A New Life, Beyond Realms: Tensura x Overlord

Being reincarnated by a couple of God-like being, Silviana finds herself on the world of Tensura. In the forest of Jura she comes to join Rimuru and his nation. Little does she know that in a desert somewhere in the world some evil force has appeared, a force from a 'game' called Yggdrasil... Join Silviana in her new life as she tries to live a better life than she experienced in her last. Join her on her exploration and discovery of the truths of reality and the current situation of the world.

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81 Chs

A New Dawn

Awaking from a deep slumber my eyelids shuddered as an all-consuming light pierced into my eyes. I groaned out in pain and discomfort as I blinked numerous times. It didn't feel like blinking, i didn't feel my body... It was more like a recollection of what i could sense in the past. My 'eyes' 'opened' as the light which was blinding before now settled into a light luminescent glow. Around me was a massive golden throne room, the entire room refracting light into rainbow patterns and colours. Trying to stand I felt my vision rise from its previous height.

Before I had time to comprehend my current state and circumstances an overbearing voice sundered into the room.

"YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!" The voice was loud but silky smooth, as if it were the representation of the feeling of silk and every soft material in existence. I 'blinked' once again, looking upwards towards the source of the voice.

"YOU SHALL BE GRANTED TWO WISHES, AS RECOMPENSE FOR THE LIFE YOU HAVE SUFFERED PREVIOUSLY." This voice was rather deeper but still feminine, its tone having a stoic sound to it.

My vision finally reaching the source of these voices, I found two celestial thrones, one made of pure nature and earth, the other of pure Volcanic Destruction and lava. On those thrones were beings of sheer beauty, indescribable beauty. On the nature-bound throne was a woman of untold natural beauty, her figure contained beneath a transcendental looking green ballgown. The Volcanic throne was sat upon by a feminine figure of immense power, her form covered in small patches of scales and a divine red dress.


"What do you mean? Why are you so loud?" I 'spoke' but it felt more like my voice was just detachedly booming into the space. The two women looked at each other, chuckling slightly before looking back at me.

"Soliana Solaris, you have been granted two wishes for the pain and suffering you underwent in your last life. Speak your wishes to us and we shall send you to a random world." The voice of the nature woman turned from its enormously loud and blasting noise to a more conversational tone as the very plants around her reacted to her voice.

"Oh! I died... Well, that's good. So... I have two wishes... can they be anything?"

The Volcanic woman laughed boisterously as the nature woman just smilingly chuckled. Their two thrones moved with their voices and became almost lively under the reverberating notes.

"They have to be within reason."

"Okay, so no becoming a god then..."

There was a protracted silence as i contemplated my first wish. My options were very expansive and honestly concerned me as the sheer scope was massive, endless. I scraped my mind for every little option, idea and concept in my head. I didn't want to take too long as I did not know if they would put up with my attitude... I still took a while though.

The two women just continued to speak amongst themselves as they looked at me in amusement. I couldn't tell what they were speaking on but the nature woman seemed to be interested in me, platonically of course. As soon as I finished my inner monologue the nature woman and volcano woman laughed uproariously.

"Haha! Wife, should we adopt her?" The nature goddess was the one to suggest the idea as I gawked at her statement, if i could gawk, why couldn't i? I couldn't perceive my own self at all.

"Hehehe, whatever you wish, darling."

Silence washed over the surroundings as a light fluttered from the skies and especially from the two thrones. The gold switched to silver in an instant as the entire structure transformed into a throne room of an elven court.

"I will grant you the name Silviana Solaris!" In an instant a bright golden light began to leak from my vision as i felt a fundamental part of myself change. I could not understand the significance of this action but i had a feeling I would soon.

"Now... You need to make your wishes, your soul will not want to linger much longer..."

Taking her words very seriously I contemplated powers I could gain access to that would not be too over the top. Nen came to mind but I threw it aside as the amount of training and time needed for that was immense. Chakra was the same but had bloodline shortcuts. Force powers? No. Aura from RWBY... That was cool, 'Maybe i can even ask for a unique semblance?'

"Your 1st wish has been completed, you shall gain a unique semblance based upon your own powers, nature and species."

'Ummm... Okay....'

Now that I had completed that I thought about what world I would go to and the likelihood of going somewhere peaceful. My chances were bleak, so much of what I know of the universe and fiction was complete horror or had some aspects that were horrible.

"What world will I be going to?"

"It will be random, you will be thrust out soon, please be quick with your 2nd choice." This time it was the Volcano woman speaking. 

"Okay. Could I ask your names?"

"Oho, someone deigns to ask our names finally?"


"Hahahaha! I like you kid, My name is Tiamat!" The woman sitting on the throne of volcanic activity yelled out in declaration of her power as the woman beside her shook her head at her partner's eccentricities. 

"Mine is Gaia."

"Thank you, Tiamat, Gaia... I will give you my last wish now."

I churned my brain with all of the thought power I could, trying to come up with an idea for a super power or just a cool ability. 'Come on, think, it's not hard.' My soul churned with the effort as some parts of my past life faded away, as if my new life was slowly trying to make up for the absolute shitty luck and life i had last time.

'eidetic memory, all memory, I want to remember everything and be able to physically copy muscle memory from people I see.' As soon as I finished Gaia spoke. "Done! Your wishes have been granted and you are now on the way towards your new life... Please enjoy your life this time." Sadness billowed out from me as I felt like crying.

"Thank you!" In less than an instant I disappeared into a spiralling white and black space, it was similar to a hypnotism effect. Vertigo struck me as up and down became abstract concepts vaguely tied to my being. Flashes of light and darkness blinded my soul as I felt like I was inside a club with its strobe lighting. The sensation of alcoholic bliss flowed for a mere second before fading to horror-filled pain.

|System Bonding to Host|

|Unlocking Features|


In an instant I vanished into the pattern my consciousness slipping away from me as all light was consumed from my vision.


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