207 Victoryless Victory

[Yuito's POV]

I stood before my fallen opponent with an empty feeling in my heart.

I should not feel this way. I have been disappointed many times by Japanese fighters and even the Koreans, yet due to my high expectations, I can't help the way I feel.

It was understandable, after all, it had been my dream to fight in the UFC not only in this life but in my previous life as well.

I imagined a glorious battle, a place where fighters who were the best of the best fought to call themselves the very best, but what I was greeted with was this pathetic match.

It was not noticeable from an outsider's perspective, after all Dong Hyun Kim was strong, he did not hold back nor did he throw the match. He did not take this fight with the intention of losing.

But he did not try to win either.

I think that was what irked me. If his fighting prowess were the only thing looked at, then he was the second strongest person I have fought, Only below Gun.

So I should've enjoyed the fight right?

No, it was the worst fight I had yet.

It was then that I discovered something about myself. It was not only the strength of my opponent or their fighting capabilities that I was interested in.

It was the resolve, the determination, the desire, and the fire behind those fighting capabilities.

Usually, if a person was strong that means he had those but I guess Dong Hyun Kim's fire had long since gone due to his passing age.

It was like bread and butter. It was supposed to go together.

I don't want only bread or only butter. It didn't matter how high quality they are, alone I wouldn't like it. It was when they came together that I enjoyed it.

Dong Hyun Kim was like that. A high-quality bread.

But in the end, he was only bread. He had no butter.

{What weird paragraphs of thoughts.}

The author's voice brought me out of my reverie and I chuckled at his comment. It was true, one's thoughts could only be truly understood by oneself.

The octagon opened up and the team of Dong Huyn Kim along with the doctors came in and rushed towards him.

I also got someone running over me.

"Yuito!!" Marin exclaimed, to my shock, she ran inside the octagon to hug me. She leaped in the air and hugged me.

I threw on a smile and hugged her back. Then behind her, Komi and Sumire came in and I also hugged them as they congratulated me.

"You won Yuito!! You won!!" Marin was the most excited as with a wide smile, she shook me.

"I am glad you are not hurt." Sumire said while cupping my cheek and kissing my forehead as I bent down.

The crowd cheered at us and there were many people who came inside the octagon. The staff and even the judges of the UFC came to me and shook my hand to congratulate me.

We celebrated and I went along with the flow, filling the emptiness of my heart with the happiness of Sumire, Marin, and the shy Komi.

They were happy to see me win so easily without any injury and were also proud of me.

After all that was done and after Dong Hyun Kim was finally back to his feet, the referee called us to the middle of the octagon where I was officially declared the winner by TKO. The match lasted 3:16 minutes.

It might be surprising but the time I dodged Dong Hyun Kim's attack was a long time. So the match was just the right, it was long enough for the people to be hyped up and amazed but short enough to show my dominance.

The crowd continued applauding as their scream reverberated through the stadium. They became louder when Marin and Komi gave me a peck on my lips.

The girls got shy after that, and Komi was on the brink of collapsing and even Marin was shy.

Joe Rogan approached me to give me a post-fight interview. He was smiling widely at me, clearly impressed by my skills and he hugged me close to him as he asked.

"Great Debut you have Fujita, I have never seen anything quite like it. How do you feel? And is there anything that you want to say about the fight?" He asked his question and put the pic close to my mouth.

"To be honest with you Joe, I feel bored." I said, causing the crowd to go 'OOOOO' as they wondered exactly what I meant.

My voice was crisp and smooth, it was attractive and perfect like it should be. The vibration of my voice spread through the stadium, pulling at the women's heartstrings and the nerves of men.

"I am disappointed." I said and grabbed the mic, "That's right guys, I am truly disappointed. Is this really the UFC? Was this really the best you could throw at me? I thought it was supposed to be the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Tonight was not ultimate at all."

The audience had myriads ofreactions as some screamed to hype themselves up while others were baffled at my arrogance.

"I hope everyone learned from tonight and realized that I am not just a new talent or a potential. I came to the UFC to steamroll everyone and prove my superiority amongst these guys."

The people cheered at my words and Joe had a small smile on his face. "Then what are you planning to do next? When can we expect you to fight again?"

It was a question that presented the perfect chance to call out an opponent to challenge them. It was also a moment to deliver whatever I wanted to say to the UFC and the people.

"As soon as possible. Look at me, I am absolutely unscratched so I do not need a break. And as for my plan?" I said and put the mic close to my mouth.

"Tyrone Woodley!!!!" I screamed and the audience erupted in disbelief. I only just had my debut and had the audacity to call the Welterweight Champion.

The big screen changed and showed the video of Tyrone Woodley who was also attending the match. He looked around and at himself on the big screen as he smiled.

"I am coming for you!!!" I said, " I hope you put up a better fight than that the eunuch Korean guy. And I want to ask the people and Dana himself to put through whoever you want in front of me so I can get to that belt as soon as possible. Thank you." I finished my speech.

"Fujita Yuito ladies and gentlemen," Joe said and the crowd reacted to me. I raised my hand and basked at the noise they made for me.

I truly hope for a more exciting fight next time.


[3rd POV]

"That's not right." said an Irish man in a solemn tone as he looked at the fight between Yuito Fujita and Dong Hyun Kim.

His eyes were focused and seemed to look past and beyond ordinary eyes as he watched Yuito move around the octagon.

His eyes let out an eerie glow that held a scary calculative depth. His fingers twitched and his muscles seemed to react, tensing and moving around under his skin.

His eyes narrowed as beads of sweat appeared on his face. A frown hung on his rugged Irish face, he did not like what he was seeing.

"Is there a problem Conor?"

The Irish man was Conor MacGregor. He was the biggest star in the UFC, the first fighter to ever hold two UFC titles in two divisions.

He was a living legend that single-handedly made UFC what it is today. 

The most popular mixed martial arts fighter, famous for his miraculous run in the UFC. He was the guy who knocked out a world champion Jose Aldo in 13 seconds.

That was the kind of fighter Conor was. The best of the best, the pinnacle of the art of combat.

He had just come off of his boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather which was one of the biggest boxing fights in history, amassing a total revenue of 600 million dollars.

He was the current UFC Lightweight champion of the world and arguably the UFC Featherweight Champion since no one ever beat him for the title.

But this man was frowning as he gazed upon our young rising star, Yuito Fujita.

"He wasn't that strong before." He said, referring to the time when he saw his fight with Munseoung.

Conor was obviously aware of the rising star and he did his research about him when he heard that he was going to make his debut.

And after watching multiple videos of his amateur fights - which was quite easy since they were viral all over the internet - Conor had already made an assessment of the rising star.

But that assessment he made was proven to be incorrect as he looked at Yuito's current display of power.

Now, one might wonder why this was such a big deal. He made a mistake, that's all. What was there to frown about?

These people did not know that Conor was never wrong before. At least when it came to the art of fighting and assessing his opponents.

It was his special gift. One that led him to the very top.

That means that in the span of those few months, Yuito had gotten this much stronger.

And that was pretty concerning even for Conor who was at the very top. It put a frown on his face as he quickly assessed the youth's talent and potential.

The reason why Conor was so concerned about it was because Conor was planning to move up to the Welterweight division when he returned to the UFC again. He would win the title and become the first fighter to become the UFC champion in three weight divisions.

So to him, Yuito seemed like a threat, A threat which would grow bigger the more he gave him time.

In this world, Conor stood at 6 feet tall unlike the one in his previous life where he stood 5'10. So it was possible for him to make weight for the Welterweight.

"Honey, is everything okay?" The voice of the woman beside him broke Conor out of his daze instantly when the previous man couldn't.

"It's nothing, baby. How do you like the fight?" Conor hugged the woman, his wife, who had been with him since he was a nobody.

He pushed away whatever thoughts or ambitions were on his mind and gave his whole attention to the woman.

That's right. He didn't need to worry.

He was Conor MacGregor.

He was unbeatable.

He was untouchable.

He was the best to ever do it.

And no kid was going to change that. 

He will beat the pretty kid and Tyrone Woodley and get the world title. Then he would truly cement his legacy and go down in history as the greatest fighter of all time.

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Author : All the fighters I show here Yoel, Israel, and even Conor will all be Yuito's opponents in the future and are all relevant.

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