A Possessive Mafia Leader Book

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A Possessive Mafia Leader


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Czar Pattinson, a 26-year-old British-Russian mafia leader, and a billionaire. He is a dominant, Possessive, Jealous, arrogant, and merciless adult. He hates lies. When he was 15 years old, his parents were killed by another mafia gang. He has money, fame, power, got everything he wanted especially women, and the people who know him don't dare to defy him. His business is into drugs, illegal weapons and casinos, and hotels in Russia and London. But, on a rainy day, his emerald green eyes and his heart laid on Siena Davies, the woman he craved for, and make her his. He couldn't digest the word HATE and REJECT by his lover Siena. So, he conquers his love and marries her by blackmailing her that he will kill her father and her older brothers. Siena Davies, a 22-year-old, editor of a well-reputed publishing company firm named Davies Publishing Inc. She is intelligent, independent, smart, beautiful, kind-hearted. She was her brother's favorite. When she was a month's baby, Her parents got divorced. She hates her mother to the core. Her childhood was imperfect and ruined. Till now she doesn't know the reason why her mother divorced her dad. She stays with her father and her older brothers. Her father and her older siblings were each other support, and strength took responsibility for their publishing business into their hands and after 10 years their hard work paid off. Davies Publishing Inc. is in the number one position in London, United Kingdom. Join me in reading how this Dominant's love conquers his lover's hate changed into Love? Hope you enjoy reading! ***Completed**** WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. The photo is not mine. The rightful credit goes to the owner. XOXOXO 4Maggievasiredz.