A Good-Hearted Person (Faminty Series, #1)

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What is A Good-Hearted Person (Faminty Series, #1)

Read ‘A Good-Hearted Person (Faminty Series, #1)’ Online for Free, written by the author outofword_theater, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I walked the edge of the road from school with my best friend one day. I turned my head in my right side and then I caug...


I walked the edge of the road from school with my best friend one day. I turned my head in my right side and then I caught a glimpse of something. There I saw a handsome man across the road with his house clothes and a woman jogged before him- trying to synchronize them both. I smiled at the romantic view I was seeing. "Daddy!" I called my father out. He turned to me and smiled as soon as he realized the caller. "Oh! My princess!" he called back right to me. I opened my arms running, ready to hug him but a second was passed by, I felt myself in the middle of the road slowly falling. I think I ran by a fast vehicle. It felt like the earth was in slow motion. "What happened?!" my mother exclaimed from afar. I saw both my parents and my best friend were running toward me. I saw the terrified and worried looks of them. Thinking though, I just realized that life isn't that predictable. Earlier today, my bestfriend and I were so happy about the results of our grades but at this moment, tears of sadness overtook everyone. If I shouldn't had walked the road since we had a car to ride home. If I could think wisely earlier, I shouldn't had stepped the road without looking around and ran basically without thinking that it was a road where fast vehicles run through. If I could go back in time, I won't do such things that can let me down. It can't be helped though, there's nothing much of time to atone for the wrong movement I did because it had already happened: a past; but the past I could rely on as moral lessons today and forth. Thud! Ouch! This hurts much! I fell down on this filthy road with the faint sound of the vehicle who ran into me and the screams of the people who cared for me. I felt and tasted the blood which came out from my mouth and my sight went black. In conclusion before losing consciousness, I should be thankful of the life that God given to me; that I get to experience being alive than those who couldn't make it unfortunately.

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