269 Chapter 252

I heard the words she said, but I think my brain refused to properly process them.

She had a little coy smile on her face, most likely taking amusement in my reaction – or rather my complete mental shutdown.

It's not like I had any familial connection with her beyond the physical. I never knew her, never even remembering meeting her in my life. To say that I was attracted would be accurate, she was a gorgeous woman who hit all my buttons. And I was definitely not lying to myself at this point, I most assuredly preferred older women.


"A-Aren't you married?" I finally managed to eek out. I don't know why that's what I went with, but it was the first thing that popped up into my head.

Venelana let out a little giggle. "That's the first question you ask? How cute, are you worried about such a thing? Isn't it more exciting to know that you're stealing someone's wife?"

"I'm no homewrecker." I crossed my arms in mild annoyance. "And that's a trash fetish." I made sure to point out.

That only served to increase her giggles as she covered her mouth before calming down. "You don't have to worry about that, Zeo knows. We aren't exactly what you would call intimate."

"Wait, he knows? As in you planned this?"

"Well, no, but yes."

"Context, please." I sighed, realizing I was on the other side of this for once.

"I thought I'd give it a shot after seeing your gaze linger a bit on me when my clothes were ripped." She smiled coquettishly. "You're a handsome young man, and I thought 'why not'." She shrugged. "There was no draw back."

"That's....flattering. But what's this about your husband?"

"Oh, that." She hummed, getting up from her seat. She slowly walked over, sliding right next to me. My first thought was how good she smelled before quickly squashing it. "Well, there's not really much to say. As far as love goes, that died years ago. We're still together for political reasons and the kids, but at this point we don't even sleep in the same bed anymore."

"Oh…." I just blinked again, not really knowing what to say. "I'm….sorry?" I offered.

Again, she let out that enchanting giggle of hers. "Oh, you're sweet. There's nothing to be sorry about, it's not like either of us are upset about it. I suppose at the beginning it was hard to accept after being together for so many centuries, but we both realized the love wasn't there anymore so it was an amicable 'split'."

Even still, I found it strange that he's seemingly okay with this. "And he's not upset that you're trying to seduce me?"

"On the contrary. While I didn't specify you in particular, he's tried to help me in the past when I mentioned finding a lover. Zeo and I were childhood friends, we married when the Great War was still going on, even now, we're inseparable. There's no longer romantic feelings, but he's someone that I'll always think of as family. He would be happy if I found someone to spend the night with."

"That's actually kind of sweet…" I admitted even if the whole situation was weird. A friendship that transcends a romantic relationship dying out.

"Hmm, maybe that's one of the reasons I was willing to try this." She crossed her legs, her dress riding up just a couple inches, showing off her legs some more. I noticed she caught my gaze, looking a little happy about that tidbit. "You do remind me of a young Zeo, and I can say for sure that I have a certain type~"

It's not like I had any room to call someone out on having a type. "And you're not put off by the fact that I'm your grandson?"

"Sweetie, I'm a Devil." She looked amused by the question. "I was alive when the original Lucifer was still ruling over us. I have seen and been apart of much worse things than having sex with my grandson."

"Really? Does that mean you're waiting for the day that Millicas turns the right age?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh Satan's." She chortled, covering her mouth again. "As cute as my other grandson is, I could never think of him that way. I changed his diapers, I could never unsee that."

"Yeah that's fair." I couldn't argue with her logic. "So you have no trouble seeing me that way since I was tossed away?"

"If you want to be pedantic about it." She huffed. "That kind of bond never formed, so I can still see you has a potential partner without any of the other feelings. What do the humans call it – " She waved her hand, looking as if she was trying to remember something " – Watson, Wember, West...Westermarck effect, that's the one. I think it was the early 20thcentury? The Idea that growing up together and all the entails puts individuals off of sexual attraction."

"Wait, what?" I blinked in confusion.


"That's…..a really random piece of knowledge to just know. Especially when you're coming here without supposedly planning this out in any capacity." I eyed her suspiciously. She was trying kinda hard to convince me. I was starting to get a little suspicious.

"I learned it in school." She tilted her head.

"Devil school is much weirder than I thought…."

"Don't be ridiculous." She lightly swatted at my shoulder with a little pout. "I learned it in human school – or rather College. I have a Degree in Child Psychology."

I opened my mouth and closed it again. "Pardon?"

"What, is that so strange?" she chuckled. "I do like to keep myself busy over the centuries."

"Can we go back to the degree in Child Psychology?" I was processing that still. It's random to be a thing. "You just decided to one day get a degree in Child Psychology?"

"Something like that." She shrugged. "It was before Rias was born…and before you were born now that I think about it." She tapped her finger against her chin. "Should be about…..20ish years ago? I doubt any of my certifications are valid anymore."

"That's…..actually really neat." I perked up upon hearing that. Especially under the idea of that time period, there had been many advances over the years and the insights and things she learned as opposed to today. "Why Child Psychology? There are many different branches, why specifically that one?" Is it weird that learning about this made her seem more.....interesting in my eyes?

"Actually, it was because Sona's parents were talking about trying for another child. We had a long talk about how the times changed since our older children were born. They would be the first generation that wouldn't be involved in an active war." She smiled brightly as she began explaining. "Sure, the factions are technically warring still, but we generally don't start any conflicts. And we also discussed the changes that human culture were having in the underworld, and it was about the time I usually go out and explore the human world as I like to do every so often. Overall, I thought it would be an interesting experience and might even help in the future."

"Huh, that's pretty neat." I rubbed my chin. "The sheer cultural shift must have been jarring for the older folks as things finally settled down."

"It certainly was." She laughed. "There's a reason that the Old Satan Faction exists and isn't laughed out of the underworld. While I'm thoroughly in my son's camp, I do disagree with some things that've come about with this new influx."

"That's to be expected, and I doubt anyone would fault you. Traditions can be just as important as advancement. It's ideal to strike a balance between the two of them, but it seems like the Old Satan Faction is too keen on latching onto old ideals and not letting go even if it's objectively for the better." I pondered the situation a bit and realized that it mirrored quite a few human-based conflicts in the past.

"Don't get me started, we could sit here and have this discussion for days." She nodded along.

"Ugh, politics." I visibly choked at the thought. "I get enough by association with Yasaka. Not to mention the Clock Tower."

"Clock Tower?" She blinked, looking at me expectantly.

"Err…it's the…..Magician's Association I'm part of." I answered rather poorly realizing the slip of my tongue.

"Is that so." She gave me a look like she knew I wasn't being entirely truthful. "At this point, I've chalked it up to a fact of life. Even in College, there were so many different political games going on, it was annoying to say the least."

"Oh, what school did you go to, Harvard?"

"That pretentious place?" She snorted, relaxing her posture. "No, I went to Yale."

"Really? Harvard is the pretentious one?"

"Don't go telling me you're a Harvard boy." She wagged her finger. "We might have a little bit of an issue then."

"Hey, I got no dog in that fight." I put my hands up in surrender. "Besides, I'm more of an Oxford or Cambridge kind of guy." I technically went to both in my previous life and have a few fond memories of them here and there.

"Oh, so that's how it is." She eyed me with a strange look.

"Oi, what's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing at all." She hummed. "Though there is one fact that puts Yale over all of those schools."

"And what's that?"

"Their sweaters hug my big boobs in all the right ways." She pushed up her chest for added effect, an added smirk as she noticed my eyes glued to them.

I kinda forgot she was….seducing me until that moment, and I think I may have actually blushed a little.

"You mentioned that you come up to the human world periodically." I tried to change the subject. "Have you done similar things?" At the very least, I was a little curious about my Grandmother.

"As far as going to school, I've done it a few times. Other times, I've just explored and enjoyed certain things that were popular at the time." She brushed her hand against mine, not even missing a step as she continued. "I'm also a Marine Biologist, though that was a couple decades before even my Psychology degree. I guess I was on a bit of learning streak."

Again, that was pretty interesting, and not at all what I would expect from a woman such as her. "Was that just a whim or was there some greater meaning?"

"Well…..that was admittedly more whimsical in the beginning. It was when people started getting a lot more upset about the state of pollution and all that. Oh, I remember those days, the hippy culture was so fun." She cupped her cheek, reminiscing about the past. "The clothing was awful, but there was a certain charm to it as well. I got swept up in all that nonsense and ended up spending several months afterwards on a ship tracking Dolphin migrations to earn my degree."

"To be honest, I could not see you getting down and dirty on a ship for several months." She was the epitome of nobility. Everything about her screamed elegance and sophistication, not….slumming it on a rusty boat.

"It had its moment…..but you're right. I hated a significant portion of it to the point where I had to convince myself on many days not to just Teleport away. But…..It was an experience I would have never had otherwise, memories I'll cherish even if they weren't fond ones." She smiled wistfully. "But we eventually succeed and graduated without issue."

"You cheated with magic, didn't you?"

"Without an ounce of remorse."

We stared at each other for a moment before breaking out in a laugh. And for some reason, her laugh sounded much cuter than before.

"Hooh." She let out a couple more soft chuckles before calming down. "I have one more degree as well."

"Oh let me guess." Psychologist and Biologist, I honestly had no idea what else she could have gone for. "Astronaut?"

"Oh, that's a good one." She looked thoughtful. "But nope~"




"Another fun one, but still really cold" She shook her head. "Definitely making a note of that one though. Do you want a hint, maybe I can warm you up~" She winked at me.

And I was starting to feel a little hot under the collar. "I give up, what is it?"

"Mixologist." She beamed proudly.

I gaped at her.

"What?" She looked at me in confusion. "It's not that strange."

"That's...amazing!" I exclaimed. "You're a certified mixologist?"

"I take it you're a drinker then?" She laughed at my reaction.

"I….admit a particular interest."

"People who word it that way usually do so because they have a problem." She pointed out.

"I'm a Half-Devil, there isn't a problem unless I run out." I countered.

"A healthy mindset to have." She deadpanned, before shifting into an amused smile. "But yes, I'm a certified Mixologist. I even have a bar I had built back home where I play around making different cocktails and what-not."

"I'm jealous, that sounds like such a cool hobby." I could totally see myself going to school for that.

"It's always fun to entertain people at my little bar." She agreed. "And I have to say, it's been a much more fun experience than my other degrees. While I don't regret them in the least, I haven't had much use for what I've learned from those other ones."

Ugh, I really wanted to see it…

I stiffened as I felt a hand rest on my leg. "You know, it's getting so late and I've yet to hear a response from you." She looked at me expectantly. "As amusing as it is to be the one doing the convincing in this scenario, I won't be upset if you say – no."

I opened my mouth and closed it again, pausing to try and find the right words to say and found it rather hard. Was it weird that I was open to the idea, even more so than before? I think if it we hadn't had the little heart to heart, I would have respectfully declined. But after talking with her for a bit….I can't help but look at her with a different perspective....

"Can I hear your reasons why?" I finally asked, wanting some kind of reassurance as this was not a normal situation at all. Maybe I was trying to convince myself one way or another.

"Well, the most obvious reason is that I think you're a handsome young man and It's difficult for me to find someone I like that's not going to cause trouble for me due to political reasons."

Did she mean because of her son's position as their 'leader'? I could see how that would be an issue.

"And I think you're underestimating how much we Devils admire strength." She added.

"Am I? I always knew that, but it didn't seem so…..significant on the surface."

"I had to change my panties when I got back after seeing what you did." She replied with a hint of shame and her hand gripped a little tighter on my inner thigh. "Not to mention you are hitting almost all of my buttons. I'm having trouble thinking of something I can't find on my list that you either don't have or aren't capable of getting."

"And the fact that I'm your grandson doesn't turn you off in the slightest?" Because it's not for me and I was still trying to process that.

"I'm an old Devil." She retorted, almost flippantly. "It's actually a little arousing. And honestly, shouldn't I be asking you that?" She raised an eyebrow as her hand brushed across my groin and I could feel myself twitch at her slight touch.

"I…..don't like one night stands." I finally admitted with a sigh. "I don't want that kind of thing. I get too attached easily and I don't know if I can handle those kinds of feelings only for the source to just up and leave for good." Was it weird that I was feeling sad that I wouldn't be banging my grandmother?

Who am I kidding, of course it's fucking weird. Still though…..I couldn't help but feel like I was missing out on something.

Venelana looked at me for what felt like a long time. "Then let's be lovers."


"What's so surprising about that?" She quirked an eyebrow. "You said you don't want a one-night stand, so lets make something more permanent."

"But….you!? That simple?" I just gaped at her.

"Sweetie, once again, I'm a Devil. I see something I want, I go for it." She lightly patted my cheek. "I can't say I'm at all against the idea either, it's been too long since I've had someone like this. So far you've proven yourself to be quite the charming man. I'm not against trying for something a bit more formal than a casual roll under the sheets."

"But....you want a relationship?"

"I believe I can't be any more clear than I already am." She giggled once more, her hand grasping at me quite thoroughly through my pants.

Is this what it feels like to be on the other side?

And I really can't think of a reason not to accept at this point. Usually, I've always started with dating and building up the relationship, but she seems to want to do things in reverse.

Though there was still one last thought in the back of my head holding me back. "This isn't some weird attempt to apologizing for everything that's happened to me, is it? Or some way to get me more.....attached to your faction?"

"Not at all." She said without missing a beat, and I believed her.

Oh good, otherwise that'd just be a massive turn off.

Without another word, I leaned in and captured her lips.


Lewd next.

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