A New Life, Beyond Realms: Tensura x Overlord

Being reincarnated by a couple of God-like being, Silviana finds herself on the world of Tensura. In the forest of Jura she comes to join Rimuru and his nation. Little does she know that in a desert somewhere in the world some evil force has appeared, a force from a 'game' called Yggdrasil... Join Silviana in her new life as she tries to live a better life than she experienced in her last. Join her on her exploration and discovery of the truths of reality and the current situation of the world.

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106 Chs

A New World

Consciousness thundered through my senses as the coldness of night swept past my bare skin. My eyes began to flutter open as the voracious nature of reality around me brought a calmness to my mind. Winter winds grazed my skin and caused goose bumps to rise along my exposed arms and legs. I was wearing a small pair of pants and shirt that were barely enough to cover my assets. Looking down with my actual eyes I saw the odd sight of light purplish skin refracting small amounts of moonlight. My nails were a beautiful obsidian black and gleamed in the moon's hollow light. My ears twitched as If they were a moveable appendage, something that was soon confirmed as I tried to twitch them again.

I couldn't see much more of my looks at this moment but that wasn't very important... Survival was more pressing as it seemed i had emerged from my meeting with Tiamat and Gaia in a forest. Fitting, it was a very fitting local to emerge in. My twitching ears soon heard the chirps, howling and eerie calls of birds and other animals. My eyes could see through the night, revealing a deep and seemingly unending forest. Burrows, roots and outcroppings were amongst many of the features of the surrounding forest, water nowhere to be seen.

Moving forwards to a nearby tree i could feel the life lightly flowing through the tree and into the ground below me. I licked my lips and tasted the faint stirrings of Spring emerging, if I wasn't wrong Spring would come soon, within the month. I knew I was an elf at this stage but I was still intrigued heavily by my powers. Before I could continue to explore a screen emerged in front of me, very similar to that of one of my favourite characters.

|Silviana Solaris|

HP: 150

MP: 200

STR- 15

CON- 15

DEX- 15

CHA- 15

INT- 20

WIS- 20


Unique Skill- Eidetic Total Memory

Unique Skill- Semblance: Umbral Assault

Unique Skill- Reincarnation's Blessing


'Interesting...' I willed the so called system to explain my powers to me. It appeared pretty quickly, the description spanning out before me as a playful character appeared on the screen, an illusion or 3D image of some kind. It was a small little cat, its eyes languid and calm as its body was purely white.

{Description For Semblance: Umbral Assault : The Host's Semblance, Umbral Assault, grants them mastery over shadows, allowing them to harness darkness as a formidable weapon in combat. When activated, the Host can manipulate shadows to create solid constructs such as weapons, armour, or tendrils of darkness that lash out at their foes with incredible speed and precision. These shadowy manifestations are imbued with the Host's own strength and can inflict devastating damage upon their enemies. Additionally, the Host can teleport short distances by merging with shadows, enabling them to reposition themselves swiftly on the battlefield and catch their opponents off guard.} 

The voice cut out as the cat layed down across the screen, its form lazily licking at its paws as the mood of said creature came off as bored. I watched the cat with some small element of intrigue, my face lightly cracking a smile as i had the wanting to pet its fur, unfortunately for me when i tried, my hand just slipped through it form. It continued to lick its paws as it just watched me.

'Please continue...'

{Description For Eidetic Total Memory: The Host has the complete recollection of learned information, seen information, spoken information, muscle memory and training. All forms of memory kept and stored within the Host's mind as to be perused and used at later times or at a moments notice, if the host so wishes.}

{ Description For Reincarnation's Blessing: Error...Error...Error...Error...Error... Error...Error...}

It was very odd seeing the cat repeat an error code over and over but after a few more attempts by the cat it simply ceased and layed down on my screen, becoming and permanent symbol on my status sheet. It made me feel like it was one of those AI chatbots on phones and such.

|Awakening of Growth System Beginning...|


|You will now be given Unique Skills.|

{Unique Skill- Magicule Infinatatum Potentia}

{Unique Skill- Growth}

'Could you give me the descriptions please?'

The cat appeared once more as more explanations were given. The cat's voice was that of a masculine man, sounding almost like Morgan Freeman in some ways.

{Unique Skill Name: Growth

Description: Growth is a Unique Skill that allows the User to continuously enhance their stats over time through a process known as "Symbiotic Infusion." Unlike conventional methods such as Devour, which involve absorbing external sources of energy or knowledge, Growth taps into the User's innate potential and fosters symbiotic relationships with the world around them.

Mechanism: The User of Growth forms a symbiotic bond with the environment, drawing upon the natural energies and resources present in their surroundings to fuel their growth. This process is passive and gradual, with the User's stats increasing incrementally over time as they cultivate their symbiotic connections.


Harmonious Assimilation: The User's Growth is not limited to physical or combat-related attributes but extends to all facets of their being, including mental acuity, magical prowess, and emotional resilience. This holistic approach to growth ensures that the User becomes a well-rounded and adaptable individual.

Eco-Synergy: The User's symbiotic bond with the environment fosters mutualistic relationships with flora, fauna, and even geological formations. By harmonizing with nature, the User can accelerate their growth and unlock unique bonuses tied to specific ecosystems or biomes.

Adaptive Evolution: As the User's stats increase, their physiology undergoes subtle yet profound changes, reflecting their evolving connection with the world. These adaptations may grant the User new abilities, resistances, or heightened senses tailored to their environment.

Temporal Resonance: Over time, the User's Growth resonates with the cyclical rhythms of the world, attuning them to the ebb and flow of cosmic energies. This temporal resonance enables the User to synchronize their growth with celestial phenomena such as lunar cycles, solar flares, or planetary alignments, further enhancing their potential.}

'Interesting... No wonder i started to feel more connected with the life around me.' I looked to the trees and creatures around me, my senses picking up a faint drifting of energy to my body, slowly suffusing my marrow, bones, sinew, skin and flesh. It was relaxing and felt like a massage.

{Unique Skill Name: Magicule Infinatatum Potentia

Description: Magicule Infinatatum Potentia is a Unique Skill that enables the User to transcend conventional magical boundaries and unlock their latent magical potential to unprecedented levels.

Mechanism: Through Magicule Infinatatum Potentia, the User gains the ability to shatter the limitations imposed by traditional magic systems, allowing them to explore new avenues of magical expression and experimentation.}

'These skills are all very good... I wonder if the system was Gaia or Tiamat's intention?' I couldn't get any answers for that however as the wind continued to graze my skin, as if pushing me onwards to find shelter or cover. Heeding the wind's dangerous cold I started to look up at the trees and around me, cover being my main focus as I felt completely sated in thirst and hunger.

Hoots of owls and calls of strange nocturnal birds swarmed my senses as i walked deeper into the forest. Life was calling out to me further and further as i went, my Unique Skills already starting to take effect. Minutes passed as I was becoming somewhat entranced by the feeling of nature around me, my consciousness feeling a deep connection to my surrounding environment. This was suddenly interrupted as I saw a series of fires in the distance, crude struggling fires, but fires nonetheless. 

'Friend or Foe? What shall it be?'


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