A Pastor's Daughter Diary Book

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A Pastor's Daughter Diary


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Radiance Abraham, rather unexplainably, is the only daughter, actually she's the only child, of Reverend Kennedy Abraham, the senior pastor of The Redeemer's Love Church; and that comes with it's pros and cons. Her life spirals upwards, then downwards, then in zigzag motion, then as the crow flies when she becomes a Jesus freak. And by freak, I mean a truly born again, Holy Ghost baptised Christian. She's launched into the supernatural when she gets baptised in fire. By this she uncover secrets and mysteries she never knew existed. And yeah she finds true love, in friends. And meets her soul mate. Follow her special diary, which she writes in form of letters to Jesus. In her diary, you'll find Radiance's struggles, relationships, spiritual encounters, scandals and really entangled revelations about the people surrounding her.