188 Ch. 188 The Beginning Of Harmonie's Love

Andrew didn't know how long he had been standing on the balcony while reminiscing. Seeing Harmonie's lonely figure made him want to grab the girl and hug her, but Andrew stayed where he was standing. Even if it only took one step for him to reach out―he only needed to take her hand, Andrew still did nothing, helplessly watching over her from afar.

If Andrew didn't know what it felt like to have someone close yet so far before―he did now.

Andrew observed their gap and noticed it was only a few steps for him to wrap his arms around the girl, and yet... he felt he had to jump over a towering wall before he could reach her.

Andrew was torn between good and evil―comply with Stanley's wish or follow what his heart told him to do. He still remembered how Stanley disliked him for getting close to Harmonie, but his heart yearned for the girl. When he decided to make a move, his logic scolded his heart―banned his muscle.


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