8 Chapter 8: Preparations of a New god (Part 2)

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<(POV Selene Gallio)>

The last few days were probably the happiest days of my life because I could feel my life's work actually amounting to something.

I have been alive for about 17000 years, yet I have never actually felt like this. I always felt empty like I didn't have a purpose.

I had travelled all over the world to find my purpose of being born, being immortal but I never found it.

So I had mistakenly thought that the reason for my existence was to rule the world, to be its queen.

But for that I needed more power since I knew that there were beings more powerful than me, that I couldn't take them all on by myself. That is the reason why I had started to search for the legendary phoenix.

It is said that it can give mortals powers that one can only dream of. I wanted that power.

But no matter how much I searched, I never found anything that could point me to it. All I found were stories & myths but then everything changed.

The very power I was searching for, visited me in my dreams & told me a secret, a secret that changed the world as I knew it.

It told me of its one & only child. It referred to him as one that shouldn't exist, that never did exist & that which never will exist. I didn't understand what it was talking about but I didn't try to either.

It was not my place to question the wisdom of immortal all powerful entities like the phoenix.

But I was still apprehensive about all of it. After all, the naive old me still only thought about conquering the world & ruling everything. But then it showed me the future, not the whole future but bits & pieces of it.

I saw so many wars, so much blood, so much death. I saw glimpses of 'murderous men made of steel' killing people. I have heard people nowadays call such things robots. I saw them hunting mutants, sometimes killing humans & even trying to destroy the planet.

I saw a red wave wiping out millions of mutants like ants under a boot, a purple monster wiping out half the population of the universe with a snap. I saw a man wearing funny retro style clothing controlling the world like a puppet, taking all our lives as a joke & I finally saw a black stormy cloud devouring all of existence & ending our entire universe.

It was all such a frightening experience, knowing that I would not be able to do anything to prevent those things. But the phoenix gave me a solution.

It gave the world a gift in the form of its own son. She told me that he could become our saviour, not only protecting us mutants but also saving the entire world from its imminent doom.

Thus after she showed me the location of the egg & the ritual on how to give it enough lifeforce to hatch it, I did exactly that.

I recruited like minded individuals, mutants who wanted change, who wanted to believe in something and game them their new hope to believe in, our Messiah.

It was not easy. But after decades of hard work, preparations & countless sacrifice, we finally did it. Our Saviour was finally born.

He was beautiful & almost seemed to turn more & more... perfect with time. He radiated power & strength.

If I am honest I actually expected some kind of reward for my hard work, and after seeing him I knew what reward I really wanted.

I wanted him to take me. Maybe in some deep corner of my heart I even wanted to be his queen but I knew that was not possible. I am only a mutant after all & he is a Mutant god.

But when I saw Vanessa getting out of Master's bedroom the next morning with dishevelled clothes, messy hair & a shy face; I knew what had happened.

And I was really sad that I could not be there, that I could not be the first one to lay with him. I was disappointed in myself. Perhaps I should have been more forward, more daring, more open.

But alas what has happened has happened. But I will make sure that I will be the next person he takes to bed. No wench is going to one up me again.

Master's speech that day was truly beautiful. It looked like an angel had descended to educate us poor mutants. It was breathtaking. It was divine.

After that the plans he made were also truly brilliant. What he wanted to do was simple. Instead of forcing the humans to accept us as their superiors, we will just make them see us as their natural betters.

We will make them wish that they had powers like us, we will make them pray that their children are born mutants and not ordinary like them. Instead of burning us at stakes, they will instead celebrate us.

But for that we will first need a lot of money as well as connections & influence.

That is the reason why master told us to register our own company to earn all that. Master named it Meta Platforms. It was a beautiful name, as expected of master. He told us that in the future he may even try to change the name 'mutants' to 'meta' since the word mutant doesn't sound healthy or friendly.

He is truly ambitious, as expected of a god.

Right now, Meta is only an investment company. For now we are only investing & acquiring controlling stakes in small companies & startups like some small businesses called Amazon, e-bay, Nvida, Yahoo, the Life Foundation, Hammer industries & others like that.

We even began to buy some small amount of shares into some already established companies like Microsoft, Apple, Stark industries, Oscorp, Pym technologies, Baxter, Trask industries, Daily Bugle, Rand corporation & Roxxon corporation.

We currently didn't have a huge amount of money, only a couple of billions, so we had to focus on the small companies more than going after the already established companies.

However, soon we will be entering into waste management, construction, banking, entertainment & other such sectors, once we have enough money to do so.

Master said that these are all basic preparations for what is to come, and what we wanna do.

He is hoping to put his plans into action & release of what is going to be our flagship product once we have enough financial backing & control over public opinion. It will start to forever change the perception of powered individuals in the mind of the ordinary sheep.

However I don't know how he is going to do that. I mean people watch the news & read newspapers for only a few hours every day. I don't think its going to be that easy in influencing them through those platforms so much within that short time.

After all, it isn't like we have access to a platform that most people use multiple hours of a day that we can control to manipulate people's opinions without them even realizing that they are being manipulated.

Anyways, besides these boring business stuff, master also told me to find multiple things about other existing mutant organizations.

Of course I told him about the metal controlling mutant called magneto leading a terrorist group full of mutants & also an old handicapped bald mutant teacher who calls himself Professor X trying to train his students into his warrior pawns.

Master looked quite amused hearing that information & even gave me a headpat.

Maybe I still have a chance to get into his bed after all.


<(POV Raven Darkholme, aka, Mystique)>

"This is too much now Irene. You know how much using your power is severely affecting your health. Your body can't take it any more. I have told you repeatedly to stop using your future sight." I angrily told my wife Irene.

She had been trying to use her power more & more recently, afraid that if she doesn't, then something bad will happen to the world & there will be no one to warn the people against it.

I have been so frustrated with my life right now. Recently Magneto has been bossing me & the others in the brotherhood around like we are his servants instead of his subordinates.

He is getting more & more unhinged by the day. I used to support his cause of uplifting us mutants in the society but now he is becoming more of a dictator of a fascist regime than a leader who wants to bring change.

Recently, he even said that he has supposedly found rumours of a tomb of a mutant god in Egypt. He has become almost obsessed with the myth & has been making use of all of our resources to find said 'god tomb'

Xavier on the other hand has been trying to build a child army using underage mutants. I don't know about all the details but as much as I have heard he has even named them with the first letter of his name, X-men.

Talk about the height of narcissism. Also why x-MEN, why not women or some other gender neutral name.

Sometimes I really think that I am probably the only one actually smart among us three.

"Its not that Raven. I didn't use my powers. I am getting weak because I am getting old like everyone else does" Irene broke me out of my thoughts.

"As for seeing the future, I didn't or rather I should say I couldn't." she informed me.

"What are you talking about? Why didn't you tell me about this before? How long has this been happening" I seriously questioned my wife.

"Calm down dear. I wanted to tell you but I was waiting to see if my powers could start working on their own again. I guess they didn't. As for how long I have not been able to see the future? Not that long really. It has only been a few months."

"How did this happen Irene? I mean I always knew your powers were as much a curse as they were a gift to you. But them completely stop working out of nowhere isn't a good sign for you. Maybe we need to go the doctor or something" I said to my wife.

I really didn't want anything to happen to her. She is too precious to me to let go. I love her too much to just let her suffer or worse die due to power blockage or something, if thats even an actual condition.

"I don't know how it happened darling, but truthfully I am glad that it did. Before, I was always plagued by my visions, afraid all those possible nightmares coming true. But now, now its like I am at peace. I am glad that I will be able to spend the last few years of my life worrying only about you and not some terrible prophecies that can come true in the future."

"Don't say that Irene, I won't let anything happen to you no matter what. I'll do anything to protect you" I say lovingly to my wife.

Yes, I'll do everything in my power to protect her. I'll make sure that my wife will be able to live just as long as me. I won't let her go away, no matter what I have to do. No matter what.


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