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Warning: The MC talks and plans about sacrificing humans and creatures; if you are triggered or averse to such things, don't read.


(Sirius' POV)

A spell of immobilization, "Incarcerous," holds a dummy in place, and I dodge to the side, casting a blasting curse, "Confringo," towards it.

Next, I jump to the next target, firing a destructive spell, "Bombarda," at the space between two dummies, obliterating them. I then unleash a powerful disarming spell, "Expelliarmus," which tears apart the wand hand of the dummy.

Crouching down, I create a flame with "Ignis" and aim for the dummy's head. As I keep my movements sharp, I jump up, shuffle to the side, and cast a knockback spell, "Expulso," followed by a thunderbolt, "Tonitruum."

Breathing heavily, I reflect on my performance and the tactics I still need to improve. Over the past few weeks, I have been enhancing my magical abilities by studying books from the Black Library and adding new spells to my arsenal, while also revisiting the spells that the original Sirius had learned.

The Blackhouse is equipped with a training room that features both stationary and moving dummies, which fire non-lethal spells. Currently, I am practicing with stationary mannequins.


I gazed at Kreacher, who had donned a freshly laundered butler's uniform. I engaged in a discussion with him regarding the decline of the "Good House of Black" and expressed my commitment, as the new heir, to restore it to its former grandeur. I also assured him that I would aid him in executing the final instructions given by Regulus.

"The new kind master's food will be ready shortly," Kreacher informed me.

"Thank you, Kreacher. And please don't forget to set aside some bread for our guests," I replied.

"Yes, Kreacher will be doing that," he confirmed.


(Pov End)


Kreacher (POV)

Kreacher had always been a poor house-elf, but he was transformed into an excellent one by the strict punishments from his good mistress, Walburga. She had two young masters, the youngest of whom was always kind to Kreacher, which made Walburga angry, but he continued to treat Kreacher well despite her disapproval. The eldest young master, on the other hand, was always furious with Kreacher. Eventually, the eldest master ran away from the house, becoming a dirty blood traitor. The Dark Lord, with no nose, came and took him away, forcing him to drink a toxic potion and leaving him to die. As Kreacher lay dying, the good master Regulus called him, and he was saved. Before he died, Regulus handed Kreacher a green necklace and ordered him to destroy it.

Kreacher failed to follow this order for sixteen years. The other house-elves left one by one, leaving Kreacher alone. The only voices Kreacher heard were the nasty voice from the locket and the voice of Regulus scolding him for not completing the task. *(The Horcrux made Kreacher crazy and hallucinate things.)*

One day, Kreacher felt a pull from his magic and answered the call. He saw the bad master, who looked similar to Regulus but with a dangerous and menacing aura. Despite his weakened state, the master's voice held an authority that reminded Kreacher of his eldest master, Arcturus. The master ordered Kreacher to follow his instructions, which Kreacher was compelled to do by his magic.

Over time, the master became less hostile to Kreacher, and they even began to have conversations. The master also brought in servants of the Dark Lord and locked them in the dungeon, restoring the glory of the Black House. However, he was sometimes strange, ordering Kreacher to bring Muggle devices or steal clothes from Muggle shops.

One day, the new master called Kreacher. He looked better, less gaunt but paler, and was dressed in Muggle clothes, surrounded by books. He asked Kreacher how long it had been since he failed to complete Regulus's order.

Kreacher stiffened, pulling his ears down in shame, "Kreacher is a bad elf and could not complete the order."

The new master smiled and told Kreacher that he would help him complete the task. He reminded Kreacher of Regulus's last wish to bring down the Dark Lord and restore the glory of the Black House. The new master had a plan and was determined to fulfill Regulus's legacy.

Kreacher felt warmth in his heart and pride for his new master. He was ready to join the master in his mission to bring down the Dark Lord and restore the Black House to its former glory.

"Now, Kreacher, I have a few orders for you. Will you join me in helping the House of Black?" the new master asked.

(End of Pov)*(should I write elf pov like this or do normal English, gave me a headache to write it like this)


(Sirius POv)

After my conversation with Kreacher, he improved and followed my commands without hesitation. The entire house was now clean, and my mother's portrait was disabled and discarded to the attic.

I dressed Kreacher in a butler's suit for visual appeal. As I made my way to the kitchen, I was amazed at the transformation the cleaning had brought about. The house was once a mess, but now it felt welcoming and homely. The prisoners had woken up earlier, but instead of cursing or being confused, they were reticent. I wasn't concerned about them escaping, as the cells in the Black House were warded with powerful runes that drained the magic from the prisoners, making them weak and unable to use any form of magic. Only the head of the house could release them, even if they were a member of the Black family, so Bellatrix wouldn't have any tricks up her sleeve.

I didn't meet the prisoners, and all their information was provided to me by Kreacher. I changed their diet, adding water to the menu instead of just bread.

After eating my meal, I went to the office and started preparing the ingredients for my first ritual. I had decided to perform three rituals, as the number three is a magical number. My research showed that numbers play an important role in magic, and I could only perform three, five, or seven rituals, which are prime numbers. The number of rituals I could perform was limited by my age, and I could only perform two more rituals, as Original Sirius had only performed one ritual in his lifetime, and that was done by his parents.

Although I could have performed more rituals if I were younger, I was limited to three.

The first ritual is related to magic, with the goal of enhancing:

()Magical control

()Magical fluidity

()Easier access to the ambient magic in the surroundings

()Increased potency

Research and readings have shown that there is no such thing as a larger magical core or reserves of magic that one is born with. All magical beings have the same latent powers at their base, and the amount of magic they can use depends on their understanding of magic and their experiences using emotions to increase their power.

The ingredients required for this ritual include:

()Three, five, or seven high magical conductors or artifacts

()Three, five, or seven sentient artifacts

()Miscellaneous ingredients and magical plants

I plan to use my five Death Eaters as magical conductors, as magical beings make excellent conductors of magic due to the absence of a core or inbuilt magic. For sentient artifacts, I will use all the founder's artifacts that have become Horcruxes and have gained sentience. This ritual was not meant to be used in this manner, but with powerful artifacts at my disposal and nine prisoners in the dungeon, the stars have aligned perfectly. The miscellaneous ingredients will be obtained by Kreacher.

The second ritual is intended to enhance:

()Physical abilities




Despite working out and recovering muscle mass at an accelerated rate with the help of healing potions and spells, I am still looking for an extra boost. Who wouldn't want to become a magical Captain America, or in my case, Soldierboy?

The ingredients for this ritual include:

()Three or five high conductors

()Centaur blood

()Troll heart

()Pixie dust

()A phoenix feather

These ingredients may seem extreme, but the power of these rituals depends on the amount of magic added. The conductors act as the gateway for magic to fuel the ritual, and using the Death Eater prisoners as conductors will make the already powerful ritual even more so, as wizards are the best conductors of magic.


As our protagonist was occupied with his schemes, the wizarding world was in a state of unease and dread, anticipating a potential attack from the escaped Death Eaters or the return of Voldemort. But, their fears were left unfulfilled as nothing came to pass.

In Albania, a ghostly entity felt a strange sensation that warned of an impending threat to its safety. However, it disregarded the warning, confident in its invincibility.


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