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{Hey, you better get up and do some introduction to the readers who want to try the story.} the author said. I woke up groggily and looked at the time, "Dude, it's four in the morning." I said and went back to sleep. {I don't care. I need a sypnosis now.} the author demanded. "Bro, please, five more hours." I said {Wake up right now or else.} 'Or else what?' I challenged. {If you don't wake up I will reincarnate you in Boku no Pico, I swear.} Oh please, like that's a bad world to reincarnate to. I will just leave Japan and everything would be fine. {Then how about Attack on Titan?} That's great!! It means I would be able to change the story and prevent the sad ending. I could make Mikasa fall for me and maybe even invent some stuff with my future knowledge. It would be amazing. {This is final. I will reincarnate you in Kuroinu...} Oh!! The hentai where men can use any female for sexual pleasure? Reincarnate me there right now!! It is a little fucked up but I certainly wouldn't mind- {...as the elf queen Celestine.} .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Well hello, My name is Yuito Fujita and I am a reincarnated person who reincarnate into a new world similar to my old world but with some fictional stories mixed into it. I though I was going to live a fullfilling and peaceful life until when I was 15 years old, the author spoke to me. From then on my life became full of ups and downs with different challenges every corner. Watch me as I make a harem and fight my way to become the UFC champion of this world. But as any story, mine will be full of challenges as I found out just what fictional stories are mixed into my world My story will be full of romance, action, drama and friendship with the author. Read my life with the author. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ______________________________________________ This is a mash up between different worlds Worlds known so far : 1. Komi-san can't communicate 2. My dress up darling. 3. Seiso Kanojo, Ochiru || The Pure Girlfriend's Fall (NTR Doujin) 4. The real world (Yes, the one you are living in. Not any anime.) 5. Wolf Children (Movie) 6. Viral Hit/How to fight (Manhwa) 7. ??? -------------------- Warning : There is NTR element. It is not exactly NTR(no kissing nor sex) but many readers felt it was. So I am here to warn you. And there's incest too. Hopefully I don't waste your time. ..... If you like my story, join my p@treon : p@treon.com/emmanuel_capricorn. (change @ = a). [Link : https://patreon.com/Emmanue_Capricorn] Get 15 early chapters and premium pics of characters while also supporting me

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[3rd POV]

Yun Jo was fighting his hardest battle yet since he had gotten the system. Or could it be even called a fight?

Because he fought but his opponent didn't.

He bled but his opponent didn't.

It was more like a man playing with a child.

Yun Jo threw diverse attacks, used every single skill, and abused every little advantage of his system but he couldn't even scratch his opponent.

What was he even fighting? Was he fighting a human because it sure didn't feel like he was fighting one.

It felt like he was fighting a ghost or a nightmare. Nothing was going as he thought it would and everything he thought could go wrong, went wrong.

He was absolutely demolished.

There was no chance of winning. At one point he couldn't even imagine himself winning.

The gap between them was too wide. It was wide enough that he couldn't even see the other side, only the neverending fall.

He pushed himself to the limit, breaking his bones and tearing his flesh just to keep up. But he was easily shrugged off like a fly.

Then his opponent used his own move, copying his technique, and used it to take him down.

Stronger. Faster. Better. He was superior to him in every way imaginable.

But Yun Jo managed to gather up all his remaining strength and finally land a hit on his opponent. At this point, he did not care about the system's quest anymore.

His final punch was out of his pride.

He lay on the cold concrete and wallowed in his loss. But there was hope, he thought with the help of his system, hard work, and enough time, surely he would be able to beat him.

'Next time we meet, I will not lose.' Yun Jo promised in his heart.

His opponent got up and said something to him. He could not hear as his ear was clotted with blood and with his open eyes, he saw only red and blurry images.

But he could guess what he said as he heard a prompt from the system.

[Emergency quest completed!!]

[Optional quests :-

Get one clean hit on Fujita Yuito (completed)

Make Fujita Yuito acknowledge you (completed)

Absorb Fujita Yuito's stats (Failed)

Come out of this confrontation without permanent injuries (Failed)

Note : Reward would be deducted due to the failure of two quests.

Congradulations!!! You got a diamond card]

 A small smile appeared on Yun Jo's face when he saw what the diamond card was. It was a card that allowed him to max out the level of any one skill.

Yun Jo instantly knew what he should use the card for and he did. He used the new diamond card on his skill 'Peek at You'

[Peek at You : Rank - MAX]

Yun Jo did not want what happened to occur again, He did not want to get an error when he tried to look at someone's stats.

Information was power, and Yun Jo never wanted to be ignorant again.

And since he wanted to surpass Yuito, he needed to know how stronger he was. He needed to see clearly just what he was dealing with.

He needed to know his goals.

So he propped himself up even though every movement hurt like getting stabbed. Then he used the skill 'Peek at You' on Yuito's departing figure.


[You used the skill, 'Peek at You : Rank - MAX' on Fujita Yuito.]


[Evaluating the stats of target....]

Yun Jo held his breath in anticipation. He wanted to know, he needed to know.

[Stats acquired:-

Name : Fujita Yuito

Age : 16 

Height : 184 cm

Weight : 84 kg


Intelligence : SSR+


'Yes, it's working!!' Yun Jo cheered in his mind. He did not even care that Yuito had the highest intelligence stats he had ever seen.

[ ....

Strength : XR+

Speed : ...

Endurance : .....]

Yun was getting impatient as it took quite a long time to fully show Yuito's stats. But he guessed that was just how much stronger Yuito was.

But then when It finally came to determine Yuito's potential, the sound of glitching appeared from the system again.





[Potential : Ì̴̧̳̯̱̰̩͎͓̟̩͙̖̰̤̦͐̿͒̊̕͘͜͝ǹ̷̢͚͚̣͖̓͊f̴̡̧̡̡̫̯̭͎̦̭̳̖̗̼̗̀͗̐̀̌̉̈́̑́̋̅̈̕͜í̷̲̻̮ͅn̴̩̼̥͎̊̉͋̑̎̀̕i̵͉͑̆͊̓̈́͘͘ţ̸̨̰͓̩͎̦͈̺̗͙̝̤̪̄͑̐̃͝ȩ̴̩̜̘̼̲̻̻̙͉͇̺͈͕̜̙̝̐̽]





Yun stared in shock as it notified him again.

[Evaluation Uncessful]

In disbelief, Yun Jo tried the skill again on Yuito.


Yun Jo looked at the clear sign that he got even after the skill 'Peek at Yu' was at max level.

He laughed out in helplessness. Since even the system could not measure him, it must be impossible to surpass him.

And not too long ago he was thinking about surpassing him.

How embarrassing.

He thought he was special, he thought he could never lose with the help of the system. But he realized now that he was just a fool.

There are people out there who he can't beat no matter what.

Yun Jo never stopped laughing, it only ended when the laugh turned into a cry.

Yun Jo despaired.



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