410 Interlude 30

Salem POV

"You are….his…lover?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, among other things." She said simply as if it were not a significant discovery on my part. "How strange, I did not expect to meet you at this instance. But the whims of fate are often unexpected."

"You have appeared here by chance? The one time I leave my domain and venture outside?" I asked skeptically.

She held up a finger and the magic around her swirled to reveal a string of symbols I was familiar with. "I believe my student has mentioned this branch of Magecraft to you, yes?"

"Student?" I tilted my head. "And yes, he did. I have touched on it briefly, but I cannot depict what you did at mere sight just yet."

"I was his teacher." She smiled wistfully. "He came to me as a boy wanting to become stronger. He was oh so young back then. His youthful arrogance was cute even if I had to often beat it out of him." She reminisced, looking nostalgic. "As for my spell, it is just a simple matter of weaving myself into the web of fate and having it point me in a direction that would bring me some manner of excitement. As I approached this town, I had heard of a large group of these Grimm that were nearby, I had assumed they were the cause of my presence, but I believe I was mistaken until now."

"I see." I digested her words at face value even if they were…. startling. I suppose it was safe to assume that she had a similar…origin as his. "There was an Ancient Grimm nearby that was gathering its lesser brethren to attack this town. I did not wish to be disturbed so I commanded them to cease and disperse."

"Unfortunate." She hummed.

"….not the response I am accustomed to when speaking of Grimm tides attacking settlements."

"Oh, the town was in no danger" The corners of her lips tugged up. "It would take more than mere Grimm to overcome me."

"Your confidence is admirable." My lips thinned at her insinuation.

She let out a laugh in response. "I assume that my student has not told you about me then? He spoke that he was going to tell you everything. Did he fail to do so? Should I give him a gentle reminder about the responsibilities he has when courting a woman?"

I felt….oddly defensive of him when she said that. "It is my fault. After he told me where he 'came from' I told him that I needed space and time to myself."

"Hmm, I see." She hummed out a response. "Then it is good he has been proper."

"…His presence has not been unwelcomed." I replied. "Even when he stares at my behind."

"Of course he does." She laughed again. "My student may be lascivious, but he will not do anything to make you uncomfortable. He is a sweet and caring boy. I presented him my naked body and made efforts to entice him further yet he denied me until I became his woman first."

"Are we speaking about the same person?" I snorted, remembering all the times he very blatantly stared at my rear and even made lewd comments. "But I suppose you are correct….." He has never tried to initiate more than a simple kiss and his hands never wandered despite his obvious infatuation with certain parts of my body. "You said your name was –"

"I did not fully introduce myself." The woman took over. "You do not know of my history, so I can be willful. I am the Immortal Witch of Dun-Scaith. Queen of the Land of Shadows. Lord of Spirits. And God Slayer. I am Scáthach."

"….there are many things you just revealed that I have questions about but I am fairly sure I do not have the proper context to understand."

"You may ask me questions. I would prefer that you get your information from Wilhelm, but my matters are mine to speak of."

"What do you mean by God-slayer?" I asked the most pertinent.

"Does the concept not exist here?" She asked herself. "Jinn only spoke of her creators your – Brother Gods, yes? Are there no other deities around?"

"The Brother Gods are the only Gods of Remnant."

"How strange. From my world there were thousands if not more, depending on where one lived. But my title is just as you would expect. I have slain men, demons, monsters, dragons and even Gods."

"….I see." I did not know how to feel about her confession in comparison to my own failures.

"You are upset by what I said, I will not speak of it again." She once more simply replied.

I didn't even know what proper response to give to her statement. The term was logically something I understood, but I could not wrap my head around it being applied to the woman sitting in front of me. I saw the power of the Brothers first hand, and the thought of any mortal standing up to that was ridiculous after how horrendously I failed.

"You said you were his teacher?" I tapped my fingers on the table, deciding to just ignore that for now. I already had too much on my mind, I would understand more about that later. "How did you become his….woman, as you put it."

"Is it not a natural occurrence of events?" She tilted her head. "I would deny it to his face rather than bear his insufferable smugness, but my student is handsome and charming. Considering his other attractive traits and his personal strength, I would call it inevitable due to the years we spent together."

Inevitable, was it?

"And you don't care that he keeps other women?" I asked. "That he has a Harem."

She chuckled. "Such things are not strange in my culture. Strong men have many lovers. And if I did not promise myself to him fully, I may have had many lovers myself. But he is the only man I will ever have in my heart." She paused for a moment. "And between my legs now."

"I suppose that is a very….simplistic way to look at it."

"Do you disagree with it then? Do you not fancy my student?" She asked.

"….It is difficult to dislike him." I admitted, feeling oddly comfortable in the presence of this woman who was nearly a stranger.

"Are you asking me or asking for yourself, hmm? Do you dislike that he has other women that he holds in his heart? It is understandable if you do not accept his romantic pursuits due to this."

"It wasn't uncommon when I was younger." I briefly frowned thinking of my own parents. Their faces were very vague now, I could hardly remember what they looked like. But my father had many mistresses.

"You are not the only one of his pursuits to have reservations. One of his other paramours is currently on Remnant as well and she was hesitant about accepting this relationship."

"Another one of you?" I raised an eyebrow. "And is she like you as well?"

"Similar in some aspects, but different in others. I believe you have the concept of Knights here?"

"Yes, I am familiar with it."

"She is a Knight." The woman stated. "Her land of origin was very near my own, but we were separated by several centuries. However, we are very different in most aspects. My student's lovers are a very diverse lot."

"It seems I must apologize for my earlier comment in calling you a 'child'."

She cracked another grin. "Have you not met any other long-lived beings?"

"No." I pursed my lips. "Beyond my former husband bound by a curse to continuously reincarnate, I am the only immortal left in the world. If you don't mind me asking how old….?"

"My age?" She hummed. "That is a difficult question to answer as the human calendar changed at some point in my home. I was around 2200 when I died based on the calendar years that humans have kept."

"Pardon?" I blinked.


"You died?"

"Oh, yes, you don't know. My existence is one of a spiritual nature now. It is unfortunate, but I am weaker than when I was a living being. Otherwise, I would think about seeking out those Brother Gods of yours to test myself"

"You….you are dead?" I repeated it because it sounded absurd. "If you're confident enough to seek out the Brothers, then what could have possibly killed you?"

"It was by my own hand." The woman turned sullen. "I was old, far too old and I no longer had a purpose for living. I was bound to my Realm of Shadows, isolated and alone. And I did something shameful to end my own misery."

...I could feel sympathy for her situation. I did not think it was possible to hear about someone else living so similarly to myself. "I would hardly call it shameful to kill yourself in that circumstance." I offered some verbal respite despite her still being a stranger to myself.

"No, I did something far worse. I wished to die as a warrior and asked the one person I could to fullfill my wish."

"….you asked Wilhelm to kill you."

"I hurt him in a way that my spear never could." She smiled wryly. "I knew the way he felt towards me, and I still asked him to do so."

"Yet you sit here." I pointed out.

"That foolish boy." She sighed, resting her arm on the table. "The lengths he went through to bring me back."

"So it is merely gratitude then? You are with him because he granted you your wish?"

"No." She shook her head, not at all upset by what I insinuated. "If it was merely the case of gratitude, I would still have been his woman, I would still allow him any part of me he desired. But my heart would still remain beyond his reach. I believe it is enough to say that the heart of this Scáthach belongs to him."

"He sounds like a good man." I said quietly.

"He is very much so."

"And the woman that is here as well. The one you said was usure? What is her opinion?"

"They recently confessed their love for one another."

"You have given me much to think about." Why was I feeling this strange sensation in my heart? "Thank you for speaking with me. It was…..interesting, speaking to someone similar. I will –"

"Where are you going?' The woman pushed an empty seat near us with her foot, blocking me from leaving. "Do you believe I would let you go so easily?" She raised a challenging eyebrow.


"And then – and then, he had the gall to ask me the color of my undergarments!" I huffed, drinking from this alcoholic beverage I had been given. "I was trying to figure out who in the Brother's name this strange person was, and he asked me such an absurd question!"

"Ufufu, he cannot help himself sometimes. That foolish boy pulled down my pants in front of the others just so he could grab my ass more easily. And that was merely recently."

"So I should be prepared to fend off his perversions."

"Who says you need to do so? I happily accept it." She grinned. "I do enjoy the aggressive and passionate side of him."

"I suppose it's nice to be desired again after so long." I grumbled, setting down my empty glass. "I'm out."

"I'll order another round." She replied. "However, you didn't answer."

"Didn't answer what?"

"What was your answer to his question?"

"I was forced to reveal that I was not wearing any undergarments at the time." I crossed my arms in annoyance. "And he has not let me forget it either."

"So like Jinn."

"That smug Relic Spirit." I snorted in annoyance. "She came to threaten me."

"She is a silly girl, still learning how to live outside of her predesignated role. I'm sorry if she said something offensive."

"Oh, I don't care so much about that. But she practically threw it in my face about where the Relic of Knowledge was."

The woman broke out in laughter. "Jinn enjoys making others uncomfortable."

"She very clearly enjoyed it when she did it to me. I was too embarrassed to even bring it up with Wilhelm." And she obviously knew that I previously wanted it and taunted me saying that I was free to 'take it' from her. "It wasn't an unpleasant experience, however."

"Having Jinn speak of her fetishes?" She tilted her head.

"No." I huffed. "I don't care about what deviances she prefers. I meant it was nice to not have someone cower or worship me on sight."

"What about Wilhelm?"

"Oh please, if I merely hike up my dress, I could get him to do whatever I wanted. If that is not worship, then I don't know what is."

"That sounds like him." She snorted. "However, I will warn you about leading him around by the cock, you will pay for it."


"I have shared my bed many times so far,, but even I had trouble handling his stamina. That is all I will say on the matter."

"So he isn't merely bravado then?"

"You are free to test for yourself." She smiled.

Maybe I will.

"Where is the waiter, this is poor service." I looked around, wanting another refill. I had forgotten how many drinks I had at this point, but I suppose it did not matter.

"That is my fault, I had forgotten to remove the barrier around us. Those without a more prominent source of Magical Energy won't perceive us beyond merely existing here."

"Is that what you did? I just saw you put up a barrier and didn't care to question it." I waved it off., noticing that it was getting rather crowded and it looked like quite a few Huntsman had come in since we had been chatting.

I admit I lost track of time and the situation as it has been…..a very long time to have someone to talk to like this. Wilhelm of course was someone I had considered a peer in most regards, but when he was actively pursuing me it was….different.


"Hey there, Ladies, mind if I join you?"

Both Scáthach and I turned to look at the source of the voice. The one that was directed at us.

Black hair, red eyes, and a white collared shirt with a cape behind him and a large weapon on his back.

"I thought you said –"

"Yes, and it is still active." She stated.

"Curious, you look familiar." I looked at the man, not remembering where I'd seen him before.

"Should I be worried?" He chuckled. "Mind if I join you? All the other tables are full."

"Do you know him?" Scáthach looked at me.

"I think I've seen his picture before, which is odd in itself as I don't bother much with the matters of the world." I furrowed my brow, trying to recall, looking at him.

"The magic he wields is miniscule and weak."

"Wait, what?" The man blinked in confusion.

"Oh, now I recall. I did not remember until you mentioned the 'weak and miniscule'." I looked back at him. "I remember receiving your picture long ago. You are one of Ozma's pawns. How humorous to find one here by chance."

His eyes widened and he grabbed the hilt of his weapon, going defensive. "Who are you?"

"Did he not tell you about me? How very in character for him. My former husband likes to keep his disposable pawns dreadfully ignorant." I drawled. "I am Salem."

And that look of confusion turned to horror as realization set in. I admit that I took delight in it.

"Draw your weapon and you will die." I said simply, making him stiffen. "Sit down." I commanded.

He awkwardly edged towards the seat on the side, making himself look rather small as his eyes darted everywhere, looking for a means to escape.

"Is he your enemy?" Scáthach asked.

"Enemy is a rather strong word. I would not call a fly that annoys me an enemy. I don't even know why he was reaching for his weapon, at the very least, Ozma should have told him I'm immortal."

"Ah, the foolish kind then."

"Indeed." I smiled. "I suppose it could be called brave as well."

"Often they are the same."

I chuckled at that. "And what brings you here, pawn of Ozma? You clearly did not know of my existence, otherwise Ozma would no doubt have sent more than just one of his pieces."

"Who's this Ozma?" Scáthach asked.

"My former Husband." I scowled.

"What?" The man blinked again.

"Of course he did not tell you this." I rolled my eyes. "Yes, your 'leader' was my husband at one point in time. Like many young girls, I was stupid and naïve. A mistake that has been since rectified. Tell me, is he still stealing bodies from his victims and claiming the side of 'good'?" I was being pedantic, but who was going to call me out? Him? "Well, it was rhetorical, otherwise, I would be annoyed that you didn't answer me. But I did ask you a question." I narrowed my eyes.

"Uh…" He stiffened again. "I-I was coming along with the other Huntsman because of the reported Grimm Tide approaching."

"Yes, that was something happening." I hummed, remember what Scáthach said. "You need not worry, I am in a good mood and dispersed it some time ago."


"He seems not quite the intelligent sort." Scáthach noted. "What is your relationship with this Ozma beyond former matrimony? You appear hostile to him."

"We've fought over the years and have something of a shadow war going on. Or mostly him flailing around trying to 'defeat' me since he doesn't seem to know what the word 'Immortal' means. He tends to find impressionable children and fills their heads with delusions of grandeur and sends them at me in some half-hearted attempt at learning the definition."

"So this is one of his warriors then? He doesn't seem too bad." Scáthach admired. "He may be able to survive a few rounds if I went easy."

"You give him too much credit."

"Perhaps." She nodded. "Do you wish to kill him? He is aligned with your enemy, yes?"

I mulled it over and dismissed it. Wilhelm…..was against me killing it seemed. "I am in a good mood, you may leave." I gave him a point of mercy. But he just sat there, unmoving. "That was your cue to get up and flee before I change my mind."

"Right." He shot to his feet, the legs of his chair screeching against the floor.

"Wait." Scáthach called out, making the man stop in his tracks. "You possess one of those communication devices, yes?"

"M-my scroll?" He fumbled.

"Yes, hand it over."

He opened his mouth and closed it again, opted to put said device on the table and scrambled outside.

"Why did you ask for this? They are easy to commandeer or purchase elsewhere." I asked.

"You said that he answers to your former husband for whom you have had a falling out. I assume he did something worth your ire?"

"Yes." I still felt that ache after all these years since my children died.

"And this device can communicate with one he presumably owns, yes?"

I felt the corners of my lips tugging upwards as I realized what she was getting at. "Yes, yes it would. And he would not know what we have taken from his subordinate."

"Shall I fetch another round of drinks?" She offered with a wide grin.

I couldn't help myself but giggle. "Oh, this will be enjoyable."



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