182 Strength and Improvement

[Yuito's POV]






38 stats of strength was a different kind of power.

This was evident from what just happened. If I put all my strength behind a punch, with my grandmaster boxing and strength stat, I could send a punching bag flying away like Captain America.

It was my base too, which means I did not use Sun Breathing, Bullet Time, Animal Instinct, Beserker etc.

Even in my base form, I was officially wall-level.

"So this is the pinnacle of strength in this world." I said to myself while picking up Sun Breathing again, feeling the strength and energy flowing through me.

With my current power, I would be stronger than Gun. That means I was equal to people like James Lee, Tom Lee, Manager Kim etc.

Although surely Gun would get stronger as well. It was honestly quite difficult to rate myself depending on people like Gun as they are constantly improving.

"But with this, I feel safe." I said and looked at myself in the mirror. Then I looked around at my homemade gym.

All of the heavyweights were used up in different exercises. I was officially too strong for normal weights. Even if I put the heaviest plate on a barbell, it could not put a strain on my muscles as they ran out of space to put more plates.

If I ever wanted to get a pump or train myself, I would have to have custom-made weights for me. Which I did not want to do very much as it could be bothersome.

Then my eyes landed on the many broken and fallen punching bags, I can't train with those either anymore. I would have to train like the pinnacle of Lookism characters like punching down trees or something.

I was strong enough already.

At this rate, I could come out and break multiple world records. But that sounds like too much of a hassle and I had enough fame already.

I could understand now how strong fighters in different worlds never bragged or broke world records and presented themselves to the world.

Take Baki for example, where there are extremely strong martial artists who never bother to present themselves to the world

When you attain a certain level of strength, you feel like a different creature altogether. Not fragile and weak like ordinary humans.

Why do I need to amaze and entertain those little humans? I was like a God. At least that's what I felt like.


"I guess this will be goodbye." I said rather nostalgically as I looked around the room.

I remembered the time when I would train as hard as I could here. Even though I had genius talent, I started at the bottom like everyone else.

With no proper training equipment, no worthy teacher, and born in the most backward country in the world martial arts wise.

I fought my way to the very top.

I went out of the room and locked the door. I would not be training from now, it was done. I was at the point where training would not benefit me at all.

It was lonely and sad at the very top.

It was boring.

I would need training if my skills could deteriorate but it couldn't either. I won't ever get rusty, my skills and stat are permanent.

Therefore there was no reason to train anymore.

I walked away from my gym room with the key in my hand. I threw away the key in the trash as I walked past the trash can.

It was quite stupid but I could just break the lock if I wanted to revisit it and I couldn't be bothered to walk back to my room and put the key away.

I went to the kitchen and boiled hot water for my mother to use when she got up. It was early in the morning and she hadn't gotten up yet since we had a rather, tiring session last night.

I put on my running shoes and Kurumi came to my side while I did so. It was our routine to run in the morning.

"You ready?" I asked and she responded by moving her tail.

'Weird, she is usually more enthusiastic about morning walks.' I thought to myself but shrugged it off as we went I walked out and started jogging.

Kurumi followed behind me and our destination was the park.

The morning air in Winter was chilling and frigid, prompting me to run faster so my body could start warming up.

As the fresh air of dawn filled my lungs, I went into thought again.

Although I have decided to stop training, it doesn't mean that I am going to stop improving myself. Hell no, I was a martial artist at heart and a battle junkie so there was no way I would allow myself to stay stagnant.

It just means that I am stopping practicing the same punch, and techniques and doing the same thing to improve myself.

Training in the form of repetition won't work anymore. I was too strong for that to work, it would be a fool's errand.

The only way I could further improve was experience which I would have lots of as I was already signed with the UFC and had lots of fights coming up.

Training was like studying in school. What does a person do when he finishes studying and gets Phd or degree or whatever?

What does he do after he learned all of that?



He invents things, he discovers new things.

I would be doing the same thing. And how am I going to invent things or discover things as a fighter you might ask.

The answer was, [Special Skill : Top G]

With this skill, I could achieve anything if I worked hard and had enough determination. And with this skill, I would be recreating different martial arts I have seen in fictional stories.

I was already at the very top of this world. I need to surpass it this time.

I could already imagine myself using Renewal Taekwondo or other fictional martial arts and beating the shit out of people.

I was still not sure which martial arts I would try to recreate though.

"Kurumi, hurry up girl!! Why are you so slow!!" I yelled and slowed down a little so that she could catch up.

It will be fun.


[Location : The park]

I sat under a tree and meditated while I controlled my breathing and used Sun Breathing.

Sun Breathing was constant for me at this point but it was not to the full potential unless I focused on it.

At first, I was trying to recreate the different forms the Sun Breathing had with a Katana and other weapons but I decided against it.

The reason was that it was limiting and unnecessary for me.

The breathing form and different techniques used by Demon Slayers in the anime were just a way for them to train their reflex and to be able to use them on instinct.

Like how a boxer trains jab, straight, hook, and uppercut specifically so they would be able to use it on instinct.

It was a good way as by doing so, they would be able to act instantly. If they have multiple forms of attack, like elbows or something, that would hinder their speed and flow as they would have a hard time picking which way to attack.

When given too many choices, humans tend to be unable to choose. For example, if you gave a child to choose a red dress or blue dress, she would make a choice faster than if you showed a whole wardrobe of clothes and told her to choose.

So the best way to do it is often, to pick out a small amount of good clothes and then let her choose from there.

Just like that, a boxer picked out a jab straight, hook, and uppercut. Which are all extremely effective attacks. So in a fight where even a single second could make a difference, they would not have a problem choosing their attacks.

It was similar to the breathing forms, the demon slayers premade different unique attacks and trained them so they would execute them at a moment's notice.

But I did not need such things. I was a genius and already learned different martial arts whereas the demon slayers did not.

So I find no need to develop breathing forms.

But enough about Sun Breathing, now let's focus on the important thing.

"Are you sick Kurumi?" I asked and opened my eyes to look at the cute wolf who was sitting at the middle of my crossed legs.

She was leaning against me and snuggling up to me. This was strange because usually, she would be hyperactive and run around. Maybe dig a hole or catch wild snakes.

But today, even when we were in the park, she was close to me and chose to snuggle instead.

I was starting to get worried.

"Should I bring you to the vet?" I asked to which she just whined as if understanding what I was talking about.

"Well, maybe you don't feel like playing in the cold atmosphere," I said and wrapped my arms around her.

She constantly liked my neck and arms and she even started purring when I pet her.

"Silly girl you are not a cat." I said, "Well if you don't feel like playing that's fine."

She made cute whining sounds and would insist on pressing her nose on mine.

"Haha, honestly what's wrong with you."


Fun fact : Wolves court each other and bond romantically by approaching each other making quiet whining sounds, mouthing each other's muzzles, touching noses, and bumping their bodies together.

Another fun fact : You have my stones.

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