A Fungal Dream Book

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A Fungal Dream


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Brimming with life, thriving on death, molds are essential parts of the balance in nature. Collecting that which has found its end, to create room for new life. Their task is to give life and nutrition to other, while also disposing of those who have perished so that new life may grow. In the cycle of life and death, nothing is eternal, not even the scythe of the reaper. Follow the journey of the being which has caught a glimpse at infinity. The being which will be the one to give life and the being which will be there to take it at the end. For as long as there is life that ends, all must meat him to rot and be reborn. "Yo author, what's with this shady introduction?! People will think that I am a bad guy!" * * * For more chapters, check my Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=51077809&fan_landing=true Discord: discord.gg/krr2hTX9PD


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