10 Ch. 10 Loreinne and Kendrich

Inside a hotel room, a laptop showed various photos and information about Richard Calvin. In front of it, a young mother looked at the man's face with a sharp gaze, and her jaw twitched.

'Hell! What is that man doing in this country?'

"Qiao Qiao, where is our little angel? I thought you would take her with you to pick me up."

Qiao Anxia didn't answer, and her gaze couldn't take her eyes off her laptop monitor.

"Hmm? Who is this hottie? Is he our new mission?"

"No. He got our angel."

"What?! How?"

Anxia recalled what had happened at the airport earlier. She came with her daughter to pick up her friend and never let go of her daughter's hand.

If she knew this, she would hold Lori in her arms and wouldn't let the child out of her sight. But… this daughter of hers was really energetic and enjoyed walking. She didn't want to be carried, so Anxia gave in and could only hold her daughter's hand.

But while she was waiting for her friend to appear at the arrival gate, she felt someone watching her. She wondered if it was the enemy or her master had found her.

Anxia wasn't a coward, but ever since she had Lori… she became terrified. She was afraid that her job would make her lose her child, and she was worried that her master would use her daughter to threaten her.

Hence, she escaped and was out of her master's radar. She still did the mission but not from her master.

Did her previous mission lead her master to track her here? Without realizing it, Anxia let her guard down, and… she accidentally let go of her grip on her little girl's hand. When she found her daughter… she realized the one who observed her was just an ordinary child abductor.

Anxia could quickly apprehend the kidnapper, but… the unexpected appearance of someone made her unable to move.

Richard Calvin… her daughter's father, showed up to save Lori just in time.

In the end, Anxia decided to back off first so the man wouldn't see her face.

Anxia facepalmed with a heavy sigh when answering her friend's question. "I was careless."

"Should we worry?"

"No. I doubt he will hurt her."

"Then, it'll be easy. We can get her." Her friend took the laptop and presently danced her fingers over the object. The next second, they found the location where Richard Calvin lived.

Only… should Anxia get her daughter? Her master was hunting her, and her baby would never be able to live in peace with her. But… can she live without Lori?

Lori was indeed safer with Richard, and her life would be more secure considering the man was a typhoon. But still… Anxia didn't want to be separated from her daughter. Moreover, she didn't like the bastard who tricked her into taking her one and only light!

"I need your help. Please act as her mother instead of me."


"Why do I feel you know this person? Who is he?"

Ugh! As usual… Anxia couldn't hide anything from her best friend.






As soon as he arrived at one of Raymond's villas, Richard went straight into the villa without paying attention to the little girl he had saved.

"Hey, what about this kid?" Kendrich shouted in annoyance. "Tsk. What an irresponsible guy."

Lori looked at him with teary eyes that could stab someone's heart. "Does my daddy not like me anymore?"

Kendrich was genuinely amazed by this child's perceptiveness. Even though she was still a baby, this child was already intelligent and keen on her surroundings. Perhaps this child had also realized that she was in danger when the stranger was about to take her away.

But the strange attraction and obsessiveness for Richard was still a mystery to him. Why would an intelligent girl went far as to follow an unknown guy right after almost being kidnap?

Well, the most important thing is that the girl was lucky that Richard and Kendrich were not the bad guys.

If it were an ordinary child, the kid would remain silent after being given some candy and had now disappeared somewhere by the kidnapper.

Nowadays, child abduction cases were common, considering young couples rarely paid attention to their children, especially those well-off families. They only hand over their children to the nannies and rarely supervise them.

This makes it easy for criminals to kidnap their children to resell or demand huge ransoms.

If Lori didn't have high intelligence or didn't speak German, then maybe they would believe that the kidnapper was Lori's father and just let the child be kidnapped.

Like it or not, Lori's existence is enough to occupy the heart of a Kendrich Alvianc. He was sure that this child had also settled an empty place in his cousin's heart, only that Richard would not admit it and avoided her.

After all, how could anyone despise a child as beautiful and adorable as this?

"That is not true. He likes you very much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have carried you while we headed to the parking lot at the airport earlier."

"Really? Then why won't he talk to me?"

"He's just tired. When he said he had just arrived at the airport, he wasn't lying. He just flew from Japan here. Don't worry. He would be back after resting for a while."

Lori kept quiet and leaned her head on Kendrich's shoulder while yawning widely, indicating she was sleepy.

Could it be bedtime now? He remembered that his nephew liked to nap at this time of the day.

Really... it was hard for men to take care of a baby. He should ask his sister to go to Germany with Harmonie.

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