Both shook hands and Gwen felt good meeting a person who was willing to stand up to Flash.

"Thanks for helping Peter. Nobody stood up for him except me for a long time. And thanks for putting Flash in his place." said Gwen, being grateful to Ace.

"I could not leave my friend to be put down like that. Of course, I would help. Besides, I don't like those kinds of people. I put a few bullies in a hospital back in Japan."

"Wow, you must be strong huh," said Gwen a bit teasing

Ace only smirked at Gwen's playfulness. "More than you know." and poked Gwen's forehead. "Come on let's go back to class," Gwen grumbled at Ace poking at her forehead but she let it slide and went back to class with them.

School has ended and Ned invited Ace if he wanted to build his new Lego set with him. "Hey, Ace want to build my new Walker Lego with me and Peter?"

"Sure, give me a minute to pack up."


Ace finished packing his things and was about to leave before someone got his attention.

"Hey, Ace right?"

Ace turned and saw a beautiful red-haired girl calling for him. He already knew who she was but Ace decided to play dumb.

"That's correct and you are?"

"Mary Jane, Mary Jane Watson. But you can call me MJ."

"Hello MJ, so what do I owe the pleasure of?" Ace said smiling at her

"I just want to thank you for helping Peter and knocking some sense into Flash."

"You're welcome, Peter is my friend and I help my friends."

"That's good to know," said MJ relieved

"So, what's your relationship with Peter?"

"Huh? Oh, Peter and I have been neighbors since we were kids. We practically grew up together." MJ was reminiscing about the times Peter and her were hanging out.

"How come you didn't help him when he was in trouble?"

MJ flinched at Ace's question and she felt guilty. "We kind of drifted off when high school started."

"Is it because of your social group? They said Peter is such a nerd and dork so you avoid talking to him in public?" Ace raised an eyebrow

"Look, I don't care what your reasons are for avoiding Peter. Just know if you still think he is your friend. You should talk and hang out with him more. The high school drama won't matter at the end of the day, especially when we graduate. I can see you want to get closer to him but you are just shackled."

MJ was shocked and had to think more about Ace's words. MJ smiled "Thanks for the pep talk. You sound older than you look."

"Maybe I am older than I look," said Ace, trying to look older.

"Hahaha, very funny, wise guy. Peter and Ned are still waiting for you."

"Right, see you around MJ."

"See you around too."

Ace left the classroom leaving MJ to think about what Ace said to her. She only smiled at Ace's advice to her. "Ace… what a weird guy."

Ace met up with Peter and Ned. "Hey Ace, what took you so long?" asked Ned.

"Just giving some advice to a troubled teen," Ace replied


"Never mind, so where are we going to build that Lego set?"

"Oh, we're going to Peter's house. We always go to build them," said Ned

"I'm sure my Aunt May and Uncle Ben would love to meet you," said Peter

"I can't wait to meet them too."

The new friends walked to Peter's house and when they arrived Peter let them in. Aunt May was seen watching K-drama on the television.

"Aunt May I'm home!"

"Welcome home Peter." Aunt May noticed a new face and asked Peter.

"Peter, who is your new friend?" Aunt May asked nicely but was inwardly happy Peter had a new friend. Her nephew doesn't have many friends so she is happy he made another one.

"Oh, this is Ace. A transfer student from Japan. He only started today."

"Wonderful, Hello Ace I'm Peter's Aunt. May Parker."

"It is also nice to meet you, Aunt May. Name's Ace."


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