29 Ch. 29 Anxia's New Look

The next place the husband and wife visited was a salon. Richard ordered the salon owner to beautify his wife with natural makeup and tidy up her disheveled hair.

Richard even told them to embellish Anxia's fingernails and toes.

His care and attention toward his wife knew no bounds, and he was willing to spend such a considerable fortune to spoil his wife and daughter.

Richard waited downstairs while Anxia was taken to the second floor to be transformed into a beautiful woman by the salon owner's magical hands.

Richard patiently waited while checking the stock changes on his tablet while his assistant reported on the cooperation contract with a company in Japan.

"What about that person? Have you found her yet?"

"Your guess is correct. That woman was not Mrs. Zhou. Master Yu purposely edited her photo to lure the young mistress out of hiding."

Richard rubbed his chin with a sarcastic snort. "Find out where Mrs. Zhou is. It doesn't matter if she lives or dies. You have to find her body. I don't want my wife to be provoked by fake informants."

"Yes, sir."

Thijs Oldenhof, Richard's assistant, has followed his employer for more than five years. And all this time, he had taken care of all the essential things dealing with work when his master suddenly disappeared and could not be reached. Thijs was so used to the sudden loss of his master that he was no longer surprised or panicked once his master did not come to the meeting of the prominent directors.

Thijs was also very familiar with his master's preferences. Richard was indeed a woman lover, but only to see and never do anything more that could arouse his lust. Mr. Stanley Calvin had educated his three children well so that they did not carelessly have sex with strangers at will, even though their environment was filled with promiscuity.

That's why Thijs was very shocked when he heard his master was about to marry an Asian girl he had never seen. Qiao Anxia was beautiful, but not the most beautiful, let alone Richard's real taste was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes like European or American girls. Definitely not an Asian girl with dull black hair and eyes.

Thijs was even more shocked when he discovered that his master had a daughter. All this time, he thought he knew all the activities or scandals of his master. Apparently, Richard still had something to hide from him, which made him shake his head.

It's not that he wants to get a report on everything his master does. He just hopes that he finds out beforehand so he can prepare anything to anticipate the problems.

At first, he thought his master deliberately married the mother of his daughter because he wanted to provide family unity for his daughter. He thought Richard didn't like his wife and would abandon her.

But who would have thought the man would instead buy expensive things, even looking for ways to make Master Yu not interfere with his wife's life? Richard also sought the whereabouts of his wife's birth mother secretly and protected his wife from the clutches of Master Yu, who until now has not given up on getting back one of his best assassins.

Thijs could understand if Richard wanted to protect his baby daughter from bad people. He thought Richard would keep his daughter away from Anxia so that his daughter would not get involved in her mother's dangerous work. And for the umpteenth time, Richard proved his expectation wrong by making his daughter's mother his wife.

Thijs couldn't understand why his master had even brought a dangerous human being into his family. Was Richard not afraid that he would die someday?

"Is there something you want to say?"

Richard's question interrupted Thijs' thoughts. "It's nothing. I just don't understand your decision to marry her. Aren't you afraid?"

Richard glanced up at the stairs leading to the second floor. "I would be lying if I said I'm not. I'm afraid I won't see the sunrise one day as I'm already dead. I'm afraid she will find my flaw and take my daughter away from me."

"Then… why?"

"Who knows? Maybe because I can't let her go? After reading the reports regarding her background, I had a strong urge to pull her out of her world. I want to give her what she could never get before."

Thijs gave Richard an understanding smile. "It seems you are already smitten with her."

Richard chuckled at that. "I don't know if that's true, but I think I'm pretty protective of her."

The two gentlemen chatted for a while, talking about work, until Anxia descended from the second floor with graceful steps.

Richard was fixated on his seat, which was opposite the wooden stairs. Anxia wore a sleeveless white sack dress that stopped just above her knees. The shoes of his choice also adorn her beautiful legs. Her hair, initially messy, has been neatly arranged and left to fall back like a beautiful waterfall.

A few strands of hair on both sides fell over the shoulder. And her face… oh, how captivating his wife was. Not with tacky or flashy makeup like most women, but natural and fits perfectly with his wife's tiny face.

Anxia walked until she stopped at the bottom of the stairs looking straight into Richard's eyes with an indescribable look. The aura around the girl seemed to give off the impression that Anxia wasn't a hitman or any other dark occupation. On the other hand, Anxia's current appearance gave off the image of a good girl from a prominent family.

Everything seemed perfect to Richard, and he didn't want to miss this precious moment of enjoying the beautiful creature in front of him.

The Anxia in front of him was not the Anxia who set him up four years ago with a sexy and flashy red outfit and a thick call girl-like red lipstick like a seductive woman.

This Anxia looked like an innocent girl who knew nothing about the outside world. For a moment, Richard forgot that his wife was not an innocent girl but a trained assassin who had taken many lives.

The impression of Anxia's current appearance was the opposite of her profession if she hadn't ruined this moment with her words.

"I will kill you if you are unsatisfied with my look!"

Richard and Thijs widened their eyes at this threat, and as if reminded of the girl's profession, Richard burst out laughing.

A girl usually will ask something like 'How do I look?' at a time like this. Or something like 'Is there something wrong with my appearance?'

But Anxia threatened him instead, making Richard not stop laughing while holding his stomach.

Ah, this wife of his was indeed unalike from the others.

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