208 Ch. 208 She Could Only See Darkness

Anxia, who decided to take the test results from the obstetrician alone, felt that her life was over right then and there when she heard what the doctor said.

'I'm truly sorry about this. But, I'm afraid, it would be impossible for you to conceive again.'

Anxia barely believed the words. She almost thought she was dreaming, so her brain rejected the fact.

'It appeared something like a scar was embedded in your ovaries, so... you might never be able to get pregnant again.'

How could it be? Anxia helplessly asked the same thing countless in her mind. She hasn't done anything that could put her life in danger since Lori was born, and Anxia would never be seriously injured and leave her daughter an orphan.

Anxia was confident that in the five years since Lori's birth, she had not had a gunshot wound or knife wound to her stomach. She couldn't understand—she couldn't accept that her ovaries had been damaged.


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