A Hollow in DC and Beyond.

My Isekai into a world of heroes wasn't something to be celebrated. It was a mirage of violence screams until I was finally come to grips and took back control over my hunger and rage. I a Hollow was summarily dropped into the world of DC Comics and from the very get go it was a war of survival.

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Chapter 1

To say my birth into this new world was a peaceful and gentle entry is a complete lie. I came to consciousness floating in what seemed to be the vacuum of some odd dimension rather than being laid out in some alley or even some apartment for me to come to terms with being in a new universe.

For a long while, I walked aimlessly through the hell dimension, unknowing of where I was nor what I had become as my once pristine American chubby body had been horrifically morphed into a monstrous semi-humanoid form that from the very moment of my awakening to this dimension all I felt was an all-consuming hunger that couldn't be assuaged by eating the meager plant life I could find while fighting off the monstrous denizens within the hellish landscape before me.

But before my already meager sanity could be lost as I was walking to another tree laden heavily with fruits to attempt to assuage my endless hunger as per usual being fully surrounded by monstrously deformed beings.

My voice was a guttural mess and only through entire minutes of practice could I make my armored throat create intelligible words. Still, even as I growled, an ominously glowing red energy grew around me as I snarled at the monsters in front of me. "Begone worms!"

But the monsters, the demons in front of me, held no fear even as I used my armored claws to tear through them and used the large horns atop my head to kill them with violent headbutts they did not fear me, nor did they flee down to the last monster they likewise attempted to kill me in turn as they protected the tree filled with fruits.

A couple of hours later, after I had picked every single fruit off the tree and consumed them, I still felt the endless hunger within me pulsing in need, making me howl in frustration at never escaping it.

'Fruits no longer can keep my mind clear...' I thought weakly as my hunger pulsed at the sight of the dozen or so odd monstrous forms lying dead on the brimstone-covered ground and with my growing hunger seemingly starting to overtake my mind my mouth snapped open sending a mist of heated air as I grabbed the head of one of the demons, and a loud snapping noise rang out as I began to eat every bit of flesh in front of me with not even bones, nails, or hair escaping my all-consuming maw.

In the end even as I assuaged my hunger with everything I could get my hands on, I could feel myself growing much larger until I began to hear voices in my head as more powerful entities began to seemingly hunt me for sport.

Finally, after who knows how long after I began eating the flesh of my fallen enemies that I began falling to the brimstone ground and was engulfed in a large black robe seemingly made out of the intelligible voices that once haunted for a while but with how indistinct they were, I was able to keep my own mind intact despite their constant whispers.

Once I arose with my mind cleared with naught but my ever-present hunger, I was finally able to recognize what I was. And more importantly how I could escape this hellish world.

"I am a Menos. A Hollow from Bleach... This may be hell, but this isn't a hell purely for me." I spoke with my voice piercing the large Menos mask in front of my mask.

Knowing that although I was in hell was daunting, my race, the hollow race did have ways of piercing dimensional barriers, and with the weak demons I had been consuming it was only a matter of time before I could morph from a Menos to an Adjuchas and then perhaps even a Vasto Lord.

But even as I was able to now shoot massive Cero's large beams of destructive purple energy out of my mask's facial hole, I was a massive Menos who with the glut of mutated souls I had undoubtedly been consuming via the demons of this hell so even if I had lost my arms in my transformation that clad my body in a thick robe of black material I was still able to stomp the monsters of hell beneath me, as I wandered what I thought to be an endless wasteland filled with nothing but monsters.

It turns out, however, that I was wrong. Eventually, I was able to come across what seemed to be a ramshackle village of more humanoid demons that didnt immediately attempt to kill me at first sight once they understood that I was capable of thought.

"Hey Tall Fucker!" A much smaller demon called to me, and as I looked down, I recognized the figure of one of the demons who almost welcomed me into their community of a couple hundred demons, who were just trying to eke out an existence in the wasteland of Hell. "Tell me more stories of Earth and the outside world." His younger male voice spoke.

I had learned that this area literally was Hell in no uncertain terms and from the additional sparse knowledge, I was able to wring out of the natives that would give me the time of their day, as they huddled in their small huts just waiting out their relative eternities of existence, I also found out which Hell in particular I was in.

I was in the DC comics version of Hell, or at least the fact that Neron was currently leading hell pointed to that being the case.

After satisfying the demon of its desire for stories, I decided that even if I was somewhat welcome here even if I had decent control over my hunger... I wanted to leave Hell, as I under no circumstances, wanted to spend centuries, or even longer here until I completely lost who I was.

"Is it weird, if a soul-eating monster lives by the creed of ripping fearing demons until it's done?" I muttered as I began hunting down demons with no mercy, even if they could speak, or show signs of personhood.

I just wanted to leave Hell, and if I had to eat every demon of Hell to do so then I would gladly do so, as the ever-present sulfur smell never dulled, and neither did the taste of it and the ashes that carried in the wind would deny the chance to coat my mouth with every breath.

Finally, after a long time of traveling through the unchanging plains and mountains of Hell, I finally consumed a greater demon who was as tall as my initial Menos form but with me having become a full-born Menos Grande I was able to blast it with a series of powerful Cero's, and even as my Ceros pockmarked the surrounding mountains beside with the explosions, his demonic magical resistance allowed to him survive my Cero's until I unceremoniously stomped the screaming warrior into paste.

After swallowing the remains of the demon, I groaned as I seemingly crested over an unseen spiritual energy cap, and with a flourish the black material that bound my body so tightly for so long broke apart with a flourish, and my Menos mask also shattered with my consciousness being briefly suppressed as I fully morphed into my Adjuchas form.

Once I finally awoke, I again stood back up, and saw that my Adjuchas form was thankfully in a rather like human form, and even as my hunger pressed ever deeper into my psyche without me even having the typical hollows hole that should have been the thing driving my hunger, I still couldn't help but smile as I looked into a putrid yellow mud puddle to see my reflection.

"The hunger for souls in this Adjuchas form is even greater than my Menos state," I muttered but shook my head. "Thankfully I didn't consume any human souls as these demon souls weren't able to cloud my mind and contest for my body as a Menos transforming into my current form," I said checking my hands and saw that other than having a strong couple inch-long claws on each finger, my hands were basically normal other than being a pale white skin tone.

Other than that, my legs were likewise humanlike without any mutations or armor, unlike my bare chest that had a layer of bone-like plating that covered my chest and back that would flex with my movements.

"I need to practice manipulating my spiritual energies into those three Hollow techniques I remember," I muttered as I recalled that besides Cero's and its variations, Hollows had three other main techniques. Hierro, where I harden my skin and muscles beyond even spiritually enhanced steel. Descorrer, the technique to create dimensional gateways called Garganta. And lastly, I needed to learn how to use the Sonido technique that will enhance my speed to basically teleportation levels of speed.

Knowing that Hollows are beings of almost pure instinct, and even having the souls of their defeated foes hounding them eternally until they reached the Vasto Lord or were made into an Arrancar by preemptively tearing off their mask. I was quickly able to pick up the basics of the techniques I began training in.

Even if tearing off my mask would give me basically a completely human form, with how I had become an Adjuchas,

I knew that I would almost be locked to that level of power with even the most grueling of training doing little to nothing to help me. So even as I abused the fact that I was Hollow without literally thousands of voices screaming in my head, to master the Hollow techniques that would support me to survive in the DC universe I didnt cut off my potential even if I believed that I could safely arrive via a Garganta to Earth.


A long while later, I was meditating on another technique of Hollows, called the Pesquisa that could scan my area by pulsing my spiritual energy, and I found a powerful source of energy several dozen miles away that shined out to my senses of the dead lands surrounding me.

"They are strong..." I muttered, feeling the spiritual forces of the being I touched upon recoil at the feeling of my own spiritual energy washing over them, before rebounding to me like a sonar. "But in the end, I will devour them all the same," I said leaping off my perch with a screech as my Sonido tore through the air.

"Bala!" I yelled sending my particular purple brand of Cero's into the large demon's face with a punch as we almost smashed into each other from my Sonido putting us into only a couple of feet of one another.

Even as the head of the demon snapped back at the explosion of purple energies it still was able to quickly snap a jab with its armored fist into my own likewise armored chest, but my Hierro allowed to tank the blow and reach through the smoke of the Bala I sent into the face of the demon and with a roar I dug my fingers into the skull of the demon and with a wrench I killed it as I coughed up some blood and staggered back.

"He actually had a weapon in some magical space..." I cursed as I pulled out the thankfully non cursed dagger that had pierced my Hierro covered chest. "You are the first to actually leave a scar on me." I muttered as I began dutifully eating my kill and I was left with a small spot on my chest as the excess energies healed my wound.

"Damn... That demon was actually something special." I cursed as I felt my spiritual energies filling ever deeper even as the small scar I had faded away and I realized I may be becoming a Vasto Lord at this rate and being out here in the open after a brief loud battle was a dumb thing if my Pesquisas couldn't pick up something that may attack me as I was again evolving for a few days into a Vasto Lord.

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