A Husband For Killer Mom Book

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A Husband For Killer Mom


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Blurp: What kind of husband punishes his wife by spanking her ass? An insane and sadistic husband! "How long are you going to punish me?!" "I'm done with your punishment a while ago." Qiao Anxia jerked in a fury and immediately rose to her feet while tidying up her one-piece dress. Her hands touched her buttocks without realizing it, feeling the heat from the man's punishment. She didn't know if this burning feeling was from Richard's unpainful spanking or for another reason... How she wished she could kill this man! ~~~~~ One is a HERO, and the other is an ASSASSIN! The HERO tries to seduce his wife at every opportunity while the ASSASSIN wants to run away and if necessary… kill her husband to get all his fortune! Qiao Anxia is an assassin with a dark past. One day she plots her revenge by intending to ruin someone's marriage by sleeping with her husband. Lost the first night just for revenge, but... the one she slept with was her target's playful twin brother!?? Richard Calvin, a well-known man who is a hero for the victims of the injustice of the politicians, becomes Qiao Anxia's most priority target. After trying to forget the most memorable night with the beautiful girl who set him up, a lovely little girl came into his life and calls him... Papa!? What happens when these two contradictory natures get married only just because an inevitably cute and amusing genius baby girl wants to marry them off? And that baby girl was the result of their intercourse on that unforgettable, passionate hot night!


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