13 Ch. 13 Loreinne Is His Daughter!!

"Tada! It's not bleeding anymore." Lori cheered in a loud voice as she pulled her finger out of her mouth to show her now-bloodless skin to her handsome daddy.

Richard chuckled, amused at the girl's adorable behavior. "Who taught you that?"

"I often see mommy doing it when her fingers were cut."

"Did your mommy often get hurt?" Richard couldn't help but be intrigued by Lori's statement. As he recalled, Qiao Anxia was skilled with her knife, so there was no way that her hand would be injured.

"Mommy always gets hurt every time she cooks. She could blow up the kitchen as soon as she turned on the stove. It was a miracle that we are still alive today." Lori shook her head as she explained how her mother's hands often hurt.

Richard pursed his lips tightly to keep from laughing. He would have laughed out loud if it wasn't for Doctor Chard, who was putting Lori's blood and the blood in a vial into a device.

What an extraordinary woman Qiao Anxia is. The girl gave him a mind-blowing act, and he was unable to think. What kind of girl can blow up the kitchen just because she can't cook?

If his blood test results matched, Richard would love to meet that evil yet sexy girl. This time he would hunt her down until he found her and never let her leave him again.

Ah, he couldn't wait to hear that girl's voice again. Richard was sure his heart would be drawn back once he listened to her sweet and sexy voice.

"The results are out." stated the doctor as he handed Richard a rectangular box.

The box had a two-sided monitor and several lines with the same motif but different colors on the two parts.

Without waiting for an explanation from the doctor, Richard already knew the result. For the first time in his memory, Richard had never felt as though he had won such a meaningful match and been awarded a fantastic prize.

No. Fantastic was an understatement as Loreinne was the best of the best gifts he had ever received.

"These two types of blood show that they were related by blood. Who is her family?"

"An acquaintance from cyberspace," Richard replied flatly after perfectly putting his fake mask on.

"How did this kid get here?"

"She was separated from her parent by accident. So for the time being, she's coming with me."

"Then the blood in the bottle earlier..."

"Belongs to her parents. I want to make sure the people who will pick her up are her biological parents." Richard explained without blinking, and the doctor believed him.

"Is there anything else that needs my attention?"

"What about her health? I wonder if she's sick or something."

After checking Lori's health condition, which turned out to be very healthy, Richard let Doctor Chard return home.

Since learning that Lori was his daughter, Richard no longer tried to shun the little girl. On the contrary, he always approached his daughter, wanting to make up for all the time he hadn't spent with his daughter.

Lori was not confused and welcome Richard's approach with open arms. In fact, she found her favorite seat, which was Richard's lap.

Richard had no intention of kicking her out, and Lori had no plan of getting out of her comfortable seat either. Moreover, sometimes Richard would shake his legs up and down in rapid motion, making Lori feel like riding a horse.

Seeing the minor interaction of the father-daughter duo blowing others' minds.

"The more I look at you, the more I see the resemblance between you. If other people saw you, they would mistake you for the father."

Kendrich and his sister nodded in agreement with Harmonie's opinion.

Richard just gave a flat smile even though his heart was already blooming. He craved to tell them that Lori was indeed his daughter.

But not the time. Richard did not want to reveal this big secret before meeting the little girl's mother.

When would Qiao Anxia reach him? He was sure Kendrich had left a contact number at the airport so the child's mother could contact them.

He would wait until noon tomorrow. Richard would track Qiao Anxia down if she didn't call him to pick up Lori.

After all, given the woman's cunning and thoroughness when she suddenly attacked him in his suite, she shouldn't have been so careless in leaving Lori alone that criminals nearly kidnaped her. Or maybe the woman deliberately abandoned her daughter at the airport?

If she did, he would teach the woman a lesson for having the heart to abandon his daughter away.

His daughter?

Ah, why is this word felt so perfect?

At the same time, the Qiao Anxia that Richard thought of had finished explaining who brought Lori and answered her friend's endless questions.

"I still can't believe this person is the father of your child. He is Richard Calvin… the Calvin the tycoon and most wanted bachelor in the world. Why did you refuse his hand of marriage?"

"Does it matter now? So are you willing to help me or not?"

"You want me to take your place to call him and pick up Lori?"

"That's the plan. He wouldn't let me go once he saw my face."

"And it never crossed your mind that there was a chance he'd find out Lori was his daughter?"

"It's only one day, and Lori is just a stranger to him. He will never find out."

"That makes sense. But we have a tiny problem. You know very well your daughter doesn't like me. I doubt she would want to come with me willingly."

"She will not follow strangers. At least she'll choose you over living with strangers."

"In that case, why wasn't she handed over to child protection? Or to the authorities? The fact that Lori is with her father… I mean, this guy… that means Lori is following him willingly."

That's right. Lori was a brilliant child and was unlikely to be willing to go along with a suspicious person.

"Then say this word to her. I'm sure she'll listen to you."

After giving unfamiliar words, Ling Meng took out her phone and dialed a number that Anxia picked up at the airport information desk.

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